Thursday, 14 May 2015


Needless to say Paris was/ is AMAZING. I love everything about Paris, it has a whole new vibe to the other places I've visited. I love the architecture, the style, the food, the streets and the language. Spanish is my second language and growing up I never understood why people called french the language of love and not Spanish, but now I have been to Paris with adult ears (I went on a school trip to Paris some years ago) - I can confirm that actually after overhearing the french speak among themselves, their language does, in fact earn itself the title of the love lingo! It's so beautiful and poetic, and not at all like the scouser accent some people try to imitate it as! It also looks lovely in the written word too I think, but maybe I'm just reading too far into it! Ha!

On our first day in Paris we strolled around our temporary neighborhood. Our hotel was right next to Charles de Gualle Etoile Metro Station, which by the way is the most amazing underground station I have ever visited simply due to the fact that as soon as you walk out of it - BAM! - the Arc de Triomphe is right there in your face. It was truly breathtaking when we arrived and realised we were staying that close to such a famous monument! After a little wander we headed back to our lovely hotel to chill out in the Sauna and dip in the pool, it was just so lush to truly relax and take a breather from the busy that is life.

On our second day in Paris we decided to take a Bus Tour of the city, we went with Foxety Bus Tours because they were cheaper but we later realised that even though we had chosen the cheaper option, we had a roof when it rained and the others didn't - so ha - In your face Big Bus Tour (joking of course!). Getting a bus tour was most definitely worth it. We got to see all the monuments and gain our bearings. We hopped off once for some refreshments and saw all the main things I had on my wish list along the way (the padlock bridge and Notre Darm). After our day tour about the place we went back to the hotel for a spruce up and then headed out for a swanky slap up meal.

On our third day in Pari' we decided we would check out the monuments ourselves so we headed to the Louvre, it's so magical round there. I hadn't been inside the Louvre Museum before so it was exciting to see it from beneath, I thought it looked even more beautiful that way around to be honest and I've decided that I want a house that is built underground with a glass triangular roof. It's perfect, you get all the natural light you could ever want and nobody can see in! After exploring in and around the Louvre, we embarked on a long walk down the Champs Elysees all the way back to the Arc de Triomphe and then our hotel. The weather was amazing and so were the views so it made a very happy memory for us indeed.

On our last day in Paris we had 'Brunch' in a place called 'Dada's' near our hotel and oh my goodness, it was truly amazing. It also wasn't brunch as we would think of it. It was breakfast THEN lunch. Wow-wee we were stuffed and didn't eat again that day but it was so worth it as it was delicious from start to end. After Brunch we headed to the Eiffel Tower of course! I love the surrounding grounds of the Eiffel Tower for some reason, I feel so calm and happy around there. Even when I went with school that was my favorite place. An oasis of peace in a buzzing city. After soaking up the sun beneath the Eiffel Tower for a few hours we headed back to Halles (we had been there briefly on the Saturday and walked to the Louvre from there). Halles is lovely, the buildings are so cute there and I love the shops and bars. We had a few tasty drinks in the sunshine then headed back to the Airport.

I seriously love Paris and I can tell this is the start of a beautiful love affair. I am surprised I've only been twice considering the flight is so short and it's literally just across the water! À plus tarde Paris or should I say À bientôt Paris! 

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