Monday, 31 August 2015


My lovely work friend and her friend || Pizza Express dough balls (shared between six of us!) || My new read now I have finished 'Me and My Shadow' || Pizza Express Lasagna Verde - so yum! (can bring your own vegan cheese) || My Uncle's good old traditional roast... veggie styley... so homely, tasty and comforting!

Gratitude Diary
1. Peace and Quiet. I don't know If there is something wrong with me or If I am maturing or maybe I am just changing as a person but, most recently all I crave is peace and quiet. I don't wish to talk to anybody I do not want to and I just enjoy being in silence (when I can actually do so which only seems to be late in the evenings when I get home). I have been going to the library or the library gardens on all my lunch breaks recently to just read and be in the quiet. If I'm completely honest it is to avoid mundane conversations I do not want to have in my one hour of freedom (soon to change). Having a customer facing job is very difficult at times because, they demand so much from you and zap all your energy - this is probably the reason behind my new found love for peace to be fair.
2. A good book! I have thrown myself totally into reading again recently. I love it. It relaxes me, it makes otherwise boring journeys enjoyable and quick. It is lovely to share and discuss with those you care about after and the knowing that you are expanding your knowledge is also a favorable side effect.
3. Speaking of books, and me and my shadow in particular. I cannot express how amazing that book is. It literally related to my life at every point I decided to read some more, in the most uncanny and wonderful ways. It has changed my life and taught me so much and not even how I anticipated it to either. It has changed my perspective on a lot of things and opened my eyes to so much. When I finished reading it I felt so full of magic and love. It made me realise I want to feel like that every single day; not just for one hour when I read a book on my lunch.
4. I mentioned this in my last gratitude diary so I won't go to into it but I just love the rain. I met someone today who was drenched from head to toe because she was running in the rain. We had a mutual agreement about how amazing it is to jog and walk in the rain and It was refreshing to know that I am not the only weirdo who adores the rain! Rain rain - don't go away - stay til' another day.
5. I have been loving o2 priority recently. I ADORE being frugal, I don't know why but I really get a kick out of being a frugal, freegal, superscrimping, thrifty, resourceful little madam and this app really facilitates all of the above :) I got a meal deal for 26p, a coffee for zilch and a discounted dinner.


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  1. I also love rain, books and good friends! Love to read your diaries! Wishing you a great weekend! Liuba x


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