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Sunday, 29 November 2015


The scientific name for vitamin C is Ascorbic acid. I like to know the scientific name for all the vitamins and minerals because, a lot of the time this is how there will be listed on the back of beauty products and sometimes they can sound a lot scarier than they are so I becoming more and more fluent in the lingo of label. Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C - I hope you haven't forgotten that already ha!) is a water-soluble vitamin, this means it needs regular replacement in the body (as opposed to fat-soluble vitamins which are stored in the liver and fatty tissues thus eliminating much more slowly). This means you should be aiming to get a decent dose of vitamin C on a daily basis as it cannot be stored in your body. The RDA (recommended daily allowance) is between 60-80mg. This blog post will explore what it can do for your health, where you can get it and how you can squeeze a little more into your diet.

Sunday, 1 November 2015


I have had another amazing week. Full of lots of vegan food, long dog walks and giggles with my family. On Friday I had my little cousin over for a sleepover and it was so cute, we messed around with make-up and made lots of nice food, she has a fresh perspective on life and she is so mature for her age, I can't believe she is going to be 16 this month - crazy! My niece came down from Peterborough at the weekend and myself, a different cousin, my friend Nat and my niece all went down for a good old night out in Brighton (my fave place in the entire world)... I laughed SO much on the night out and afterwards when seeing all the silly pictures and videos, I feel so young and free right now in my life =). On Sunday, I had a good old family day and spent some quality time with my uncle and Dad.

1. My family: I am always with at least one member of my family and I love it. My family is so full of funny and kind people with lots of personality and character. My dad is hilarious and sweet. My auntie is always there to give me love and have a good old chin wag. My cousin Liah is funny and sweet. My cousin Kealey is honest, open minded and very intelligent. My cousin Mike is hilarious and super cute. My cousin Richard is super spiritual and just knowing he is in the world makes me feel content. My niece is a real cutie too. My uncle Robin is so kind and supportive of everything I do. My sister never fails to make me crack up and feel loved. I am a very lucky girl to have each and every one of these cranks!
2. Phone calls with my Ali and both Katrinas uplift me and make me feel whole!
3. Quality time with my Dad and Dog is just the best. I will never take these moments for granted.
4. I just love Brighton. I feel so blessed that I live so close to it. I love the shops, the abundance of nice places to go and eat, the clubs, the friendly people, the smell of sea air, the feeling it gives me when I am there.
5. Freedom, the feeling of being absolutely free. I feel free at this point in my life and I wholeheartedly LOVE IT. I have to answer to absolutely zero persons. I do not need to explain myself and I don't owe anyone anything. 
6. My juicer and blender: I recently bought a juicer and I have had a blender for a few years. So, every day I have a carrot juice and a nice clean, green smoothie. I feel GREAT for it and I have also been doing them for my Dad too and I can tell it makes him feel better and has given him some good energy which makes me super duper happy.
7. I know it's terrible but I actually quite enjoy watching TOWIE and MIC. They do promote vanity and superficial ideologies and that I don't agree with, but I do like catching up on their lives and it helps me zone out from time to time. I am unapologetic about this fact because it makes me happy - so yeah.
8. I love a good book, I am reading a medical book right now and I keep putting it down to write notes on the terminology and new interesting things I have learned. It ties together what I learned from working in a Pharmacy, words that originate from Latin (I speak a Latin based language) and spirituality. I loves it. I have read a few fantastic books this year. One of which I actually think saved my life.

Basically I have a lot to be grateful for and I am also grateful for that. =)

Have an amazing week! 

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Sunday, 25 October 2015


My week started off strange to say the least, but it ended up blooming super duper amazing and lovely. I spent Sunday - Friday in Lincoln. My wonderful Daddy made me lots of vegan home cooked meals and we spent so much time together, I finally watched 'INSIDE OUT' which has been on my list for ages. It was so, so, so nice to spend so much time with My Dad and My Dog. Snuggles on the sofa, long walks and spontaneous cuddles that just make you feel so loved, at home and safe! I went out for a really tasty meal with a new found friend on Wednesday which was nice. On Friday, my lovely Uncle and Mum drove up to Lincoln so I had some quality time with a bunch of family members all at once. We cooked together, made carrot juices and smoothies together and watched the worst film known to man together (Super Bob). My uncle and I also explored Lincoln cathedral some more, and went for a super tasty and cute afternoon tea. On Saturday, we drove to Birmingham to meet the rest of my Uncle's motley crew. I love his little nephew so much, he is ten, and so full of personality. He kept going on about how I should be a model which was super cute of him haha. It is wonderful when we get to spend time with people with such unique and big personalities, especially in such a young man. We went to see ANNIE in the hippodrome theatre and I feel like my life is now complete. I enjoyed it so much, seeing and hearing my favorite musical performed live truly was a dream come true, I even got a bit emotional at some points, ha. Then on Sunday (today), Myself and five of my friends went to Tully's farm for shocktoberfest which is a series of scary mazes with scary actors and entertainers. I loved it so much, I had such a fun wonderful evening with wonderful people. I laughed so much, my stomach is actually still hurting because I giggled my head off!

