Sunday, 1 November 2015


I have had another amazing week. Full of lots of vegan food, long dog walks and giggles with my family. On Friday I had my little cousin over for a sleepover and it was so cute, we messed around with make-up and made lots of nice food, she has a fresh perspective on life and she is so mature for her age, I can't believe she is going to be 16 this month - crazy! My niece came down from Peterborough at the weekend and myself, a different cousin, my friend Nat and my niece all went down for a good old night out in Brighton (my fave place in the entire world)... I laughed SO much on the night out and afterwards when seeing all the silly pictures and videos, I feel so young and free right now in my life =). On Sunday, I had a good old family day and spent some quality time with my uncle and Dad.

1. My family: I am always with at least one member of my family and I love it. My family is so full of funny and kind people with lots of personality and character. My dad is hilarious and sweet. My auntie is always there to give me love and have a good old chin wag. My cousin Liah is funny and sweet. My cousin Kealey is honest, open minded and very intelligent. My cousin Mike is hilarious and super cute. My cousin Richard is super spiritual and just knowing he is in the world makes me feel content. My niece is a real cutie too. My uncle Robin is so kind and supportive of everything I do. My sister never fails to make me crack up and feel loved. I am a very lucky girl to have each and every one of these cranks!
2. Phone calls with my Ali and both Katrinas uplift me and make me feel whole!
3. Quality time with my Dad and Dog is just the best. I will never take these moments for granted.
4. I just love Brighton. I feel so blessed that I live so close to it. I love the shops, the abundance of nice places to go and eat, the clubs, the friendly people, the smell of sea air, the feeling it gives me when I am there.
5. Freedom, the feeling of being absolutely free. I feel free at this point in my life and I wholeheartedly LOVE IT. I have to answer to absolutely zero persons. I do not need to explain myself and I don't owe anyone anything. 
6. My juicer and blender: I recently bought a juicer and I have had a blender for a few years. So, every day I have a carrot juice and a nice clean, green smoothie. I feel GREAT for it and I have also been doing them for my Dad too and I can tell it makes him feel better and has given him some good energy which makes me super duper happy.
7. I know it's terrible but I actually quite enjoy watching TOWIE and MIC. They do promote vanity and superficial ideologies and that I don't agree with, but I do like catching up on their lives and it helps me zone out from time to time. I am unapologetic about this fact because it makes me happy - so yeah.
8. I love a good book, I am reading a medical book right now and I keep putting it down to write notes on the terminology and new interesting things I have learned. It ties together what I learned from working in a Pharmacy, words that originate from Latin (I speak a Latin based language) and spirituality. I loves it. I have read a few fantastic books this year. One of which I actually think saved my life.

Basically I have a lot to be grateful for and I am also grateful for that. =)

Have an amazing week! 

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