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1. Spend copious amounts of time with your friends and family - especially your parents, you only get one set of those so appreciate them while you have the time to.

2. Take road trips with friends.

3. Learn to cook well.

4. Watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, how you want to watch it. No more compromising and having to watch the football and no more remote control hog. It's all yours baby!

5. Travel solo and go on a trip by yourself!

6. Give Internet dating a try.

7. Go on a blind date.

8. Go on a date with a younger man.

9. Go on a date with an older man.

10. Buy yourself flowers - treat yourself - they will look just as beautiful!

11. Splurge on yourself regularly, be it a new dress, some new heels or a super hot new lipstick.

12. Go on a day date; I'm talking a trip to the zoo, kayaking, or even just a walk in the park. A man who will meet you during daylight has way more potential.

13. Figure out what it is YOU really want. Do you want to travel the world? Do you want to be a career girl? Do you want a mortgage? Do you want marriage and kids? Do you want all of those things? Figure out which way you wish to do it and do it... Life is too short to wait around girl!

14. Do your own DIY. Put up your own shelves, paint your own walls. Prove to yourself that you DON'T need a man.

15. Get some new hobbies; you owe it to yourself to know exactly what it is you enjoy doing and then you can find someone who shares those interests.

16. Get healthy and into shape. This body is all yours baby, make it worthy of the soul inside it.

17. Snog a stranger - or two.

18. Be SPONTANEOUS - Freedom is your birthright! 

19. Pack up and move someplace new, what's stopping you?! 

20. Let your friends set you up (and keep an open mind about it!)

21. Have a girls night in at least once a month.

22. Be bold - be it wearing something totally outrageous or approaching that guy you think is good looking instead of waiting for him to approach you!

23. Go speed dating.

24. Make a list of all your faults and work on them - don't let this consume you though. You are beautiful, intelligent and wonderful and the fact you can accept you're not perfect is a beautiful trait in itself.

25. Revamp your wardrobe and experiment with new clothes. Hell there's no more thinking 'I wonder if so and so would like this... I wonder if he will think I look cute in this?' Buy clothes because YOU like them and YOU feel good about yourself in them. You'll develop your true sense of style and it will be fabulous!

26. Know your body. That way things will be even better when you meet someone you actually like. 

27. Don't be afraid to talk about sex baby. Be honest about what you like and learn new skills. (Bit X rated for my blog but that is as rude as it gets I swear! Te lo juro. Haha) 

28. Save money.

29. Take more risks.

30. Work out who your real friends are.



Saturday, 1 November 2014


The Body Shop's Rainforest Moisture Shampoo(*): I love, love, love this shampoo, to infinity and beyond. It is free from parabens, silicones, sulphates and colourants which is a dream when you take into consideration how much junk most shampoos have in them. On top of being free from nastiness, it also smells gorgeous and a little goes a long way. It leaves my hair feeling clean and healthy and that is exactly what one needs from a shampoo. The shampoo from the rainforest range I use is 'moisture' but there are different types to chose from depending on your hair type. So, let me run you through all the types - there is moisture for dry/damaged hair, shine for normal to dry hair, balance for oily hair, volumising for fine hair and finally, radiance for coloured hair. They all contain community fair trade sugarcane from Paraguay.

Crystal spring natural deodorant (Salt of the Earth): I have been using this bad boy for a few months now and I love it. It doesn't contain aluminium which was a main worry for me when using deodorant. it's also free from fragrance, propellants, parabens and alcohol. I know its weird but I've also become rather attached to the fact you have to wet it to use it too.

Waitrose Pure Face Polish: On the waitrose website they have stated that it is natural care for sensitive skin, it is fragrance free and it is 100% naturally derived ingredients. What attracted me to it even more was that it only has six ingredients in, all of which were desirable nice ones like almond oil and Shea butter. On top of the fact it seemed so perfect formula-wise; it was only £2.99! So I snapped it up in my last food shop. I have been really enjoying using it. It leaves a bit of oil on afterwards as Shea butter products tend to but I like that as I find it extra moisturising!

