Friday, 23 January 2015


Life lessons learned in 2014:
* Gratitude is the key to happiness. It’s that simple.
* My parents are the best friends I will ever have. 
* Travel is the one and only thing you can buy that makes you richer.
* Once you realise your true worth - you can have it all. 
* I have learned to always go with my gut.
* Teaching a worthwhile subject is possibly the best, most rewarding thing you could ever do with your skills and time.
* There are absolutely no cuddles like a Daddy-Daughter cuddle.
* Doing things for yourself is always far more rewarding. Be it DIY, be it beauty related or be it saving and buying something yourself - you work that brain and work those fingers and thumbs to achieve whatever the furk you want to sista’ (or brudda’).
* I couldn’t live without an electric toothbrush (used with fluoride-free toothpaste of course).
* I have come to realise that those people who are obsessed with their jobs have huge chunks missing from their personal lives (be it lack of love, friends or body confidence) so they have to throw themselves into a pointless job in an attempt to scrape back some kind of value to their life. It’s really quite sad to be honest, I really do hope no-body lives like it forever and it’s just a phase some have to go through in order to learn to appreciate the true value of life afterwards.
* Bicarbonate of soda is my new best friend.
* Every single person that comes into your life is there to teach you something, be it big or small, I am quietly taking notes of all these lessons.
* One thing I have learned about myself is that I can have an interesting conversation with absolutely anyone. It’s a trait both my father has and my Mum’s father had I am told which makes me love it about myself even more. Our spirits are adjoined somehow clearly.
* You will meet some vindictive, jealous, unkind human beings that haven’t yet managed to evolve into a decent being. It’s OK though, It really is, the issue is always by their side, not yours so it’s all good. Imagine that being your affect on people? Imagine having such a negative impact on people so they can’t even bear to be in your company. We have to take time to pity these individuals really as they really don’t have much else. This has nothing to do with growing up either as I have met those decades older than myself this way… which leads me onto my next point…
* Age really isn’t anything more than a number. I have friends of 18 and friends of 80. Anyone who thinks they are any more or less superior on the basis of age is simply a fool. You don’t know my journey and I don’t know yours, but I sure as hell would listen to yours before I would even dream of making any presumptions.
* I vow from this year to always follow happiness, never money (aka the fake ass illusion of happiness media and society try to sell you).
* One of the best qualities to have is the ability to be able to laugh at yourself, it’s good for you and it’s good for those around you. Enjoy it - it’s not that serious and there’s nothing funnier than an inside joke… right? right?
* There is only one way to take a compliment and that is to simply say ‘Thank you’ and smile.
* There is only one way to give a compliment and that is to mean it and expect nothing from it.
* There is nothing more sacred then reconnecting with nature. We are all out of touch with our natural biorhythms and need to take time to reconnect! 
* Energy theft is not ok. To those people who think energy is a load of hippy mumbo-jumbo, I am sorry but you are in fact deluded. Energy (both positive and negative) is palpable. We have all felt it. There are people who make you feel alive and happy and people who make you feel drained and down. Distance yourself from those with control dramas and keep yourself energised and balanced. 
* Being single really isn’t that bad, in fact it’s rather enriching and fun. 
* Smothering your body in chemicals without giving it a second thought isn’t smart and it isn’t clever. The natural way is the only way forward.
* If you don’t have trust in a person, be it a partner, a so-called friend, a boss or even a family member - you don’t have any reason to be there. Drop that shit like a hot potato cos’ it’s next stop destination nowhere girlfriend.
* My friends are actually the best and I am one truly lucky girl to have them.
* Your opinion of yourself is far more important than anyone else’s thoughts about you and quite frankly, what other people think about you really isn’t any of your business.
* Do exactly what you want, when you want, how you want and where you want for the reasons why you want to. As long as you’re not hurting anybody in this process or affecting someone else’s happiness then why not? It is your birthright to be free afterall.
* Always get your brows done by a professional. Plucking disasters are often followed with weeks of growing them out, and the bushy look is not chic, I can tell you that for a penny or a dime.
* Trying new things is my favourite past time.
* Nostalgia is one B-E-A-UTIFUL feeling and I have felt it a lot this year. It’s probably my favourite emotion!
* I have learned to ignore words if there are no actions.
* Germany is AWESOME.
* Swimming is my solace.
* What goes around most definitely comes back around. Karma is a force in its own right and is not to be reckoned with. You get what you give in this life.
* Sweet potato is the absolute bang-bang-to-chang-chang-oochie-woochie-bigboy-willa-ma-lay-lay-bestest.
* Throughout the course of this year I have learned to ‘Chill out’ - I’m not dead if I’m here worrying about it, I’m still alive, still breathing so the rest of the world I’ll just have to stop grieving! Ha!
* People won’t remember what you said, and they won’t remember what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel… hence why those who are not all that nice to people are usually the loneliest kind.