1. Nights like tonight (and last night) make me realise how lucky I actually am. I am surrounded by kind, outgoing and fun people who want to enjoy their lives and do fun things with me and those around them. I was thinking about moving away, but no. These people are too good to miss. I am also so grateful that I can afford to do luxury things like Tully's farm, both financially and responsibility-wise. 
2. My Dad. I can't believe how much I love my Dad. My heart could BURST with the amount of appreciation and love I feel for that man. He has been such an absolute sweetie pie the past few weeks and I really couldn't have been handed a better man to be my Dad. I mentioned in my last gratitude diary how much he has done for me and I will be eternally grateful for all he has given me!
3. Central heating. OH MY GOODNESS. It is FREEZING now, the temperature has completely dropped and I have been feeling freezing so it's so nice to come home to a warm and heated house. Love it so much, I feel like a baby in an incubator in my bed right now!
4. Embracing occasions is another thing I feel grateful for. Today I felt so 'Halloweeny' and it was so nice to be somewhere with lots of people, lots of food, lots of exciting mazes to go through and three stages of live, very decent music. It made me feel so 'festive' as such but about Halloween. I want to embrace every moment, every event, every memory to be made. All of it. I love embracing the moment.
5. The three 'L's' - living, laughter and love. I sometimes look at those around me and think 'I am not going to have you forever, but I am not going to be sad about that. Whether I have you for two weeks, two years or twenty, I am going to enjoy living this moment with you right now, I'm not going to feel sad that you may not be a permanent fixture, I am going to appreciate and be positive about this moment we have right here, right now in the present and I am going live it with you'. I laughed so much tonight and last night, it has lifted my soul above the clouds!. I feel love and feel loved and that is all that matters.

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Sunday, 18 October 2015


I have spent this week in Lincoln and I have to say, I am shocked at the amount I actually love it here. The town center is so adorable, there are lots of vintage cute shops and tea rooms, traditional pubs, great places to eat and cobbled quirky little lanes to browse. The architecture is also absolutely beautiful; above we have Lincoln Cathedral which is the most beautiful, tranquil place.

1. My Dad. When you don't live with someone in your family and then you spend a lot of time with them at once, you realise how similar you are without having realised before. My Dad lives in a little place in the middle of nowhere, next to a beautiful river, he grows his own vegetables and gets all the rest of his produce fresh from the local farm. He is living my dream. Before I got here, he got in lots of vegetarian food especially for me which was so thoughtful of him. It is beautiful, cosy and stylish here, my Dad has this amazing ability to take any garden and make it wonderful. Every garden he has had has been blooming with beautiful flowers, plants and quirky little ornaments and this one in Lincoln is no different. Every property he owns is very modern with his own rather stylish spin on it. I love his style. I have been very reflective over the time I have had here with my pops and I feel truly blessed, I really love my Dad for the childhood he gave me - THE BEST. Filled with laughter, love and living. He never hurt me, never made me feel anything less than loved and never made me feel as though I had to earn that love. He gave me the most amazing memories, opportunities, experiences, wisdom and traits. I am a very lucky girl to have the Dad I was given. He has had a tough few years with illness and changed a lot, but I think we can forgive him of that as he has a beautiful, warm and loving heart. I also love how much character he has, my friend Ali said the other day 'Your Dad has so much character, it's where you get it from' and that makes me extremely happy! =)
2. Lincoln: I LOVE LINCOLN. I was shocked at how much I fell in love with it and it's surrounding areas. I love that you get your vegetables straight from the land and I have been indulging in the must scrumptious cabbages and cauliflowers I have ever eaten. It's fabulous to just constantly see your food growing everywhere too. Lincoln itself makes me feel so happy, it's full of young people as it is a Uni town, but the streets are all traditional and quirky. There's an abundance of cool and cosy pubs and restaurants. We are surrounded by fresh country air and beautiful lakes and rivers - very scenic. I also love the people; people in the north of England are often a lot warmer and friendlier than those in the south and I'd say I'm definitely more of a northerner personality-wise.
3. My little doggy Riley: He is the best little canine known to man. Just beautiful, inside and out. He brightens up our day with his bubbly personality, energetic ways and sweet little mannerisms. 
4. Youtube; Youtube makes me so happy. Watching a bunch of lovely, kind and happy bunch of vloggers and video producers restores my faith in human beings and makes me excited for the future and the nice people that are going to walk into my life. =)
5. Doing quirky, fun, and new things. I love new experiences and I have a lot of fun things planned and booked for the near future. The feeling of excitement is one of the best in the world!

