Sunday, 6 March 2016



* carrots
* red cabbage 
* pine nuts 
* soya cream 
* lemon juice 
* sea salt or Himalayan salt
* black pepper 
* coconut oil (or olive oil)


1. Shred your carrots and cabbage into a bowl.
2. Mix in half of the soya cream, lemon juice, salt & pepper. 
3. Lightly toast the pine nuts - and I don't say lightly, lightly ha. These burn so easily so literally toast them for one minute! I toasted mine in coconut oil.
4. Mix the nuts into your mix and voilá - listo! You have yourself a beautiful vegan coleslaw. 
5.  Serve it with something yummy. I love it with fry's soy and flaxseed schnitzels or their chia and rice protein nuggets! It's also great on top of beans on toast or baked beans and a jacket potato! and of course you can have it as a side with any meal you choose. Nom nom nom! 

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