The Body Shop's Aloe soothing night cream: I have been using this bad boy since I started working for the body shop a year ago. Its fragrance, colour and alcohol free and it doesn't contain any preservatives. I actually use this one day and night because I find it does absolute wonders for my skin! I want to use this forever and ever as it's super luxurious and at a fair price I think.   

Aloe Dent Whitening Toothpaste: Most Aloe Vera products designed for internal use disgust me, but this tooth paste is amazing. The fact I found a fluoride free toothpaste with whitening properties made me very happy and I was even happier when I initially got it home and discovered that it tasted just the same as my old minty toothpastes! Love this toothpaste! Another life long friend I think.

I have an abundance of non-beauty faves this month. I have been a total TV head recently, my favourite programs have been Our Girl on BBC, Bad bridesmaids on ITV, TOWIE and MIC are also a guilty pleasures of mine and I am glad they are back on at the same time to entertain me for three out of seven of these chilly autumn evenings. Music wise I have become a bit obsessed with Ben Howard's song 'Old Pine' and Jamelia's music, in particular 'No More' and 'Thank you' - the lyrics are as if I had written them for how I have been feeling this month and quite frankly Jamelia is one foxy, inspirational young women! As a fashion fave I have been loving my new bag from Zara, it's beaut. A food favourite has been cherry bakewells as my lovely uncle brought them round twice to cheer me up from this absolute pig of a month I have had to endure.        



Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Germany was seriously fabulous! Myself and my friend Trina went from London to Munich with a company called PP travels. The coach journey was pretty intense, but totally worth every second. 

We were lucky enough to get into the beer tents two days out of three as some people said they didn't get in once. The atmosphere is like no other I have been in before, totally vibrant and exciting. On the first day we sat with a bunch of people from all over the world. I especially enjoyed trying to speak with German people, it was so fun trying to communicate without knowing at least one word of the language for me! I know that sounds weird but sometimes it can get a bit boring when you understand at least a little and it was just so fun laughing at each others accents. I feel like I learned a lot about other cultures too which I really enjoyed.

On the Saturday we went to Dachau concentration camp and I did originally take photos but I have chosen not to add the ones of the inside the camp into this blog post as I feel it would be disrespectful, it isn't a nice place and I won't be going back again, but what I did get from it is that I am so lucky and I really should appreciate all my blessings every single day! 

We made up for the heaviness of the concentration camp by visiting the Andechs Monastery straight after. So we went from Death to Spirituality all in one day which was an experience in itself. The Monastery was amazing, they brew their own beer there and all the produce you eat is made by them, from the butter to the pigs they eat - it is all their produce. I had sauerkraut, German potato salad and a slithering of pork knuckle, I can never eat a pig again as I felt so evil but I can imagine people would enjoy this thoroughly. There was an organ player in the Cathedral, to whom was also absolutely amazing. We climbed the tower too which I would recommend as you get the best view of the tranquil, scenic destination. 

After Saturday's trips we went back into Oktoberfest for some more festivities, we went on the rides, had a look round all the souvenir stands, ate some honey roasted nuts then headed back to the camp for a cosy night in a tent together haha.

Sunday we decided to head back to the festival for one more day of beer tenting, luckily again being just two of us we were able to join a table of Italian and South American folk. It ended up with the whole beer hall standing on their tables and benches dancing and singing German and English songs. The energy in that place was super-fraggers and I want to do it all over again right this minute.

I loved Germany, I loved Munich, I loved Oktoberfest, I loved the atmosphere, I loved all the people we met along the way, I loved the food, I loved the staff at PP Travels for being so blooming awesome and sweet, I loved the feeling of being somewhere that felt totally foreign to me and I loved traveling with such a close friend who I love also.

I will most definitely be going back next year and possibly the year after that and after that...


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