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Monday, 12 October 2015


I have spent the past week up north... I have been in Leeds, Halifax and Bradford with my northern monkeys... I spent some time learning how to drive a real life tractor (well dumper haha) and to be completely honest, I was awful ha... I bought these flowers for my friend's nana and they were B-E-A-UTIFUL... Love pink roses... I had a lot of time on my hands to make some tasty dinners and I also had a lot of time to think and get things straight in my mind and I feel A LOT more positive for it - YAY! =)

1. Electric blankets - The temperature has suddenly dropped and I used an electric blanket for the first time in years and - OhMyGoodness - It was the absolute best, so snug, warm and cosy. I actually felt like I was in an incubator. I am a summer baby so I love being warm, when I am warm I can sleep for hours and that's what I did with this electro blanky... Grabbed myself some much-needed sleep with some great dreams which were also much needed. I love my dreams, good or bad, they teach me a lot.
2. I feel so grateful for food lately, so grateful that in this time and age it is easy to avoid meat and animal products and still get all the nutrients you should need somehow. I love having the time on my hands to, to thoroughly shop for the best ingredients and take my time to prepare them and not have to rush eating them so I can really appreciate the food and the flavors. I am a lucky girl to even have that, some people have a terrible relationship with food, not just the obese or anorexics, but even those who eat things and fully regret it afterwards for one reason or another. I love my relationship with food and I love that I am eternally grateful for each bite I receive.
3. I have been loving daytime TV this week LOL. I have become quite partial to an episode of cowboy builders, home renovation shows, and game shows that test your knowledge (LOL - ACTUAL GRANDMA).
4. Every single week I write this, but I really appreciate my friends. I have realised it even more so this week as I haven't been able to see them. I am so lucky to have such an interesting, intelligent kindhearted and fun bunch of friends, all with great sense of humors, open minds and great outlooks. 
5. Sometimes, taking time to note down my gratitude for things reminds me of what I am grateful for when I don't have it. I haven't been able to have a bath since being up north as there is only a shower and it is going to be like that for a while and it has made me realise how much I really do appreciate having a bath. It is so relaxing and I find a bath to be very good for my body and muscles in general. I can't wait to go back to London, visit LUSH and have an AMAZING long, hot, bubbly bath... ahhhhh! =) From this day forth, I shall never take a bath for granted again (not that I ever did to be fair, I have always been grateful for my bathing sessions, especially when I feel sad, they make me realise that nothing is ever that bad, just as bad as your mind determines they be!).


Tuesday, 6 October 2015


My last day at work was simply lovely (emotional, but lovely, everyone was so kind and sweet and I have never been so flattered in my life)... My lovely uncle made a few tasty meals this week including this broccoli bake... I have started reading this book and so far, so good! Me and my beautiful girlie went on a nice bike ride and had a work-out in the park and finally, it was my sister's baby shower this week and I bought her a bunch of eco-baby products (Blog post to follow).

