Sunday, 15 February 2015


Morocco was seriously one of my best holidays yet. I went with a good friend who came back a best friend and we just laughed our heads off from start to finish! I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually loved Marrakesh and its surrounding areas. I have so many new memories to add to my collection of beautiful memories now too... we climbed the most beautiful mountain, rode camels, had tea in a traditional Moroccan house, ate and partied with the locals, had lunch with a bunch of monkeys, cats and chickens. Monkeys are the funniest little things, you can see where the expression 'cheeky monkey' comes from, they kept stealing food and running away like little children. We went for dinner in the swankiest places and our hotel was absolutely beautiful, like out of this world beautiful. 

Marrakesh is bizare and wonderful all at the same time. There are more donkeys, carts, bicycles and people on the roads than there are cars. It's like going back fifty years or so. I loved every second of it. It's such a vibrant and lively place full of new things to see and beautiful colors and trinkets, it keeps your eyes on their toes for sure. It also opens your eyes to what you actually need to be happy in this life (not bullshit possessions) and my previous theories are backed up even more so than before, I would rather spend all of my money, time and energy on seeing and trying new things and building new memories any day!

I seriously loved this holiday, I've gained so much from it, far more than you usually would gain from a holiday, I have taken a lot of decor style ideas and food tastes from Morocco, along with new beauty regime ideas for my future business plans and a heap of fantastic and fond memories. Best of all though, I have came away with a new best friend, someone I can see being in my life forever and a day - oh, and I learned a very, very fun new game called 'dickhead' and as soon as I get a pack of cards here in England I am going to rope everyone I know into playing it! 


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  1. Wowww how cool is these. I want to visit Marrakesh, too. You both look so happy in all photos. Glad you did enjoy this much :) Liuba x


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