I have been particularly grateful for certain things recently and I thought I'd write myself a little blog post to just sit down and appreciate what is going right in my life right now because as I mentioned in my 'what I learned in 2014' above - gratitude is the key to happiness and it is that simple

I started a new job back in November and was instantly transferred and put forward for a higher position and although it is a lot of pressure and super tiring; I love it. Every day I thank the universe that I do not have a psycho boss to face daily. My new boss is quite the opposite, he is funny, quirky, kind and best of all - he wants the best for myself and all he's staff while still doing the best for the business. He has made sure I get all the pay and holiday I am entitled to, he has put me on all the training courses he thinks will help me get to where I want to be and he is just lovely. The people I work with are just as fabulous, I have lunch breaks with a group of intelligent young people of my age every day which is amazing. Every lunch I learn something new or laugh my head off and I just feel like I'm back at school with all my peers again, it's lovely. I'm not saying that the industry I am in is what I want to do long-term, but I do feel extremely privileged to be in the position I am. Finally being full time means I can afford to make the travel plans I want to and save while doing so. It's great and I couldn't be more grateful. It goes to show that you need to have rough experiences in order to appreciate when things improve dramatically for you! 

Recently, some of my closest friends have been having a tough time with the health of their family members. My Dad has been seriously ill since I was sixteen and at times it is the toughest thing on earth to witness; but I have to allow myself to take a minute to be thankful that he is still here with us. We have our bad days, but I can't help but feel so lucky to have all my family and friends around me in good health - and in my dad's case - reasonable health. When you consider I was told a few years ago he was going to pass within a few days, it brings happy tears to my eyes to just have him still here with me, to hear his voice, give him a tight hug, ask him for advice and very occasionally, laugh at the silly things he comes out with!

My friends and cousins are so enthusiastic about travel right now and it's so uplifting because, it means I can do it with them. I feel so excited about our futures and the fun adventures we are going to have together! 

I tutor a few times a week now and I LOVE IT! Sharing your knowledge and making money for it is just so amazing. Seeing the students little faces when they get something right is just so fulfilling. It's also fulfilling to know that I am putting my second language to good use. I always end up going over the time because, I just get so involved in the class and forget that it is even a source of income as such. I really, really enjoy it and that is no doubt, where my career future lies.

The little things I am appreciating lately are fuzzy socks, cosy PJ's, Yankee candles, LUSH baths, taking my make-up off after a long day at work, Tea Breaks at work, super cute messages, fancy dress parties I keep getting invited to, days out, my pillows and duvet when I get in from the cold, perfume, snuggling up with my loved ones and watching a good film, My Dad's cooking, lifts to and from work, walks home and my warm cup of tea every morning! 

Basically - Thank you universe for all I have, you're a don!

Peace out Potatoes! xo


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Bienvenido 2015.

 Get out of the habit of wearing make-up every day.
Anyone with half a brain cell can tell it is not good to smother and suffocate your skin with chemicals. It has become a habit so much so with me that I think I have often focused on covering up any skin imperfections with make-up instead of making the actual skin I am in perfect. I am going to focus on skincare this year (natural obviously), go for proffesional treatments and of course research and develop my diet into one that gives skin a natural glow and makes it beautiful. It's a new project and it's rather exciting and I am looking forward to rid myself of the paraben ridden bases I have previously over exposed my skin to. Obviously I'll still wear make-up for special occasions but there is absolutely no need to use it every day!   

❤ Travel Some More!
Last year I went on FOUR fabulous holidays to different places with the different people I love. I also went to France and Belgium for a few days and had a few short weekend breaks in the U of the K. I enjoyed them all so much and am extremely happy to now have them as memories. I would like to see Asai this year but we shall see where life takes me. I love travel. (AKA the only thing you can buy that makes you richer).

❤Just Have Fun.
In the words of Cindi Lauper: 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!' and this girl here is no different. I would love to build another year of memories to look back on and appreciate like I did this one. This blog makes me realise how lucky I am, I go on fabulous holidays, have fabulous friends, go out for amazing meals at least once a week with those I love, have people around me that would do anything for me and people I would too do anything for. Life is there to be lived so let's just have fun doing so! What's the point in taking temporary things too seriously? Just Enjoy!

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