Monday, 20 April 2015


It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be going back to work, it's still as boring as hell and tedious to have to be stuck indoors when the weather has been as nice as it has been recently. I drank carrot juice quite a bit last week. I read that If you drink carrot juice and eat a pepper every day, you get a natural glow over time. I think it's true from photos I have seen and also, when I was at university, I used to eat peppers every day and my complexion was definitely better for it! I saw that beautiful sunset on the train on my way to Portsmouth, where I spent the weekend. The picture of the tree is in my favorite park near my house. It's so beautiful and tranquil there. I went for lunch on Sunday at a family friend's and we both decided to have some picky snacks as we didn't want a full meal... We did however end up going a bit overboard with the wine though! Haha!

1. I love nature and being close to it. I love grass and trees, flowers and plants, the sun, the sea, rivers, fields... I love all the elements so much, all of them equally. Sun, Land and Water. Being close and out in all of them truly feeds my soul and makes me so happy and full.
2. I have been loving a sweet treat with tea
3. I really appreciate a nice hot bath of recent, it's something I really indulge myself in more recently. I love a hot bath in the morning to make me feel fresh and clean and a warm relaxing bath in the evening to get me ready to hit the sack and rest my head on zee pillow (well off the pillow as I don't seem to use pillows properly lol).
4. I really love Photos. Photos make me so happy. They are a visual list of all the positive things going on in your life and I just love collecting memories on my phone.
5. I've really appreciated my Railcard lately, it gets me a third off of train tickets and it has saved me quite a bit of money on trains which is super duper handy.

Sunday, 12 April 2015


I had this week off and it's been divine. I spent half of it in Bradford and the other half in Blackpool. In Bradford we went for a few tasty meals. We went on nice little country walks with the dog and spent the rest of our time lazing around watching TV and films and just enjoying chilled times. It really was just so nice to get away from the city life for a bit and enjoy what nature has to offer. We then went to Blackpool for a few days and did lots of shopping (the buyers there are great I must say, also the further up north you go, the better the fashion sense on average seems to get in my opinion). I ticked somethings off my '24 things' list without even intending to do so. (We watched the sunset on the beach). We also went to the famous pleasure beach theme park where I got to ride the huge Pepsi Max ride and all the rest of the roller coasters there. My favorite rides by far were definitely the grand national and revolution. They were ace! We munched and drunched lots of the naughty delights that the theme park and the seaside had to offer too; from slush puppies to cake to my favorite - good old Fash 'N' Chap shop chaps (that's fish and chip shop chips to the normal person). Then we stocked up on seaside treats and gifts for our families before heading back to Londres. I loved Blackpool a lot, it reminded me a bit of my beloved Brighton - a relaxed ambiance, lots of nice places to eat and drink, beautiful houses, great pubs, the choice of three piers packed with games and arcades, so many fun things to do and full of happy, friendly people. The beach and rides are better in Blackpool though I would say. This was the first time I had ever been to Blackpool, but it certainly shall not be the last. This is the beginning of a beautiful love affair between Blackpool and I, I can tell.

Gratitude diary
1. I am an extremely affectionate person; I really just love all types of affection.
2. There's a guy called Trevor Jamal on Instagram and I love every single post he uploads. All of them about spirituality and love and all of them equally uplifting and inspiring.
3. Recently I love surrounding myself with children. I spent time with my best friends little boy last week and he made me giggle my head off with his authentic little ways. I also spent time with my family friends nieces and nephews this week. They were all so happy and full of smiles and love. One niece turned round and said 'you know, I love you so much' after about an hour of meeting each other, it was adorable! I just find being in the company of children so refreshing. There's no horrible control games or nastiness, they are just innocent and real and realness is all I really need and want from anyone I spend my time with now days to be totally honest.
4. I have always loved spontaneity as a trait in both myself and others, but I had forgot just how much until this week. Being around spontaneous people and being spontaneous yourself makes you feel so alive! Both Blackpool and Bradford this week were just on whims.
5. Whatsapp is the best thing. I love being able to send all my friends voice messages, videos, messages and photos and having them all in one place. If I ever feel lonely or bored, I just have a little glance through my whatsapp conversations and I'm instantly elevated and happy again! What a fabulous little application eh?!


I had a lovely week last week... Firstly, I discovered a new skincare regime and I LOVE it!  I had a ten day holiday booked so I didn't have to think about work for a bit. I went for a delicious meal in Chiquitos on my first evening off. It came with the most beautifully seasoned potatoes as well... Need to eat that again pronto. Then we embarked on a six-hour road trip to make our way to our hotel in Barrow where we went to a christening and had a good old booze up (ha!) And then we worked our way back to Bradford where we did a lot of relaxing and dog walking. Shear bliss when you work as much as I have been for the past few months!

Gratitude diary
1. Peppermint tea is the best thing ever. Also just tea in general. Here up north they drink SO MUCH tea, its ridiculous...every other sentence is 'Do you want a brew?'.
2. Laughing. I have laughed so much for the past few days. Be it funny, weird random moments that probably aren't even that funny on the humor-scale or the funniest conversations with my three bestest girls (oh hey Trinie, Ali and aoife if you're reading). Laughing really does clean up the soul and makes this journey of life a little more whole.
3. Giving compliments makes me happy. Elevating people is what life is all about.
4. I have been LOVING going to the cinema most recently. There's just something I love about being cosy in a cinema watching a good film munching on something tasty sitting next to someone I care about.
5. The internet. I love it. I have been reading all about the pineal gland this week and exploring how to meditate and lots of other spiritual jazz. Thank goodness for people posting information on the internet to help people like myself understand why I feel so differently about certain aspects of life.

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