Monday, 12 October 2015


I have spent the past week up north... I have been in Leeds, Halifax and Bradford with my northern monkeys... I spent some time learning how to drive a real life tractor (well dumper haha) and to be completely honest, I was awful ha... I bought these flowers for my friend's nana and they were B-E-A-UTIFUL... Love pink roses... I had a lot of time on my hands to make some tasty dinners and I also had a lot of time to think and get things straight in my mind and I feel A LOT more positive for it - YAY! =)

1. Electric blankets - The temperature has suddenly dropped and I used an electric blanket for the first time in years and - OhMyGoodness - It was the absolute best, so snug, warm and cosy. I actually felt like I was in an incubator. I am a summer baby so I love being warm, when I am warm I can sleep for hours and that's what I did with this electro blanky... Grabbed myself some much-needed sleep with some great dreams which were also much needed. I love my dreams, good or bad, they teach me a lot.
2. I feel so grateful for food lately, so grateful that in this time and age it is easy to avoid meat and animal products and still get all the nutrients you should need somehow. I love having the time on my hands to, to thoroughly shop for the best ingredients and take my time to prepare them and not have to rush eating them so I can really appreciate the food and the flavors. I am a lucky girl to even have that, some people have a terrible relationship with food, not just the obese or anorexics, but even those who eat things and fully regret it afterwards for one reason or another. I love my relationship with food and I love that I am eternally grateful for each bite I receive.
3. I have been loving daytime TV this week LOL. I have become quite partial to an episode of cowboy builders, home renovation shows, and game shows that test your knowledge (LOL - ACTUAL GRANDMA).
4. Every single week I write this, but I really appreciate my friends. I have realised it even more so this week as I haven't been able to see them. I am so lucky to have such an interesting, intelligent kindhearted and fun bunch of friends, all with great sense of humors, open minds and great outlooks. 
5. Sometimes, taking time to note down my gratitude for things reminds me of what I am grateful for when I don't have it. I haven't been able to have a bath since being up north as there is only a shower and it is going to be like that for a while and it has made me realise how much I really do appreciate having a bath. It is so relaxing and I find a bath to be very good for my body and muscles in general. I can't wait to go back to London, visit LUSH and have an AMAZING long, hot, bubbly bath... ahhhhh! =) From this day forth, I shall never take a bath for granted again (not that I ever did to be fair, I have always been grateful for my bathing sessions, especially when I feel sad, they make me realise that nothing is ever that bad, just as bad as your mind determines they be!).


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