1. Small (and big) acts of kindness. The Universe has really been highlighting how kind people can be to me most recently. The other day I had a stomach ache and a customer noticed, ten minutes later she came back with a pack of mints as she thought the peppermint could help. Another customer and I had a conversation about glass water bottles and how they are so much better for you; a few days later she came in with a glass bottle of my favourite water (VOSS) just for me. Everyone at work was so lovely too, my dear friend Cath bought me a crystal because she said it reminded her of me as I light up the room and brighten up the place. The other girls gave me a lovely card and we had a group cuddle and my lovely boss took me aside to tell me what he thought of me and give me a nice departure gift. It was so nice to hear that people had seen the good in me and I will miss them all so much. I pledge to do something nice for others every single day. Even if it is just being a friend to someone, complimenting someone on their style or doing someone a small favor. I love the rippling effect being kind has on others. When you do something good for another, it has a chain reaction and continues and makes a small portion of this big world a little bit nicer :-) ...Way forward!
2. I have a new love for lazy days. I have spent the past two days snuggled on the sofa, watching my fave programs, drinking tea, eating chocolate and reading my book. Life has been so busy for the past year and it really is nice to just sit back and chill for a bit!
3. I have been loving smoothies. My new personal favorite is spinach, banana, coconut water and Spirulina. Spinach provides a great source of iron, vitamin A and C. Bananas are a great source of potassium and vitamin B-6. Coconut water is a great source of potassium and finally, Spirulina is high in protein, calcium, iron and B12. As I don't eat meat or drink cows milk, Spirulina is a new 'must' in my diet to replace any nutrients I don't get as I don't eat meat. (WARNING- It takes a while to get used to, at first it tastes like you are licking a sea wall).
4. I love phone calls with my Daddy. He is such a cutie and I miss him a lot. I am going to see him in a few weeks which is exciting... 
5. I feel so blessed to have the amazing friends I do. All of them as intelligent and funny as the other. Makes me feel less lonely in this big wide world =) ...One of my lovely chums is always at the other end of whatsapp or the phone line and it makes me super trooper happy! 


Saturday, 19 September 2015


It seems everyone is complaining about the weather and how winter is basically already here even though we are still in Summer and on the verge of Autumn only. I personally love it so I thought I would conjure up a beautiful little list as to why...


Monday, 31 August 2015


My lovely work friend and her friend || Pizza Express dough balls (shared between six of us!) || My new read now I have finished 'Me and My Shadow' || Pizza Express Lasagna Verde - so yum! (can bring your own vegan cheese) || My Uncle's good old traditional roast... veggie styley... so homely, tasty and comforting!

Gratitude Diary
1. Peace and Quiet. I don't know If there is something wrong with me or If I am maturing or maybe I am just changing as a person but, most recently all I crave is peace and quiet. I don't wish to talk to anybody I do not want to and I just enjoy being in silence (when I can actually do so which only seems to be late in the evenings when I get home). I have been going to the library or the library gardens on all my lunch breaks recently to just read and be in the quiet. If I'm completely honest it is to avoid mundane conversations I do not want to have in my one hour of freedom (soon to change). Having a customer facing job is very difficult at times because, they demand so much from you and zap all your energy - this is probably the reason behind my new found love for peace to be fair.
2. A good book! I have thrown myself totally into reading again recently. I love it. It relaxes me, it makes otherwise boring journeys enjoyable and quick. It is lovely to share and discuss with those you care about after and the knowing that you are expanding your knowledge is also a favorable side effect.
3. Speaking of books, and me and my shadow in particular. I cannot express how amazing that book is. It literally related to my life at every point I decided to read some more, in the most uncanny and wonderful ways. It has changed my life and taught me so much and not even how I anticipated it to either. It has changed my perspective on a lot of things and opened my eyes to so much. When I finished reading it I felt so full of magic and love. It made me realise I want to feel like that every single day; not just for one hour when I read a book on my lunch.
4. I mentioned this in my last gratitude diary so I won't go to into it but I just love the rain. I met someone today who was drenched from head to toe because she was running in the rain. We had a mutual agreement about how amazing it is to jog and walk in the rain and It was refreshing to know that I am not the only weirdo who adores the rain! Rain rain - don't go away - stay til' another day.
5. I have been loving o2 priority recently. I ADORE being frugal, I don't know why but I really get a kick out of being a frugal, freegal, superscrimping, thrifty, resourceful little madam and this app really facilitates all of the above :) I got a meal deal for 26p, a coffee for zilch and a discounted dinner.


Monday, 24 August 2015


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I had an okay week at work, but I had an A-mazing weekend! It was so fabulous from start to finish. On Friday myself and two of my girlies went on a last minute night out. It was great to have a catch-up and a giggle with those two. On Saturday, myself and my best friend Alison went on a speed boat (RIB ride) on the River Thames, it was so much fun... they speed you along the river and play James Bond music so you feel like you're in an action film! My lovely Ali said it was her best birthday experience gift yet which made me super happy. After our boat ride, we went for din dins in a nice little pub the food was amazing. Sunday morning was spent pottering around Brighton... I got a lovely breakfast but they did bring it with an egg so I just gave that and the toast away as it didn't touch anything else (vegan problems haha). I love the little shops so much and the fact there are an abundance of vegan restaurants there makes my life complete! Sunday night was a lovely, chilled, snuggled one :) ...Just Perfickkkk!

