Sunday, 29 March 2015


I have been making the most of my lunch breaks recently, I found a lovely little cafe I have taken quite a shine to, I spent one of them in the library, I've found some beautiful gardens near where I work and I've had some hilarious phone conversations with friends. | Myself and my best friend from Uni went up to London last night, what was meant to be a quiet little day trip escalated to a full blown night out, we made friends with a bunch of people and it was quite honestly one of the best nights of my life... still giggling now. | I read somewhere that there are only two emotions; love and fear, all other emotions are just a by-product of those so I decided that I am going to tackle life with love. By that I mean I am going to embrace helping others, nostalgia, laughter, excitement, forgiveness and all of the good stuff even more than I already do. Love Love Love. I will love with every bit of me as it is the only way forward.
1. I am so grateful to live where I live. London is so amazing. Last night I went to a German pub, a Spanish club and a tasty restaurant. It has everything you could ever want in London and there are so many interesting and diverse characters to meet.
2. My friends are my world. What a lucky girl I am to have found a handful of true ones already.
3. My lunch breaks have been so fun recently, it's my hour of 'ME' time each day.
4. I have been thoroughly enjoying luxurious baths most recently, I've been adding lavender oil, LUSH, Zoella bath fizz's and bath bombs to every bath and it's another part of my day just for me!
5. Music is my new best friend. My dad added a load of songs to my phone and I have been listening to them everywhere I go. Music lifts my soul and makes me happy! :)


Monday, 23 March 2015


1. My little baby hasn't left my side all week that I have been at home. He's just lovely. | 2. I don't think this photo even does my beautiful plant justice, It's beautiful. Life in a pot. | 3. I went and saw HOME in the cinema and absolutely adored it. It was the only film that looked happy and cheerful and I thoroughly enjoyed it! | 4. Tea and Cake is just the cure to everything.

1. Cuddles with my RIley-pops. They make me feel whole.
2. Long Phone conversations with my oldest, best friend.
3. The feeling of just feeling safe and secure!
4. My Ma and Pa.
5. My friend Saba at work is the best, just seeing her face literally lifts my spirit. She makes me laugh, like belly laugh and I too make her laugh. There's nothing better than having someone make you laugh and in turn making them chuckle. Laughter cleans up the soul and that is a fact.
6. Playing cards is my new favorite past time.
7. My Auntie passed away on Sunday (:(), My best friend's Dad is terminally ill and I watched 'Now is good' last night and it has just made me realise that actually, life is far too short to be anything but happy. It also makes you think, is it all really that serious? Does it all actually matter at all?
8. My Dad came and snuggled up with me and watched a film last night, then he went out and came back with some sandwiches to share... we haven't done anything like that in years. It seriously meant the world to me.
9. My best friend gives me the best advice and always puts a smile on my face, everyone needs a friend like Ali.
10. Tutoring is still the best thing since a cup of tea, I just get lost in my lessons with students and become consumed with helping them engage and learn Spanish. Truly amazing.

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