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The other day I had this adorable little lady come into the shop and ask me how she could thicken her hair, she was an elderly lady and her hair was almost gone at the back and I could really tell it was really bothering her. I sent her away with some volumizing shampoo and conditioner samples and told her to come back and let me know how she got on with them. I also promised her I would do some research into which ingredients are good for thickening the hair and what home remedies she could maybe try. If you know me, you will know that I always at least try my hardest to stick to my word (and If you don't - you'll just have to take my word for it - ha!). So here I am, researching how one could thicken their hair naturally and although the thickness of my hair isn't something I have to worry about, it may help at least one person on here so I thought I'd put all I've found out about the subject into a little blog post!

I have read in a few places that Aloe Vera helps thicken hair. They say to extract the gel from one or two aloe vera leaves and rub the gel onto the scalp and leave it to sit for around half an hour, then rinse it off with warm water. Now, personally I have to idea where to get an Aloe Vera plant or the leaves and I am actually unsure if I would know how to extract the gel properly. So maybe I would just go in the direction of a product that contained aloe vera, for example Holland and Barrett's Dr Organic Aloe Vera Shampoo.

Avocados are meant to aid the quest for thicker hair. Oh my goodness, I love avocados, can we just take a second to admire how yummy avocado's are? ...When I lived in Spain, I would buy avocados and tomatoes from the local verduleria (greengrocer) and enjoy them with a tiny bit of salt and olive oil, there were so fresh and juicy there, wish they tasted like that here! Avocados really are one special item of produce. They make any meal amazing and they are a seriously handy ingredient for any beauty remedy. Anyway, I digress; For thicker hair, mash an avocado and a banana together, use it to massage your scalp. Leave the mixture in your hair for around half an hour so the nutrients can be absorbed then rinse thoroughly with shampoo and apply your conditioner. I am guessing avocados are so good for the hair due to the fact they are high in pantothenic acid and vitamins. They also contain quite a high dosage of potassium as does banana, so maybe it's the potassium that's the key to success with this remedy. We shall see as I plan on doing this one when I've finished writing this blog post, although, I really do not want to waste one of my yummy avocados...

Coconut oil - I swear by this bad boy. I use it for everything! Massaging this into your scalp once a week and then rinsing it is how it is done. You must make sure you rinse it out though or you will look like you haven't washed your hair in years. Sometimes things like this work because, of the technique too. For example the massaging of the oil into the scalp will improve your blood circulation and stimulate growth so If you don't get on with coconut oil, you could try the technique with another home remedy or a shop-bought product!

Olive oil is another oil that can be used for almost anything. Some of my Italian, Spanish and French friends use it directly onto their skin as a moisturiser. It's far too greasy and smelly for me but it seems to work for them as they all have lovely skin. Anyway I have now found out that it's also meant to be good for one's hair. Going back to using mayonnaise as a hair mask, this also explains why as it has a lot of oil in it too. So you could always mix this up with eggs too! As with the coconut oil, you should massage this into your scalp then rinse it. Another option is to go to bed with it on and rinse it in the morning!

Caster oil is said to thicken hair as it adds a natural coating. You can buy pure caster oil in Holland and Barrett or Wholefoods. I would do the same as the other oils and massage this into my scalp then rinse it off an hour later or in the morning for a deep conditioning treatment.

I am sure there are plenty more natural hair thickeners but these were my favourites and seemed to be the recurring ones that came up on my research travels. Obviously, I personally believe it would be better to just use all of the above things in their raw form but you could always just look out for these ingredients in ready made products.

Other factors and tips to consider If you want thicker hair are:
* Washing your hair every day is NEVER a good thing. It strips your hair of all it's natural oils and means your hair can not then benefit from them.
* Don't over brush your hair, it causes damage and means you will shed more hair then you need to. 
* Dry your hair carefully, being rough with it will only damage it more, and damaged hair, leads to thin hair!
* Don't use heat on your hair too often. Gone are the days where I straighten my hair on a daily basis. If you really want your hair to looked styled, try the natural way, for example If you want curly hair, put wet hair into french plats and sleep on them! Works a treat. Nobody needs pin straight hair everyday so If you feel uncomfortable with your hair not being straight, maybe just try new hairstyles like a topknot or a pretty side braid.
* If you are going to use heat on your hair, make sure you use a heat protector! 
* Avoid hair products with harsh chemicals such as sodium laurel and laureth sulphates. Also products that contain silicone aren't good for fine hair because, they can weigh the hair down and make it appear flatter and thinner than before.
* Deep condition once a week!
* I know it's the same old story with every beauty issue but a good diet is essential. Eating lots of protein, omega-3, vitamin B and Biotin are all the nutrients you'll need to promote healthy thick hair! You can also get these in supplements if you do so wish!

I hope this post was somewhat helpful, despite the fact it is of absolutely no use to me I still found it rather fun reading and writing about the topic... I hope that lady really does come back and see me so I can share my findings!


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