Saturday, 27 February 2016


1. First and foremost, I obviously love London because it is home and there really is no place like home. I have so many wonderful memories here with all those I love and I know it like the back of my hand and there's something to be said about the familiarity of home. When I started university I could instantly detect the Londoners from the country folk and I can't explain it, but, they just seemed to get it.

2. You can get anywhere from London. It's a quick train journey to my beloved Brighton which is just perfect but you can also get trains to everywhere. I often go to LIncoln, Peterborough and Norwich by train and it's just so easy. I'm also talking easy to go anywhere in the world also, Gatwick, Heathrow & Stansted all have long and short haul flights going all over the world and that excites me!

3. If you have lived abroad and travelled, you'll know that because of the above point, London is a fantastic hub for you to meet friends you've made along the way. Two of my best friends that I lived with in Spain have moved to London to au-pair so I have got to spend time with them due to that. I have met up with people I met in Madrid, Budapest and Germany in London also and it's a great meeting hub.

4. The Thames ♥ I adore the Thames, My favourite place in London is Southbank which is right on top of the river, but I also love seeing London by boat (I went for an afternoon tea cruise and a rib ride last year and both were fantastic) - It's actually the best way to see the city so if you're ever visiting I would recommend taking some sort of boat trip to see it in all it's glory without crowds of people and poor close-up camera angles. I love seeing the river through the window of the train when I am on my way to Shepherds Bush and Victoria too. It makes me smile!

5. If I wake up one day and I think 'I fancy Moroccan food today' or 'I fancy me some Spanish ponchee' or 'I really want to go for a vegan feast' - there will, guarenteed, be a place to go and get the food and/or drink you want and I love that. When I lived in Alicante I found it exceedingly difficult that my choices were so limited and the same with my time in Lincoln, but here in London you can get any type of food you want and being a huge foodie I love that!

6. I love how multicultural it is here in London. I meet people from all over the world all the time simply for being in and around London. Being a lover of languages I love that If I woke up one morning and decided I wanted to learn how to Salsa like a latina or learn how to cook like an Italian - I could - there would be thousands of people willing to share their skills and lots of opportunities to go and get classes. I love that. Some morons say that a multicultured place has no culture, I completely disagree, it's a culture that stands alone and it's the best one I have experienced yet.

7. There is always something to do here. There's always gigs on and events, we have all our amazing markets to wander through and interesting club and bar crawls and nights every single night. There are so many different districts to explore in London too, all with their own unique vibe.

8. Our parks mean so much to me. I absolutely love Hyde and Battersea park. They're so much fun in the summer with festivals and concerts taking place but also to go to and hire bikes, boats and have a picnic. It's my fave thing to do in the Summer, relax in the tranquil oasis's London has to offer. I also love hyde park in the winter because it hosts my baby - winter wonderland, which is always good fun and never fails to make me get into the festive spirit.

9. I am not big on shopping, however, if you ever need something sharpish and on that day, just pop into one of the stores in London (westfield in She Bu is my fave) because the stores are so large that it's basically the same as shopping online and you'll almost always be able to get what you want. 

10. I am so grateful for our public transport system, let me tell you something; when I have been out in Peterborough, Lincoln, Exeter, Norwich and Leister, I have always had difficulty getting home (especially in Exeter - there was literally one cab for three whole clubs emptying at one point). So, you can moan about delays and engineering work all you like but I am just so happy to be able to get around and back home from a night out in London and happy that everywhere is easily accessible in the daytime too due to our metro network, bus links & trains.

but, 'Maybe it's because I'mma Londoner ...that I love London Town!'

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