Monday, 15 June 2015


I have had the most wonderful week known to man. On Sunday I moved into a new flat and I love love love it... I went to a BBQ with a few of my friends on Sunday and didn't stop laughing... then myself and a couple of lovely peeps had some wine and watched a film. Monday my beautiful auntie surprised me and came to see me at work... she practically half brought me up so that was lovely... I have been getting closer to the people I work with lately too which is lovely... Tuesday I had a lovely day at work then went to tutoring which I love love love and then had dinner with all my family as my Dad was back in London, I got to see my dog too which is always lovely... I had the best bath full of nice smelly bubbles in my new bathroom - It's the most amazing feeling having your very own bathroom, just all your things and bits - amazing. Then on Wednesday I had a day off which was so productive, I woke up, did some work, then tidied the flat, did a shop and made lots of vegan food for the week... My best friend came over to see my new pad and we had a nice lunch together... then my mum popped in for a cuppa... Thursday and Friday were spent in the pub with friends after work and a cute customer brought me the sweetest note in the world which absolutely made my day! My mummy came and met me for lunch on Friday which was lovely...we sat it a tranquil, pretty park near my work and nattered our little heads off. On Saturday I stayed with my best friend from school at her place in Eastbourne, it was lovely playing with her little boy. She cooked up a storm - which was delicious. Then on Sunday myself, my friend and her little boy went to the park then for a tasty meal at the harbor then my other friend met me and we went on a lovely long walk across the beach, across the fields, hills and cliffs. It was so scenic and beautifulAbsolutely perfect week!

Gratitude diary

1. The people in my life. I'm so lucky to have my family, my friends and my colleagues. All of them make me feel so loved and. I love them all equally.
2. My new pad is beautiful and every time I come home I feel blessed.
3. I really love and appreciate that I have a fit body. Legs that can walk, a brain I can think with, ears to listen with, eyes that can see (albeit not the best eye site ha), a fully functioning voice box, digestive system and set of lungs : seriously, I am truly blessed... I really want to take more care of this lucky body I was given! 
4. I love cooking meals for people and I love using the recipes people I love have taught me.
5. I love nature. Being in beachy head made me so happy. We walked along in our bare feet and really connected with nature. Sheer heaven.

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