Tuesday, 6 October 2015


My last day at work was simply lovely (emotional, but lovely, everyone was so kind and sweet and I have never been so flattered in my life)... My lovely uncle made a few tasty meals this week including this broccoli bake... I have started reading this book and so far, so good! Me and my beautiful girlie went on a nice bike ride and had a work-out in the park and finally, it was my sister's baby shower this week and I bought her a bunch of eco-baby products (Blog post to follow).

1. Small (and big) acts of kindness. The Universe has really been highlighting how kind people can be to me most recently. The other day I had a stomach ache and a customer noticed, ten minutes later she came back with a pack of mints as she thought the peppermint could help. Another customer and I had a conversation about glass water bottles and how they are so much better for you; a few days later she came in with a glass bottle of my favourite water (VOSS) just for me. Everyone at work was so lovely too, my dear friend Cath bought me a crystal because she said it reminded her of me as I light up the room and brighten up the place. The other girls gave me a lovely card and we had a group cuddle and my lovely boss took me aside to tell me what he thought of me and give me a nice departure gift. It was so nice to hear that people had seen the good in me and I will miss them all so much. I pledge to do something nice for others every single day. Even if it is just being a friend to someone, complimenting someone on their style or doing someone a small favor. I love the rippling effect being kind has on others. When you do something good for another, it has a chain reaction and continues and makes a small portion of this big world a little bit nicer :-) ...Way forward!
2. I have a new love for lazy days. I have spent the past two days snuggled on the sofa, watching my fave programs, drinking tea, eating chocolate and reading my book. Life has been so busy for the past year and it really is nice to just sit back and chill for a bit!
3. I have been loving smoothies. My new personal favorite is spinach, banana, coconut water and Spirulina. Spinach provides a great source of iron, vitamin A and C. Bananas are a great source of potassium and vitamin B-6. Coconut water is a great source of potassium and finally, Spirulina is high in protein, calcium, iron and B12. As I don't eat meat or drink cows milk, Spirulina is a new 'must' in my diet to replace any nutrients I don't get as I don't eat meat. (WARNING- It takes a while to get used to, at first it tastes like you are licking a sea wall).
4. I love phone calls with my Daddy. He is such a cutie and I miss him a lot. I am going to see him in a few weeks which is exciting... 
5. I feel so blessed to have the amazing friends I do. All of them as intelligent and funny as the other. Makes me feel less lonely in this big wide world =) ...One of my lovely chums is always at the other end of whatsapp or the phone line and it makes me super trooper happy! 



  1. Ahhh my clever friend, I love reading your diaries. I love phone calls with my mom, but you are special and I am happy you enjoying talking to your daddy, it sounds so sweet! :) Love, Liuba x

    1. Your comments always put a smile on my face =) ...lovely liuba ♡


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