Sunday, 26 July 2015


This week I spent some time with my bestest and oldest friend from Primary school... Then I went out for dinner with one of my managers who also happens to be a very good friend - we talked the night away until almost the whole restaurant had left and it is always so nice to see more sides to a person, she has always been sweet and lovely obviously but I saw how big her heart really is that night for sure, she's a true inspiration to me and I want to surround myself with more intelligent, inspiring and kind people like her every day! ...I also went for a yummy tapas the other night, I just love tapas so much! Patatas Bravas, olives and garlic mushrooms. Just yummy! Finally, I got to spend a lot of time and have a lot of cuddles with my little Riley this week. I have missed him so much, he's amazing little fur body full of pure love.

Gratitude Diary
1. Every single day I think about how grateful I am that I'm not in debt. I know lots of people are in this day and age and it has almost become the norm, but I've never even been in an overdraft. I never spend more than I earn and I always live within my means. I'm also very self-aware with what I am spending and if I actually need what I am spending it on. I only ever want to spend and save my money on good memories and that is the beginning and end of it. I know we are all dying so why would I buy a bag I can't carry to my next life with me? No thanks, I'll bring an experience, or lesson that will come in handy wherever my soul is off to next!
2. The future, really really EXCITES me. Putting things into place now to have a home and great travels in the near or distant future excites me. I am happy enough going along with what I have to do now in the present and I will make the most of it, for example, I have a laugh at work every single day - the other day I was playing hide and seek with a little girl - the one after that we were all playing harmless, funny tricks on each other... Yesterday I was crying with tears about what my two best colleagues were doing and saying. It's about enjoying now while putting into place and creating the amazing future I want.
3. I do love my mother. She is a slightly lost soul, like most of us and no one can read her like I can. She even said the other day that I know things about her no one would ever know and she has never said. I feel blessed to be the only one she's ever let in. My mum goes by her own belief system, she goes to the beat of her own drum and in general, she really doesn't give a second thought about what anyone else thinks of her. She has lots of dreams and sits with me and thoroughly analysing them; I love people who acknowledge the dream world as much as this one. She's got the biggest heart and although she has faults like the rest of us. She would never judge someone because, she has fully grasped that judging others is just the same as getting within their negative sphere and you can not fight negativity with more negativity
4. I have been loving my job lately, I'm more involved, I love the people I work with, I love not having to wear make-up every single day, I love my breaks. I think in the next few months I'd like to maybe work less, but I do love my job. I read an article the other day about career contentment and surprisingly an 'easy commute' came up number one. I agree the commute is important, but having inspiring colleagues who make you laugh and make you feel comfortable and appreciated is the best thing for me!
5. The other day, someone, an irrelevant, said I am big headed and I simply had to laugh. The thing is, I have come to the realisation that only an insecure person, would ever be unhappy about you loving yourself as those who are comfortable within their own skin will know and understand that self-love is everything. Of course I love myself. I'm a nice little equation of all the people I love so why wouldn't I? I am a mix of my Mum, my Dad, my grandparents, my sister, my best friends, my aunties, my uncle... Combined with my wisdom and experience through the opportunities and memories this life has dealt me. I am amazing and I don't need to pretend I'm not. It's definite that you, yourself reading this are too amazing and should never doubt that. I have been reading a fantastic book recently that touches upon this but - I love Joel Olsen's video about the 'power of what comes after the I AM' ...It's so true, If I say I am fat, I will carry myself as a fat person, I will believe I am fat so I will behave and act like a fat person, the world will reflect this and the circle will continue so I would end up fat. So why not tell yourself 'i am beautiful... I am love... I am brave ...I am all of these wonderful things' and act like these people do, FEEL these things, and it will light up your light and feed your soul. The power of what comes after my 'I am' is way too important to me lately, I find it very difficult to be around anyone who says anything about MY 'I am' (positive or negative - a great friend told me once that you must never take both external insults or compliments in as that way no one outside of you will have any form of control over your own self belief and self worth) as I am fully aware of the power I hold within myself, allowing others opinions to warp my perceptions any longer will just kill this great little soul I am - and in the style of my London roots - I just won't av' itttt! :)

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  1. Ahhh lovely you! It is a pleasure for me to read your diary! You are my writing inspiration! Loads of kisses, Liuba x


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