Tuesday, 7 July 2015


So I had a week off work last week and it was A-MAZING. I started it with a few days in Brighton, full of lovely meals and such and such like... I then headed to Norwich to see my bestest friend from University; My Trinie-pie. We had such a fantastic time, we hired a boat on the Norfolk broads and spent the whole day on the river (we got stranded for two hours so they gave us extra time so we even had the river to ourselves in the evening which was just lush!)... We had a BBQ, had some drinks down by the river near her house, went on a different boat trip to see some seals, we went for afternoon tea... We visited a farm and got some fresh strawberries, We cooked some lovely meals and went for some nice meals and drinks and we just enjoyed one another's company. I really love having a friend like Katrina; she speaks several languages and her brain works a lot like the way my brain works. Herself and Alison aren't just friends to me; they're soul mates too and i love that I have found that in a few friends already. Trina's family are so genuine and warm too, spending time with them, in particular her lovely little nephew just made me so, so, so happy!

Gratitude Diary
1. Once again, my friends. How lucky I am to have the friends I do. Last week was just magical and it was made that way because myself and Katrina are so similar. We enjoy the same things and make each other laugh. My bestest Alison is also always at the end of the phone to make me chuckle and share life with. Love them.
2. I just love being by water, I got to spend the week by the sea in Brighton, by the sea in Norwich and on the River on the Norfolk broads and it has made me a very happy bunny indeed.
3. Getting back to my own bed is just amazing. It's crazy how much you miss it -without even realising sometimes, even if you just go away for a few days.
4. I have been really appreciating kind words lately. Today at work the new girl told me she thinks I am amazing, she said she loves how I can just talk to everyone and anyone with such ease, she also said I was kind and she imagines I have a lot of friends because, she can't imagine people not wanting to be my friend - sweetest, compliment, EVER!
5. More responsibility at work. Lately, my lovely boss has been giving me more and more responsibility and putting me in charge of lots of different tasks and projects at work. I actually really like it as I can tell he knows It is what I need. What a don diggy don'stavon! The fact that he is a genuine and funny person with a good heart also helps... Yeah! - that's another thing I am happy about, I have a genuinely nice, decent, cool boss.



  1. You are very lovely girl and I love to read all your smart ideas hehehe Thank you for being active every single week here. Wishing you a lovely evening. Love, Liuba x

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it Liuba... you too are lovely... I'm lovely the way your blog and instagram is leaning towards fashion.. love your style and quirky outfits! xx


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