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A while ago I had a heart to heart with an old friend and we were discussing happiness and how we felt it could be achieved. Years ago I remember seeing a sole trader in his shop every single day and night of the week. I thought to myself, ‘Bless him, he is literally an ant.’ And I pledged from that thought onwards that I would not end up an ‘ant’ but I quickly came to the conclusion that fighting being an ant and fighting doing the norm can quickly make you just as unhappy as conforming to it totally. So, in this heart to heart my friend managed to put my thoughts into words when he said ‘You need a slight element of ‘antism’ in your life’ and it’s true, you should enjoy the normal, day to day things in life or you’ll just be fighting a losing battle and further isolating yourself from the world you live in.

The heart to heart led on to us discussing all those little things that help build ones all round happiness and I thought I would make a few of my own here on my blog for both myself and anyone reading this who can have a down day or week or even longer from time to time…

Firstly, I love a nice cup of tea (with almond milk of course) and something sweet to go with it; my current favourite is the choices alternative to white chocolate bunny, I don’t do this as often as I used to but when I do, I really appreciate it! Recently, I just can’t stop giggling at silly little things that happen throughout my day and I spread the giggle by texting it to my friends or family members. This also applies to funny images, voice clips & videos my friends and I send one another – such a small trivia thing that really does make your day!

I absolutely love being stroked, argh, it’s amazing! It relaxes me more than anything else I’ve ever known and I feel like it’s good for my body, brain and soul… I guess you could say it’s my own little form of meditating! Well, I guess you could say that all these little things are my own little forms of meditating.

I adore being close to water, be it a lake, the sea, a river, a pond - I need to be close to water. I discovered the other day that my Pops is exactly the same so this is where it comes from. My Dad's homes have always been close to the sea, we have always had boats in our family and me and my Dad's favourite things to do together growing up were swimming and camping near water so it makes sense. Literally you could sit me on a beach by myself and I would be happy just staring and listening to the waves for the longest time. I also love water for the fact it means I can have nice hot baths with it!

I don't watch much TV anymore but when I do I adore cheesy dating shows and cookery shows like the undateables, first dates, dinner date and come dine with me. Having said that, I would much prefer getting cosy and reading a good old book. Most recently I have been reading books on nutrition, psychology and self-healing. I love what you can derive from a book; you get another intelligent human's perspective, yet you're left alone to take what you wish from it and form your own opinion. Just magical. 

As weird as it sounds, I sometimes enjoy mundane tasks, like stacking shelves or stuffing envelopes in an office, I don’t spend my entire life doing these things obviously. I’m not a complete airhead, but I just feel like if you can switch your mind off and find an oasis for yourself by doing these things, not dissimilar to meditating!

This morning I woke up with my beautiful doggy in my arms with my head pressed against his head… It was the nicest feeling ever; I really didn’t want to get up! The same goes for cuddles with human beings; seriously hugging is amazing for the soul! It sets off that lovely hormone called oxytocin in your body, a hormone known as the 'cuddle/love hormone' that works as an anti-anxiety (anxiolytic).

Doing a small kind deed for someone else is another one of the little things I love. The other day I was walking to work and a man offered me the big issue and I said no, then changed my mind and went back and bought it, he was so happy and grateful and it truly made my day. When I initially walked past, I thought to myself ‘Hey, why should I be happy and not him?’ so I went back and bought it. I also feel that it is unfair to say ‘they’ll only spend it on a drink or fags’ …My attitude towards that is – so what? So, because I have had a better hand in life, I should be allowed to enjoy it and have a drink when I please yet someone in a worse position shouldn’t be entitled to those small luxuries that could make their day and cheer them up? Bullshit. I’ll help anyone who is trying to help themselves and that’s what I feel those selling the big issue are proving to the world. Anyway, I’ve gone off on a tangent but basically, doing a good deed for someone will not only make your day, but theirs too and it usually has a knock on effect so they can do it for someone else! A positive chain reaction!

Giving and receiving compliments seriously makes my life. I enjoy dishing them out more than receiving them to be honest and making someone feel happy and nice about them self is something I thoroughly enjoy! There is only one way to take a compliment and that is to say 'Thank you' and Smile and there is only one way to give a compliment, and that is to mean it and expect nothing from it.

There are a few more little things I adore like having a tidy living spaceflowers (mainly just simply seeing them outside alive), finding a song you love so much you’ll repeat it over and over (at the moment mine is ‘memories' by petit biscuit), spontaneity (in myself & others), writing neatfeeling organizedyummy cocktailssweet messages (either in cards or texts), good nutritious foodfeeling healthytrying something new, going someplace new, ohhh and I love swimming, ahhhh swimming is so relaxing and positive for me, also I’ve found it’s my only form of curing a hangover! (ha) and my goodness there are so, so, so many more! 

Clearly surrounding yourself with people with whom you are comfortable and enjoy being around is the biggest part of finding happiness, but I'm talking about the small things here!

Right, I think I have gone on quite enough now but I feel like I have unlocked some kind of key to eternal happiness. Don’t try to fight the norms in life just because, you may be slightly different or weird to your average Joe, appreciate every little blessing and always remember, ‘it’s the little things in life that make life Big’ …and I will too! xxx

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