Gratitude Diary
1. My best friend Alison is the most wonderful person I have ever met. I feel blessed that such a friend is in my life, well; she is more of a sister than a friend to me. My whole heart, soul and mind loves and trusts her. She has been going through a ridiculously tough time recently and she still remains the strongest person I know. No matter what life throws at her, she pushes through with her strength of character and wicked sense of humor. She inspires me every day and has had such a huge influence on my life. The best memories I have made in life have all been with Ali by my side. She inspired me from a young age to be a better person. She is part of the reason I grew away from becoming a materialistic person among other valuable life lessons. There has never been a time where I thought Alison has been malicious or bitchy towards me. Even at times where many would have been, she has never sunk to that level because she is vibrating at a higher conscience than most of us other gormless human beings. She's an inspiration, a true friend and she possesses the kindest heart on top of all of that! Goodness knows what I would have done without my Al Pal in my life, it wouldn't have been half of what it has been without her that's for sure! 
2. I love, love, LOVE the rain. Oh my goodness. I can't believe people dislike it so bad. There is nothing better than the sound of the rain falling while you're snuggled in bed all cozy. I adore the sound, the sight and the smell of rain. I like walking in the rain when I have warm clothes and an umbrella to stay dry under... the sound of the rain dripping onto the umbrella makes me happy as well. If I haven't done my hair and make-up or even if I have but I am not going anywhere I feel I have to look presentable, I even adore walking or jogging in the rain without an umbrella. The smell of the streets, trees, and plants after it rains is probably one of my favorite smells in the universe. In fact ,when I lived in Spain, when it rained I felt totally at home and all home sickness disappeared. To be fair, it is probably a good thing I adore the rain so much being that I am from the UK and it doesn't stop raining here!
3. I LOVE BRIGHTON. Seriously, I need to move there in the near future because it is just such an amazing place so full of creativity, vibrancy and inspiration. It's the most eclectic place I have ever had the pleasure of spending so much time in. The businesses there have so much more to offer to someone like myself who is conscious of the environment, animal welfare, natural products and free thoughts. There are so many vegan and vegetarian places to visit from food places to shoe makers. Brighton is where the heart is.


Sunday, 26 July 2015


This week I spent some time with my bestest and oldest friend from Primary school... Then I went out for dinner with one of my managers who also happens to be a very good friend - we talked the night away until almost the whole restaurant had left and it is always so nice to see more sides to a person, she has always been sweet and lovely obviously but I saw how big her heart really is that night for sure, she's a true inspiration to me and I want to surround myself with more intelligent, inspiring and kind people like her every day! ...I also went for a yummy tapas the other night, I just love tapas so much! Patatas Bravas, olives and garlic mushrooms. Just yummy! Finally, I got to spend a lot of time and have a lot of cuddles with my little Riley this week. I have missed him so much, he's amazing little fur body full of pure love.

Gratitude Diary
1. Every single day I think about how grateful I am that I'm not in debt. I know lots of people are in this day and age and it has almost become the norm, but I've never even been in an overdraft. I never spend more than I earn and I always live within my means. I'm also very self-aware with what I am spending and if I actually need what I am spending it on. I only ever want to spend and save my money on good memories and that is the beginning and end of it. I know we are all dying so why would I buy a bag I can't carry to my next life with me? No thanks, I'll bring an experience, or lesson that will come in handy wherever my soul is off to next!
2. The future, really really EXCITES me. Putting things into place now to have a home and great travels in the near or distant future excites me. I am happy enough going along with what I have to do now in the present and I will make the most of it, for example, I have a laugh at work every single day - the other day I was playing hide and seek with a little girl - the one after that we were all playing harmless, funny tricks on each other... Yesterday I was crying with tears about what my two best colleagues were doing and saying. It's about enjoying now while putting into place and creating the amazing future I want.
3. I do love my mother. She is a slightly lost soul, like most of us and no one can read her like I can. She even said the other day that I know things about her no one would ever know and she has never said. I feel blessed to be the only one she's ever let in. My mum goes by her own belief system, she goes to the beat of her own drum and in general, she really doesn't give a second thought about what anyone else thinks of her. She has lots of dreams and sits with me and thoroughly analysing them; I love people who acknowledge the dream world as much as this one. She's got the biggest heart and although she has faults like the rest of us. She would never judge someone because, she has fully grasped that judging others is just the same as getting within their negative sphere and you can not fight negativity with more negativity
4. I have been loving my job lately, I'm more involved, I love the people I work with, I love not having to wear make-up every single day, I love my breaks. I think in the next few months I'd like to maybe work less, but I do love my job. I read an article the other day about career contentment and surprisingly an 'easy commute' came up number one. I agree the commute is important, but having inspiring colleagues who make you laugh and make you feel comfortable and appreciated is the best thing for me!
5. The other day, someone, an irrelevant, said I am big headed and I simply had to laugh. The thing is, I have come to the realisation that only an insecure person, would ever be unhappy about you loving yourself as those who are comfortable within their own skin will know and understand that self-love is everything. Of course I love myself. I'm a nice little equation of all the people I love so why wouldn't I? I am a mix of my Mum, my Dad, my grandparents, my sister, my best friends, my aunties, my uncle... Combined with my wisdom and experience through the opportunities and memories this life has dealt me. I am amazing and I don't need to pretend I'm not. It's definite that you, yourself reading this are too amazing and should never doubt that. I have been reading a fantastic book recently that touches upon this but - I love Joel Olsen's video about the 'power of what comes after the I AM' ...It's so true, If I say I am fat, I will carry myself as a fat person, I will believe I am fat so I will behave and act like a fat person, the world will reflect this and the circle will continue so I would end up fat. So why not tell yourself 'i am beautiful... I am love... I am brave ...I am all of these wonderful things' and act like these people do, FEEL these things, and it will light up your light and feed your soul. The power of what comes after my 'I am' is way too important to me lately, I find it very difficult to be around anyone who says anything about MY 'I am' (positive or negative - a great friend told me once that you must never take both external insults or compliments in as that way no one outside of you will have any form of control over your own self belief and self worth) as I am fully aware of the power I hold within myself, allowing others opinions to warp my perceptions any longer will just kill this great little soul I am - and in the style of my London roots - I just won't av' itttt! :)

