Saturday, 19 September 2015


It seems everyone is complaining about the weather and how winter is basically already here even though we are still in Summer and on the verge of Autumn only. I personally love it so I thought I would conjure up a beautiful little list as to why...

1. Cosy jumpers.
2. Hot chocolate and festive themed hot drinks.
3. Dark nail polish.
4. Dark lipsticks.
5. Pyjama days.
6. Creative gift making and wrapping.
7. Huge duvet covers.
8. Christmas trees.
9. Presents (giving).
10. Cherry mulled wine.
11. Christmas.
12. Winter boots.
13. Winter wonderland in London.
14. Bonfire night.
15. Cosy pubs with fireplaces.
16. Snuggles indoors.
17. Spending more time with family and friends.
18. Beauty advent calender's.
19. Fuzzy socks.
20. Scented candles burning.
21. Halloween.
22. Shocktoberfest, Fright nights, London Dungeons, Jack the Ripper tours - all that fun jazz.
23. Cold, crisp air... Oh I LOVE walking home in this!
24. Christmas lights in London.
25. Christmas songs.
26. Homely meals.
27. The smell of cinnamon everywhere.
28. New Year’s resolutions.
29. Fairy lights at home.
30. Gingerbread men, both real and decorative.

31. Candy canes, well, just decorative.
32. Home decor e.g Alpine bed covers
33. Cute Markets.
34. Winter hats.
35. Snug woollies.
36. No bees or wasps.
37. Marshmallows.
38. Cheeseboards.
39. Port.
40. Long, hot, LUSH Bubble baths.
41. Warm fluffy pyjamas.
42. Winter fashion: Sequins, Velvet, Textures, Layering...
43. Heated car seats.
44. New Years Eve.
45. Snugly slippers.
46. Peppermint tea, in fact; all tea!
47. Cosy nights in.
48. The occasional VISION of Snow.
49. Scarves.
50. Tights and leggings.

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  1. What a lovely list! I love autumn and winter. Wishing you a great autumn! Liuba x


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