Monday, 14 December 2015


Budapest is truly beautiful. The architecture is like a hybrid between Parisian and Bavarian architecture, with a little bit of Russia pulled in there. Apparently it is due to all the cultural influences Hungary has had over the past few centuries. My favourite part of Budapest (like most cities I have visited, as I love to be close to water) is by the river - The Danube River is probably one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The buildings along the banks have the most magical energy and look so pretty lite up at night.

We met so many people from around the world, from London, Australia, The states, to Colombia, Uraguay, Hungary, Spain and plenty more. Each and every person I met were just as cool as the next, lots of them made me laugh from the bottom of my belly and I love that. My best friend who I went to makes me laugh constantly too so I literally laughed from start to finish non-stop. I love travelling; I was saying to my friend on the phone while I was there, one of the best things about travelling is; when you cannot speak a language you cut the bullshit. You go with your intuition and the vibe someone gives and you can really just tell if someone is full of positive energy and has a kind heart. You can tell a good soul when they haven't got words to try and disguise who they are and trick you into thinking overwise basically. Acta Non Verba.

I LOVED the food in Budapest. I was told before I went away by a fellow vegan friend that 'travelling is hard when you're a vegan so be a bit lenient', I think that is good advice as sometimes you may feel you're losing out on some cultural experiences, but I was absolutely fine. We found lots of vegan restaurants and I had some of the best meals of my life over there. Hummus Bar being my fave! (There is a photo above of the salad myself and my friend shared and my falafel, hummus bowl).

We went to the hospital completely built from underground caves, explored the castle in Buda, went to many a club in Pest, walked alongside the river most evenings, attended the best boat party I have ever been to and visited the Christmas Market. I loved the Market, the decorations were so cute and there was so much yummy food to choose from, I opted for sauerkraut and Hungarian herbed crushed potatoes and tried a cherry mulled beer which was interesting to say the least!

Music was a HUGE part of this trip so I am going to pop a few of the songs that will forever remind me of this beautiful place, those beautiful people and these beautiful memories here:

Love, Laugh, Live, Travel.
Peace out Potatoes!
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