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


So I had a week off work last week and it was A-MAZING. I started it with a few days in Brighton, full of lovely meals and such and such like... I then headed to Norwich to see my bestest friend from University; My Trinie-pie. We had such a fantastic time, we hired a boat on the Norfolk broads and spent the whole day on the river (we got stranded for two hours so they gave us extra time so we even had the river to ourselves in the evening which was just lush!)... We had a BBQ, had some drinks down by the river near her house, went on a different boat trip to see some seals, we went for afternoon tea... We visited a farm and got some fresh strawberries, We cooked some lovely meals and went for some nice meals and drinks and we just enjoyed one another's company. I really love having a friend like Katrina; she speaks several languages and her brain works a lot like the way my brain works. Herself and Alison aren't just friends to me; they're soul mates too and i love that I have found that in a few friends already. Trina's family are so genuine and warm too, spending time with them, in particular her lovely little nephew just made me so, so, so happy!

Gratitude Diary
1. Once again, my friends. How lucky I am to have the friends I do. Last week was just magical and it was made that way because myself and Katrina are so similar. We enjoy the same things and make each other laugh. My bestest Alison is also always at the end of the phone to make me chuckle and share life with. Love them.
2. I just love being by water, I got to spend the week by the sea in Brighton, by the sea in Norwich and on the River on the Norfolk broads and it has made me a very happy bunny indeed.
3. Getting back to my own bed is just amazing. It's crazy how much you miss it -without even realising sometimes, even if you just go away for a few days.
4. I have been really appreciating kind words lately. Today at work the new girl told me she thinks I am amazing, she said she loves how I can just talk to everyone and anyone with such ease, she also said I was kind and she imagines I have a lot of friends because, she can't imagine people not wanting to be my friend - sweetest, compliment, EVER!
5. More responsibility at work. Lately, my lovely boss has been giving me more and more responsibility and putting me in charge of lots of different tasks and projects at work. I actually really like it as I can tell he knows It is what I need. What a don diggy don'stavon! The fact that he is a genuine and funny person with a good heart also helps... Yeah! - that's another thing I am happy about, I have a genuinely nice, decent, cool boss.


