Sunday, 12 April 2015


I had a lovely week last week... Firstly, I discovered a new skincare regime and I LOVE it!  I had a ten day holiday booked so I didn't have to think about work for a bit. I went for a delicious meal in Chiquitos on my first evening off. It came with the most beautifully seasoned potatoes as well... Need to eat that again pronto. Then we embarked on a six-hour road trip to make our way to our hotel in Barrow where we went to a christening and had a good old booze up (ha!) And then we worked our way back to Bradford where we did a lot of relaxing and dog walking. Shear bliss when you work as much as I have been for the past few months!

Gratitude diary
1. Peppermint tea is the best thing ever. Also just tea in general. Here up north they drink SO MUCH tea, its ridiculous...every other sentence is 'Do you want a brew?'.
2. Laughing. I have laughed so much for the past few days. Be it funny, weird random moments that probably aren't even that funny on the humor-scale or the funniest conversations with my three bestest girls (oh hey Trinie, Ali and aoife if you're reading). Laughing really does clean up the soul and makes this journey of life a little more whole.
3. Giving compliments makes me happy. Elevating people is what life is all about.
4. I have been LOVING going to the cinema most recently. There's just something I love about being cosy in a cinema watching a good film munching on something tasty sitting next to someone I care about.
5. The internet. I love it. I have been reading all about the pineal gland this week and exploring how to meditate and lots of other spiritual jazz. Thank goodness for people posting information on the internet to help people like myself understand why I feel so differently about certain aspects of life.


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