Saturday, 9 November 2013


I am usually the first person to complain about how early all the Christmas decor and stock comes into the shops, but not this year! Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of the year and I am so excited for the festive cheer to begin! Myself and some of my family and friends have decided to have our own Christmas themed evenings on the run up to the big day and I have been thinking of ideas for activities we can do together, so I decided to compile a little list here on my blog and I can't wait for December for all the fun to begin!

* Baking! We are going to bake up some cookies, gingerbread men, brownies and of course - rocky road!

* Festive films: There is nothing better than an uplifting seasonal film to get you in the festive spirit and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! 

* Snuggly Christmassy Clothes: I'm thinking novelty jumpers, slippers, and pajamas! There are some really cute things in Primark which I plan on getting my mitts on! 

* Playing board games: I recently ordered 'PAYDAY' - for me it has so many Christmas time memories attached to it as we used to play it at my uncles and aunties each year on our 'boxing day feast and games day'.... Those really were the good old days!

* Playing charades: I have a newly discovered app on my I-pad called 'heads up' which really modernizes the game and it's such good fun!

* Decorate the Christmas tree: This tradition has to be saved for my lovely Daddy. We always do the tree and lights together and it would feel wrong not to. (love my Pa!)

* Have a Red & Green dinner: I came across this idea somewhere on the internet and I love the idea of it, every item has to be green or red. I think this is a cute little idea and I canny wait to do it!

* A picnic under the Christmas tree: I may incorporate this with the green and red dinner just for that extra burst of seasonal sensation, ha! 

* Hot drinks! I wanna make peppermint hot chocolate with melted candy canes and drink salted caramel hot chocolate. Mmm Mmm Mmm!!!

* Homemade Crafts & Decorations: I haven't made paper snowflakes since school so they're on the to-do list, also shabby chic little decorations for the tree would be amazing to make and keep for years to come, adding a personal touch to our tree!

* Make Christmas cards: I plan on getting the glitter out, the fluffy mini ball balls - the lot!

* Write letters to loved ones: Christmas is the perfect opportunity to let those close to you know just how much they mean to you, what makes them special and it can be an added personal surprise to pop in their stocking on the 25th of December!

* Give back to the community! It feels good to give and this time of year really is about giving. I like the idea of baking some lovely goods for a local old people's home, volunteering at the local soap kitchen, donating clothes and toys to those that need it and generally helping people out and putting a smile on their face. The best thing about it is, if you are tight for cash you can still give back to the community with your shear time and effort.

I can't wait, the most important thing about Christmas for me is spending it with the one's I love building memories for us to keep forever. Roll on December!!!

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