Monday, 15 June 2015


I have had the most wonderful week known to man. On Sunday I moved into a new flat and I love love love it... I went to a BBQ with a few of my friends on Sunday and didn't stop laughing... then myself and a couple of lovely peeps had some wine and watched a film. Monday my beautiful auntie surprised me and came to see me at work... she practically half brought me up so that was lovely... I have been getting closer to the people I work with lately too which is lovely... Tuesday I had a lovely day at work then went to tutoring which I love love love and then had dinner with all my family as my Dad was back in London, I got to see my dog too which is always lovely... I had the best bath full of nice smelly bubbles in my new bathroom - It's the most amazing feeling having your very own bathroom, just all your things and bits - amazing. Then on Wednesday I had a day off which was so productive, I woke up, did some work, then tidied the flat, did a shop and made lots of vegan food for the week... My best friend came over to see my new pad and we had a nice lunch together... then my mum popped in for a cuppa... Thursday and Friday were spent in the pub with friends after work and a cute customer brought me the sweetest note in the world which absolutely made my day! My mummy came and met me for lunch on Friday which was lovely...we sat it a tranquil, pretty park near my work and nattered our little heads off. On Saturday I stayed with my best friend from school at her place in Eastbourne, it was lovely playing with her little boy. She cooked up a storm - which was delicious. Then on Sunday myself, my friend and her little boy went to the park then for a tasty meal at the harbor then my other friend met me and we went on a lovely long walk across the beach, across the fields, hills and cliffs. It was so scenic and beautifulAbsolutely perfect week!

Gratitude diary

1. The people in my life. I'm so lucky to have my family, my friends and my colleagues. All of them make me feel so loved and. I love them all equally.
2. My new pad is beautiful and every time I come home I feel blessed.
3. I really love and appreciate that I have a fit body. Legs that can walk, a brain I can think with, ears to listen with, eyes that can see (albeit not the best eye site ha), a fully functioning voice box, digestive system and set of lungs : seriously, I am truly blessed... I really want to take more care of this lucky body I was given! 
4. I love cooking meals for people and I love using the recipes people I love have taught me.
5. I love nature. Being in beachy head made me so happy. We walked along in our bare feet and really connected with nature. Sheer heaven.


Thursday, 14 May 2015


Needless to say Paris was/ is AMAZING. I love everything about Paris, it has a whole new vibe to the other places I've visited. I love the architecture, the style, the food, the streets and the language. Spanish is my second language and growing up I never understood why people called french the language of love and not Spanish, but now I have been to Paris with adult ears (I went on a school trip to Paris some years ago) - I can confirm that actually after overhearing the french speak among themselves, their language does, in fact earn itself the title of the love lingo! It's so beautiful and poetic, and not at all like the scouser accent some people try to imitate it as! It also looks lovely in the written word too I think, but maybe I'm just reading too far into it! Ha!

On our first day in Paris we strolled around our temporary neighborhood. Our hotel was right next to Charles de Gualle Etoile Metro Station, which by the way is the most amazing underground station I have ever visited simply due to the fact that as soon as you walk out of it - BAM! - the Arc de Triomphe is right there in your face. It was truly breathtaking when we arrived and realised we were staying that close to such a famous monument! After a little wander we headed back to our lovely hotel to chill out in the Sauna and dip in the pool, it was just so lush to truly relax and take a breather from the busy that is life.

On our second day in Paris we decided to take a Bus Tour of the city, we went with Foxety Bus Tours because they were cheaper but we later realised that even though we had chosen the cheaper option, we had a roof when it rained and the others didn't - so ha - In your face Big Bus Tour (joking of course!). Getting a bus tour was most definitely worth it. We got to see all the monuments and gain our bearings. We hopped off once for some refreshments and saw all the main things I had on my wish list along the way (the padlock bridge and Notre Darm). After our day tour about the place we went back to the hotel for a spruce up and then headed out for a swanky slap up meal.

On our third day in Pari' we decided we would check out the monuments ourselves so we headed to the Louvre, it's so magical round there. I hadn't been inside the Louvre Museum before so it was exciting to see it from beneath, I thought it looked even more beautiful that way around to be honest and I've decided that I want a house that is built underground with a glass triangular roof. It's perfect, you get all the natural light you could ever want and nobody can see in! After exploring in and around the Louvre, we embarked on a long walk down the Champs Elysees all the way back to the Arc de Triomphe and then our hotel. The weather was amazing and so were the views so it made a very happy memory for us indeed.

On our last day in Paris we had 'Brunch' in a place called 'Dada's' near our hotel and oh my goodness, it was truly amazing. It also wasn't brunch as we would think of it. It was breakfast THEN lunch. Wow-wee we were stuffed and didn't eat again that day but it was so worth it as it was delicious from start to end. After Brunch we headed to the Eiffel Tower of course! I love the surrounding grounds of the Eiffel Tower for some reason, I feel so calm and happy around there. Even when I went with school that was my favorite place. An oasis of peace in a buzzing city. After soaking up the sun beneath the Eiffel Tower for a few hours we headed back to Halles (we had been there briefly on the Saturday and walked to the Louvre from there). Halles is lovely, the buildings are so cute there and I love the shops and bars. We had a few tasty drinks in the sunshine then headed back to the Airport.

