Monday, 7 March 2016


I have been wanting to visit FED by water for what feels like a lifetime. A few of my friend's had told me about their vegan cheese board and almost every vegan I have ever spoken to that hasn't been there yet is planning on doing so. So myself and two of my Omni friends decided we would give it a whirl and here is what we thought...

My goodness, the cheese board was to die for. My friends and I were all blown away by all the amazing textures and flavours. You get a Stracchino spread, smoked mozzarella, smoked herbs & chives soft cheese, Blue cheese style, Red cheddar and two other soft cheeses full of flavour! It was served with a beautiful focaccia bread, which was still warm. I used to eat real cheese and I would go as far as to say this is the best cheese board I have ever had in my life. The flavours were immense and it was a truly lovely experience trying them all. It was so good in fact both of my (cow's milk) cheese loving friend's said the same! One of them plans on bringing her parents there when they come to visit London and if that doesn't speak volumes I don't know what does! The best thing about vegan cheese (after the fact it is cruelty-free) is that it doesn't give you that mucousy aftermath that 'normal' cheese does so you can enjoy the feeling of a cheese board for longer. 

As if a cheese board wasn't enough, myself and my friend Kristina got pizza with more cheese! She got a meat pizza and I got 'wild' with red cheddar and blue style cheese added on top (due to the fact I had been so impressed with the cheese board). I like that there is omnivore choices too. It makes it so lovely to eat out as a group; no one has to compromise and there's no awkwardness. FED have a vegan menu and a mixed menu and the staff ask you straight away if you're a vegan to give you the correct menu, I think this is a lovely added touch, because I knew everything was okay for me to eat. It was also nice to know my friend's were being catered for and happy too! My beautiful friend Lissett got a Salad and I tasted the courgettes and mushrooms, they were seasoned to perfection and complimented each other and her garlic bread perfectly! 

FOOD - 10/10

Kristina got a glass of white wine and said it was beautiful. Myself and Lisett got a blueberry sparkling drink. I can't remember the name of it (I want to say Blueberry heaven or something) but it was delicious! I wasn't in the mood for alcohol when we visited but I also spotted a cocktail list in the corner with my sneaky alco-dar! Anywhere that does cocktails is a winner to me and they sounded great. Next time I go there I will definitely be taking the list for a spin! 

DRINK - 10/10

Aw! Upon arrival the staff gave us a wonderful welcome. We had a male waiter to start with who immediately made us feel welcomed and added a personal touch to his service by communicating with us in Spanish when he heard us speaking Spanish amongst ourselves. I love people like that, so friendly and warm. He then let the Spanish waitress know and she came over to take our orders (another personal touch we all appreciated), this lady was equally as lovely too! The staff were all well presented, impeccably friendly & it just felt like they were a warm, kind family who worked well together to be honest. 

STAFF - 10/10 for them too! 

FED has quite a quirky vibe to it, I liked the ladder hanging from the ceiling and I especially adored the table made out of retro vinyls. The restaurant is only a 3-minute walk from the metro station and there's cute little places all around it. It reminds me of a lot of places I tend to go to in Brighton with it's kooky design and happy atmosphere. 

VENUE - 10/10 again!

Our entire meal came to about £70.00 for three of us and that was for our huge sharing platter, main courses and drinks so worked out about £24.00 each, which is what I usually expect to pay here in London for a nice meal out. I did feel a bit anxious about the prices when I thought we weren't going to share the cheese board though -haha! Pizza's range from £8.75-£15.75 which is fair and average. You could always go and drink just water and it's the perfect, affordable conscious meal. I will have to say 10/10 for prices too because they're fair and the same (if not better) than most places & you can't ask for more than that.

Price - 10/10

Thanks to FED for such a wonderful experience!

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