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Anyone that know's me knows that I just love this stuff. I use it for my hair - as a mask, but also as a heat protector after I have washed my hair. I use it for as a face (and lip) scrub by adding sea salt or brown sugar, It also works well as a moisturiser, lip balm and eye cream. It's good to use as a replacement for shaving cream and If you put it on your feet and put socks on to let it soak in, it makes a great foot cream too. I love the smell and texture of coconut oil so apply it all over my body every few days as a body oil/ moisturiser. I don't do it every morning like I should, but I use a teaspoon of coconut oil on an empty stomach in the morning in order to draw all the toxins out of my mouth so it could also double up as a mouth wash. When I get in from a hard day of wearing makeup, I smother my face in coconut oil and clean it with watered down tea tree oil... Coconut oil is a fabulous make-up remover. As gross as it is, they are a fact of life, and yeast infections may occur, coconut oil works well as an anti-fungal and thus can help fight things like thrush by killing the candida fungi. Coconut can be used to alleviate allergy symptoms too by rubbing a little inside your nose. So not only is it a beauty bathroom essential, but it also can be used for medicinal purposes too thus earning itself a prize place in any medicine cupboard.

I love, love, LOVE my electric toothbrush, it's just perfect. Firstly, it is much quicker and easier to use an electric toothbrush. It deep cleans your teeth in minutes and gets to all of those hard to reach areas you may not be able to with the humble manual toothbrush. Some of the brushes ensure you do not press to hard as well which is good for any enamel or gum issues. I just love mine. I bring it everywhere I go. Everyone I have introduced to an electric toothbrush hasn't gone back either so the proof is in the pudding there.

I have previously tried a few natural fluoride free toothpastes such as Dr Organic's tea tree toothpaste and Kingfishers fennel toothpaste, in short, they both tasted disgusting to me. I love this and 'Aloe dent whitening toothpaste though. They both harness some of Nature's most powerful and effective cleaning ingredients so you can whiten your teeth gently without harsh abrasives. Aloe vera and silica clean, whiten and sooth whilst essential oils of tea tree oil, peppermint and menthol freshen breath and protect gum health. With no fluoride and no harsh chemical cleaning agents, this toothpaste is ideal for sensitive teeth...' (H&B, 2016). Gradually cutting out fluoride in my life is vital. When I refer to fluoride I do not mean calcium fluoride which can occur naturally underground, but to fluorosilicate acid, sodium silicofluoride and sodium fluoride. Which are used in things like rat poison as a pesticide (another reason to go organic!). As many people may or may not know fluoride in abundance calcifies your pineal gland and lot's of people only focus on this gland being the one that gives you 'spiritual abilities' but, it's deeper than that; like what I did there? Your pineal gland secretes DMT during REM sleep, DMT is said to be not only what makes you dream and have 'mystical experiences' but also, I have read many articles that suggest it is what helps heal your body when you are sleeping and that would make sense because it is what is produced at birth (& death). Your body is a self-healing vessel, If you haven't come to terms with that yet I suggest you read a book called 'Mind over Medicine' by Dr Lissa Rankin. Anyway, I am going off on a tangent so I shall digress, it is a huge bonus that this toothpaste does not contain fluoride as I wouldn't use it otherwise, but the toothpaste tastes, feels and does its job great too!


My goodness, I ADORE this stuff. You're strictly meant to leave it on, but I use it as a face and body wash, and it has done wonders for my skin. The tea tree cleanses my skin as it is a natural anti-bacterial and the aloe vera cleans, soothes and protects the skin. I sometimes leave it on overnight and wake up feeling like I've had a facelift! Ha. I have also been using it to heal up a burn and it's done wonders as it has it's cleansing and medicinal uses. The aloe vera plant has been documented to be used since ancient Egyptian times. Ancient Egyptians regarded it as a sacred plant with 'blood' (juice) that held the secrets of beauty, health and immortality. Both Cleopatra and Nofretete were documented to use it as part of both their daily skin and beauty care so if it is good enough for them, it is good enough for me! Aloe vera also has anti-fungal and anti-bacteria properties which can help to preserve the skin, so one could argue that it could also be used a natural anti-aging gel.

I love the Raspberry and Cranberry shampoo and conditioner by this company, but I also love the jojoba shampoo (it smells like liquorice) and the seaweed and citrus conditioner. The pineapple and lime one sounds good to me also so I shall try that next! They are 100% naturally fragranced, made with essential and organic oils, free from parabens and SLS, cruelty-free (obvs) and vegan. My hair looks and smells delicious, but essential guys; it isn't all about shampoo and conditioner when it comes to beautifying your hair - it is mostly internal. I only wash my hair once a week and my hair is very healthy. Eating and drinking up all your vitamins and minerals is key for any natural shampoo and conditioner to put the cherry on top and just keep it clean for you. Shampoos and Conditioners are full of synthetic chemicals that trick your hair into looking healthy.

This brand is fantastic. I emailed them to ask which products were vegan-friendly and they emailed me straight back with a lovely little list of the products that aren't vegan. Luckily these weren't on that list! I always have a pack of these bad boys in my bag. They're so handy and refreshing. I use them to take my makeup off with coconut oil! They smell great, they're kind to your skin and pretty affordable too. I also think they've started to sell them in boots so there you go - extra boots points and they quite often do them on a 3 for 2!

This deodorant seems to last the whole day. I have tried the salt of the ocean deo, the crystal deo, Dr Organics tea tree deodorant and then this one. This one actually works for now, but the others did when I first began to use them so we shall see. This Aloe Vera Roll on deodorant is safe, mild and contains certified organic aloe vera gel. I personally love the smell of Aloe Vera. It also contains vitamin E and citrus oil to keep you from being a certified stinker. As well as a deodorant being vegan, I also need it to be free from parabens, alcohol and aluminium and this is - Woo! If you aren't an au-naturel kind of a girl, I suggest if you only do it with one thing - Do it with your deodorant, you shave and have sweat ducts are there so it is one of the easy routes into your blood stream so make sure what you are using isn't packed with harmful chemicals. On that note - I will smell you later potatoes!


  1. Iwill be buying some products you recomanded soon specially deodrent and face wipes:-) oh btw i saw u in town today;)

    1. Awww Hello!!! I love the deo, it smells so good too! I'm always buying new natural beauty products so I'll write all about it! I hope you've had a lovely day! x


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