Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Prague is beautiful. It reminds me a lot of Budapest, however admittedly I do prefer Budapest in terms of the vibe I get from the city. We went to Prague for almost six days which was a big mistake, I'd say three days tops to see what there is to see in this city! Having said that, my best friend and I got some real good quality time together and belly laughed the whole way through the trip. 

If you were to find yourself in Prague, I would definitely recommend going on a Segway tour, it's so much fun and you get to zoom around the city and see all the sites while getting a fun experience day with it! My tour guide was amazing and held onto me the whole time ha-ha. We went to the Ice bar and to be honest with you, the novelty was great, it looked cool and the drink was yummy but we left before our twenty mins were up because we were too cold. I am so glad I have experienced an ice bar, but I won't be rushing to the one in London now I've done that one. I'm glad I did it in Prague instead of London too as it only cost £6.00 as opposed to £28.00 in London! We also went to 'Prague glow golf games and more' - with this, I wouldn't bother, we thought it would be an amazing club with lots of stags to have fun with but actually it was more like a kids play hall and they didn't even serve alcoholic beverages like we thought either. However, I would recommend the Dubliners pub in the town centre. I love going to Irish bars when I am abroad because I love drinking with the Irish and this pub did not disappoint. Such a vibrant, fun atmosphere with fantastic live music and lots of handsome Irishmen to gawp over! Ha! 

Food-wise Prague was even more amazing than Budapest for me. There is a fantastic Lebanese place called Lehka Hlava and it was amazing, the decor reminded me of that of restaurants in Morocco and the staff were beautiful and pure-hearted. We went there a few times because we liked it so much! Their falafel and hummus were to die for. We also went to a raw, vegan cafe called PLevel who had such a cute, vegan owner who we loved and lots of vegetable juices and raw vegan pies and treats. We drank in the little pubs in the old town where a jug of beer came to only 75p! Which was amazing to sit around and play cards with. On our last day we visited a restaurant called veggie point. There were so many choices for vegan food when I looked it up beforehand and that is the main thing I loved about Prague. I didn't have to go without my carrot juice or yummy veggie meals! Yay!

Overall I had a great time in Prague, mainly because I got to spend a whole bunch of time with my beautiful best friend without the distractions of life. Would I go back? Probably not, but I never say never, and I am glad I have been, I would just like to see new lands is all! 



  1. You and your friend look so happy. I saw some of these photos on Instagram or facebook. Glad you have fun there and enjoyed Czech cuisine. Liuba x

    1. Ah I loved it, I also loved waking up to your comments this morning Liuba =) you've made my day already! Glad you like the new posts! xx


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