Saturday, 26 July 2014


Recently I have been keeping a gratitude diary,so every night I write down a few things I feel grateful for. Gratitude diaries help you to remember all your blessings and I have found that they can help you feel more positive and happy even in the roughest of times. I have been jotting down things for the past week or so that I am extremely thankful for and I thought I would share the list on here!

* My beautiful little dog... He makes me so happy, cuddles with him serious make all the woo's of the world disappear. If you're feeling lonely or down, a dog can make you feel full even if just for a second. I really, really love my Dog and I appreciate that he is a healthy, chirpy little things too as I know first hand that some animals aren't as lucky!

*My friends; I have got to that point in my life where I have fewer friends but truer friends. I have a great group of friends, all with their different qualities and quirks and all equally as special. I love phone calls with certain friends, in particular my Alison - everyone needs a friend like my Ali. She knows me so well and knows how to cheer me up however sad I happen to me. My friend Nadyne gives it to me how it is and I really appreciate her honesty. My friend Louise gives the absolute best advice, she has a great mind on her shoulders and her strength and independence is a real inspiration. My old primary school friend has been emailing me daily tumblr inspirational quotes and has to be one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I just got back from staying with my friend Trina for a few days, I absolutely love her company, she made me giggle from beginning to end and made me realise that the simple life is a good one. Herself and her family live by a river a little outside of the City centre and they don't have internet, they walk to the shops daily and ride their bikes everywhere and there is no element of greed or materialism within their family - just a friendly, peaceful life - I aspire to have a similar lifestyle as soon as possible! I also appreciate those friends that I would not speak to daily but we go out from time to time or send each other something funny over whatsapp... There is no doubt in my mind that these people are in my life for a reason! 

*My Mum and Dad: My Mumzy is the sweetest lady on earth, she's so thoughtful and kind and always going out of her way to do little things to make myself and other members in my family happy. I don't see much of my Dad but I still appreciate him nonetheless, Some people aren't as lucky to have both parents still here and two parents that adore them wholeheartedly. Both of them have made me who I am and both have given me so many opportunities and great memories I feel so blessed to have the parents I do and I'm going to let them know this often!

*WATER - Recently I have been really appreciating water, it's so hot out and I just feel so lucky to be able to have fresh, drinkable water flowing in my kitchen. I don't just mean water to drink though, the other day me and my friend had a water fight to cool down! and I am really loving candlelit, hot, bubble baths again to relax. I also love water in the nature sense, whenever I am by a river, lake or ocean; I just feel content and at peace with the world. More so the sea, I must live by the sea asap!

* PHOTOS - I have been really appreciating photos lately. Both old and new. They are the tangible memory and I for one just adore looking at past moments just as much as I love capturing new moments. Photos really do lift my mood and make happy! We live in an era where you can account your entire life somehow and I think that is amazing.

*My Bed - I wrote this one almost daily! My bed is such a comfortable, beautiful place to be! I am completely at home and safe when I'm in my nice cosy bed and when I feel a little sad in life, sleep is my absolute best friend. Ah I love the feeling of a freshly made bed and freshly plumped pillows too!

*DIY - Doing it yourself - I have learned recently that it is so invigorating to do something for yourself that someone else otherwise would. For example I fitted a curtain pole the other day and put curtains up but I would usually ask someone else to do it. Learning small skills to make you more independent as a person is just so fulfilling!

*Food: How lucky am I that food is not an issue in my life. I don't even mean in terms of all those who are starving, although obviously that is awful, but all those who have a bad psychological relationship with food and feel guilty or unhappy about participating in eating altogether. My life revolves around food and 'breaking bread' with those I love. Meals out with friends, BBQ's, Picnics... Food is a huge ingredient in the making of great memories! I just love eating food I love with the company I love to keep. I am so thankful that I can afford food and so thankful that those I love too are also well fed! 

*Kind, Decent, Helpful People/Deeds: However small, one should always try to be a decent, helpful person. For example, one of my friends at work sent me my rota the other day as she knew I didn't have internet, she didn't just inconsiderately ignore me like some might. These platform men allowed me to charge my phone for a few minutes from the electrical supply as it had died and I had no way of contacting my friend otherwise. Even just opening a door for someone makes you both feel good. Be nice and you'll get nice!

A few extra things I have been grateful for in the past week is my name (it's a great ice breaker), having a watch (so helpful when your phone dies), being a girl (men are always willing to help a damsel in distress so you never need to panic in an emergency!), my skin has been looking particularly good recently - I'm not sure why but I am also not complaining, cups of tea (there is nothing a cup of tea cannot help!), my hair is getting longer and Random chats with Random people are always fun and interesting!




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