Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Last night my boyfriend and I went to Rootcandi on Western Road in Brighton. I have been wanting to go there for ages as I spent every summer from childhood to my teen years in Spain and I also lived there on my own for a year a few years back. Tapas for me is my favourite way of eating. I love having little bits and bobs to nibble on and mixing all different textures and flavours together all at once. 

On arrival, you are given a small dish of olives, paprika nuts and vegetable crisps along with a bottle of water (I thought this was a lovely added touch as sometimes we tend to dilly dally over what we want and this broke it up and made it less awkward while we explored the menu). The menu offers four sets of cuisine - so you can choose from Modern European, Asian, Indian and South American. You can also order individual dishes or mix and match the tapas from different countries. Of course, we chose the South American Menu as that is my favourite type of food, but we swapped the dehydrated watermelon for Caponata on the modern European list instead. Which was the right choice as the sauce of the caponata and the aubergine balls themselves reminded me so much of the traditional Spanish 'albondigas' which I had a love-hate relationship when I was younger as I've always hated meat but loved the sauce but the taste and texture of these salted roast aubergine balls were to die for.Since turning vegan, I thought I'd never get to taste the beautiful taste of alioli ever again - but I was wrong! The alioli that came with our Zucchini fries tasted exactly the same - if not better! The avocado and mango salsa tasted exactly like the Ecuadorian Salsa my dear friend's mum taught me how to make and I loved it! My favourite dish of all was the Black bean fritters which came with a bean sauce and coconut sauce which reminded me a lot of Houmous which is always a good thing in my book! I was sitting there in awe of whoever created this menu! Seriously, what a genius! Hats off the whoever wrote this menu and hats off to the chef that prepared it because every single dish was beyond wonderful! For dessert we had the Chocolate and nut tart with salted caramel and it was just as delicious!

FOOD - 10/10

I got the Raspberry lemonade and then the Blackcurrant Organic Sparkling Cordial drink and Ben got the Ginger lemonade and the 'Billum' mocktail - all of which were refreshing and delicious. We also spied with our four little eyes that Rootcandi have a happy hour between 4-7pm and all their cocktails are only £5.00 so If I do ever decide to drink again, we can go there for a few drinks.

DRINKS - 10/10

With regret, I cannot remember the name of our lovely waitress, but she was the gorgeous lady with the bright, colourful hair and love of Tofu! She was very efficient from the off introducing herself and explaining the menu and very polite, efficient and attentive throughout. I loved her passion for the food and her job and it really shone through that Rootcandi is clearly a great place to work! Our lovely waitress recommended the tofu and creme brûlée so we will be sure to give those a go next time! 

STAFF - 10/10

I loved the venue, It's chilled and full of natural light which is always nice. The tables look super chic and the whole place just has a great vibe to it. It is easily accessible on the Western Road and reasonably close to all transport links, it was also perfectly positioned for a beach stroll afterwards (which we wimped out of because, it was cold but when we go back in the Summer, it'll be an idea).

VENUE - 10/10

No doubt some people may say It's expensive but I think it was more than fairly priced. It was fine dining at it's best. The attention to the detail of every dish was nothing less than genius, the service was impeccable and the food itself was the best I have had in a long time so I am more than willing to pay these prices and higher for such a fabulous (cruelty-free) dining experience.

PRICES - 10/10

Thank you Rootcandi for such a delightful experience! 

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  1. This makes me want to visit Brighton so badly!! The food looks incredible!


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