Monday, 10 November 2014


1. Spend copious amounts of time with your friends and family - especially your parents, you only get one set of those so appreciate them while you have the time to.

2. Take road trips with friends.

3. Learn to cook well.

4. Watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, how you want to watch it. No more compromising and having to watch the football and no more remote control hog. It's all yours baby!

5. Travel solo and go on a trip by yourself!

6. Give Internet dating a try.

7. Go on a blind date.

8. Go on a date with a younger man.

9. Go on a date with an older man.

10. Buy yourself flowers - treat yourself - they will look just as beautiful!

11. Splurge on yourself regularly, be it a new dress, some new heels or a super hot new lipstick.

12. Go on a day date; I'm talking a trip to the zoo, kayaking, or even just a walk in the park. A man who will meet you during daylight has way more potential.

13. Figure out what it is YOU really want. Do you want to travel the world? Do you want to be a career girl? Do you want a mortgage? Do you want marriage and kids? Do you want all of those things? Figure out which way you wish to do it and do it... Life is too short to wait around girl!

14. Do your own DIY. Put up your own shelves, paint your own walls. Prove to yourself that you DON'T need a man.

15. Get some new hobbies; you owe it to yourself to know exactly what it is you enjoy doing and then you can find someone who shares those interests.

16. Get healthy and into shape. This body is all yours baby, make it worthy of the soul inside it.

17. Snog a stranger - or two.

18. Be SPONTANEOUS - Freedom is your birthright! 

19. Pack up and move someplace new, what's stopping you?! 

20. Let your friends set you up (and keep an open mind about it!)

21. Have a girls night in at least once a month.

22. Be bold - be it wearing something totally outrageous or approaching that guy you think is good looking instead of waiting for him to approach you!

23. Go speed dating.

24. Make a list of all your faults and work on them - don't let this consume you though. You are beautiful, intelligent and wonderful and the fact you can accept you're not perfect is a beautiful trait in itself.

25. Revamp your wardrobe and experiment with new clothes. Hell there's no more thinking 'I wonder if so and so would like this... I wonder if he will think I look cute in this?' Buy clothes because YOU like them and YOU feel good about yourself in them. You'll develop your true sense of style and it will be fabulous!

26. Know your body. That way things will be even better when you meet someone you actually like. 

27. Don't be afraid to talk about sex baby. Be honest about what you like and learn new skills. (Bit X rated for my blog but that is as rude as it gets I swear! Te lo juro. Haha) 

28. Save money.

29. Take more risks.

30. Work out who your real friends are.



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  1. I love your this list, all are just so good and right now want to try each of them :)

    Never tried nr. 5. Travel solo and go on a trip by yourself! It could be fun... I have been alone to parks or day trips, but never out of the country, would be cool :)

    Thank you sweetie for this great article :) Hope all's good with you!


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