I seriously love Paris and I can tell this is the start of a beautiful love affair. I am surprised I've only been twice considering the flight is so short and it's literally just across the water! À plus tarde Paris or should I say À bientôt Paris! 


Monday, 20 April 2015


It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be going back to work, it's still as boring as hell and tedious to have to be stuck indoors when the weather has been as nice as it has been recently. I drank carrot juice quite a bit last week. I read that If you drink carrot juice and eat a pepper every day, you get a natural glow over time. I think it's true from photos I have seen and also, when I was at university, I used to eat peppers every day and my complexion was definitely better for it! I saw that beautiful sunset on the train on my way to Portsmouth, where I spent the weekend. The picture of the tree is in my favorite park near my house. It's so beautiful and tranquil there. I went for lunch on Sunday at a family friend's and we both decided to have some picky snacks as we didn't want a full meal... We did however end up going a bit overboard with the wine though! Haha!

1. I love nature and being close to it. I love grass and trees, flowers and plants, the sun, the sea, rivers, fields... I love all the elements so much, all of them equally. Sun, Land and Water. Being close and out in all of them truly feeds my soul and makes me so happy and full.
2. I have been loving a sweet treat with tea
3. I really appreciate a nice hot bath of recent, it's something I really indulge myself in more recently. I love a hot bath in the morning to make me feel fresh and clean and a warm relaxing bath in the evening to get me ready to hit the sack and rest my head on zee pillow (well off the pillow as I don't seem to use pillows properly lol).
4. I really love Photos. Photos make me so happy. They are a visual list of all the positive things going on in your life and I just love collecting memories on my phone.
5. I've really appreciated my Railcard lately, it gets me a third off of train tickets and it has saved me quite a bit of money on trains which is super duper handy.

Sunday, 12 April 2015


I had this week off and it's been divine. I spent half of it in Bradford and the other half in Blackpool. In Bradford we went for a few tasty meals. We went on nice little country walks with the dog and spent the rest of our time lazing around watching TV and films and just enjoying chilled times. It really was just so nice to get away from the city life for a bit and enjoy what nature has to offer. We then went to Blackpool for a few days and did lots of shopping (the buyers there are great I must say, also the further up north you go, the better the fashion sense on average seems to get in my opinion). I ticked somethings off my '24 things' list without even intending to do so. (We watched the sunset on the beach). We also went to the famous pleasure beach theme park where I got to ride the huge Pepsi Max ride and all the rest of the roller coasters there. My favorite rides by far were definitely the grand national and revolution. They were ace! We munched and drunched lots of the naughty delights that the theme park and the seaside had to offer too; from slush puppies to cake to my favorite - good old Fash 'N' Chap shop chaps (that's fish and chip shop chips to the normal person). Then we stocked up on seaside treats and gifts for our families before heading back to Londres. I loved Blackpool a lot, it reminded me a bit of my beloved Brighton - a relaxed ambiance, lots of nice places to eat and drink, beautiful houses, great pubs, the choice of three piers packed with games and arcades, so many fun things to do and full of happy, friendly people. The beach and rides are better in Blackpool though I would say. This was the first time I had ever been to Blackpool, but it certainly shall not be the last. This is the beginning of a beautiful love affair between Blackpool and I, I can tell.

Gratitude diary
1. I am an extremely affectionate person; I really just love all types of affection.
2. There's a guy called Trevor Jamal on Instagram and I love every single post he uploads. All of them about spirituality and love and all of them equally uplifting and inspiring.
3. Recently I love surrounding myself with children. I spent time with my best friends little boy last week and he made me giggle my head off with his authentic little ways. I also spent time with my family friends nieces and nephews this week. They were all so happy and full of smiles and love. One niece turned round and said 'you know, I love you so much' after about an hour of meeting each other, it was adorable! I just find being in the company of children so refreshing. There's no horrible control games or nastiness, they are just innocent and real and realness is all I really need and want from anyone I spend my time with now days to be totally honest.
4. I have always loved spontaneity as a trait in both myself and others, but I had forgot just how much until this week. Being around spontaneous people and being spontaneous yourself makes you feel so alive! Both Blackpool and Bradford this week were just on whims.
5. Whatsapp is the best thing. I love being able to send all my friends voice messages, videos, messages and photos and having them all in one place. If I ever feel lonely or bored, I just have a little glance through my whatsapp conversations and I'm instantly elevated and happy again! What a fabulous little application eh?!
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