Sunday, 25 October 2015


My week started off strange to say the least, but it ended up blooming super duper amazing and lovely. I spent Sunday - Friday in Lincoln. My wonderful Daddy made me lots of vegan home cooked meals and we spent so much time together, I finally watched 'INSIDE OUT' which has been on my list for ages. It was so, so, so nice to spend so much time with My Dad and My Dog. Snuggles on the sofa, long walks and spontaneous cuddles that just make you feel so loved, at home and safe! I went out for a really tasty meal with a new found friend on Wednesday which was nice. On Friday, my lovely Uncle and Mum drove up to Lincoln so I had some quality time with a bunch of family members all at once. We cooked together, made carrot juices and smoothies together and watched the worst film known to man together (Super Bob). My uncle and I also explored Lincoln cathedral some more, and went for a super tasty and cute afternoon tea. On Saturday, we drove to Birmingham to meet the rest of my Uncle's motley crew. I love his little nephew so much, he is ten, and so full of personality. He kept going on about how I should be a model which was super cute of him haha. It is wonderful when we get to spend time with people with such unique and big personalities, especially in such a young man. We went to see ANNIE in the hippodrome theatre and I feel like my life is now complete. I enjoyed it so much, seeing and hearing my favorite musical performed live truly was a dream come true, I even got a bit emotional at some points, ha. Then on Sunday (today), Myself and five of my friends went to Tully's farm for shocktoberfest which is a series of scary mazes with scary actors and entertainers. I loved it so much, I had such a fun wonderful evening with wonderful people. I laughed so much, my stomach is actually still hurting because I giggled my head off!

1. Nights like tonight (and last night) make me realise how lucky I actually am. I am surrounded by kind, outgoing and fun people who want to enjoy their lives and do fun things with me and those around them. I was thinking about moving away, but no. These people are too good to miss. I am also so grateful that I can afford to do luxury things like Tully's farm, both financially and responsibility-wise. 
2. My Dad. I can't believe how much I love my Dad. My heart could BURST with the amount of appreciation and love I feel for that man. He has been such an absolute sweetie pie the past few weeks and I really couldn't have been handed a better man to be my Dad. I mentioned in my last gratitude diary how much he has done for me and I will be eternally grateful for all he has given me!
3. Central heating. OH MY GOODNESS. It is FREEZING now, the temperature has completely dropped and I have been feeling freezing so it's so nice to come home to a warm and heated house. Love it so much, I feel like a baby in an incubator in my bed right now!
4. Embracing occasions is another thing I feel grateful for. Today I felt so 'Halloweeny' and it was so nice to be somewhere with lots of people, lots of food, lots of exciting mazes to go through and three stages of live, very decent music. It made me feel so 'festive' as such but about Halloween. I want to embrace every moment, every event, every memory to be made. All of it. I love embracing the moment.
5. The three 'L's' - living, laughter and love. I sometimes look at those around me and think 'I am not going to have you forever, but I am not going to be sad about that. Whether I have you for two weeks, two years or twenty, I am going to enjoy living this moment with you right now, I'm not going to feel sad that you may not be a permanent fixture, I am going to appreciate and be positive about this moment we have right here, right now in the present and I am going live it with you'. I laughed so much tonight and last night, it has lifted my soul above the clouds!. I feel love and feel loved and that is all that matters.

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  1. Ahhhh so glad you spent your weekend with your family. Seems like you had lots of fun spending your time with your dad. You deserve to be happy sweet and happy girl :) Wishing you a great week ahead! Liuba x


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