Sunday, 18 October 2015


I have spent this week in Lincoln and I have to say, I am shocked at the amount I actually love it here. The town center is so adorable, there are lots of vintage cute shops and tea rooms, traditional pubs, great places to eat and cobbled quirky little lanes to browse. The architecture is also absolutely beautiful; above we have Lincoln Cathedral which is the most beautiful, tranquil place.

1. My Dad. When you don't live with someone in your family and then you spend a lot of time with them at once, you realise how similar you are without having realised before. My Dad lives in a little place in the middle of nowhere, next to a beautiful river, he grows his own vegetables and gets all the rest of his produce fresh from the local farm. He is living my dream. Before I got here, he got in lots of vegetarian food especially for me which was so thoughtful of him. It is beautiful, cosy and stylish here, my Dad has this amazing ability to take any garden and make it wonderful. Every garden he has had has been blooming with beautiful flowers, plants and quirky little ornaments and this one in Lincoln is no different. Every property he owns is very modern with his own rather stylish spin on it. I love his style. I have been very reflective over the time I have had here with my pops and I feel truly blessed, I really love my Dad for the childhood he gave me - THE BEST. Filled with laughter, love and living. He never hurt me, never made me feel anything less than loved and never made me feel as though I had to earn that love. He gave me the most amazing memories, opportunities, experiences, wisdom and traits. I am a very lucky girl to have the Dad I was given. He has had a tough few years with illness and changed a lot, but I think we can forgive him of that as he has a beautiful, warm and loving heart. I also love how much character he has, my friend Ali said the other day 'Your Dad has so much character, it's where you get it from' and that makes me extremely happy! =)
2. Lincoln: I LOVE LINCOLN. I was shocked at how much I fell in love with it and it's surrounding areas. I love that you get your vegetables straight from the land and I have been indulging in the must scrumptious cabbages and cauliflowers I have ever eaten. It's fabulous to just constantly see your food growing everywhere too. Lincoln itself makes me feel so happy, it's full of young people as it is a Uni town, but the streets are all traditional and quirky. There's an abundance of cool and cosy pubs and restaurants. We are surrounded by fresh country air and beautiful lakes and rivers - very scenic. I also love the people; people in the north of England are often a lot warmer and friendlier than those in the south and I'd say I'm definitely more of a northerner personality-wise.
3. My little doggy Riley: He is the best little canine known to man. Just beautiful, inside and out. He brightens up our day with his bubbly personality, energetic ways and sweet little mannerisms. 
4. Youtube; Youtube makes me so happy. Watching a bunch of lovely, kind and happy bunch of vloggers and video producers restores my faith in human beings and makes me excited for the future and the nice people that are going to walk into my life. =)
5. Doing quirky, fun, and new things. I love new experiences and I have a lot of fun things planned and booked for the near future. The feeling of excitement is one of the best in the world!

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