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These travel toiletries are specifically for a short city break or weekend away. I would bring far more than this if I were to be going on a sunny holiday or away for more than a few days but for a weekend away this is what I bring. I will do another blog post when I go on holiday later in the year about what my holiday beauty essentials are and what natural beauty products I bring but for now here is what I brought to Geneva and will be bringing on my next trip... 

My electric toothbrush is my best friend and I love him/her/it. I charge the toothbrush up overnight before I go on a trip and it tends to last around four days so when I go away for more than a few days I bring the charger with me but when it is just a short-break the fact that I don't need it saves me a bit of space.

I got these little plastic bottles in a pack for £1.00 in Primark. I am fully aware this is not the most ethical of stores and I do not make a habit of shopping there, but these bottles are a necessary If you are like me and do not want to use products riddled with chemicals while you're away. The shampoo I am currently using is the YES to carrots coconut shampoo and my conditioner is the Dr Organic's coconut conditioner. Both of which are free from parabens (imitate oestrogen and have been linked to breast tumours) and SLS (car cleaning fluid used to bulk up a product and make it foam). They are both vegan and cruelty-free. I love the smell of both of these products and chose to buy coconut this month as opposed to my usual choice which is aloe vera as I just adore the smell of coconut when I am away. If you're staying in a hotel and only taking hand luggage you may wish to limit liquids so I would say; ditch the shampoo if you absolutely have to as most hotels have shampoo for you to use but not conditioner! I was so lucky in Geneva as our hotel had herbal, natural shampoo and shampoo is what I had to sacrifice at security when whittling down my liquids. 

I LOVE this Salt of the Earth deodorant but just do not - I repeat - DO NOT use this straight after exercise without having a thorough shower beforehand or you'll ruin it forever if you know what I mean. The fact that this is solid means you get to save on liquids which is handy if you're like me and only like to travel with hand luggage. The little mini travel-size one is so cute and dinky. The concept of this deodorant is a bit strange at first; you have to wet it before you apply it then rinse and dry it after you've applied it onto your armpits. The perfume solution to this is to leave it either in the shower or in the bathroom so you have easy access to water. I find this deodorant lasts all day and doesn't have a scent at all. All I know is it harbours off B.O. but doesn't smell of anything. I just pop a perfume on top of this (Pacifica's Hawaiian Guava Vegan Roll on Perfume) and bob's your teapot I am ready to rumble. 

I use this as a face wash and add it to a scrub for extra moisture sometimes. I also love it as a moisturiser and eye gel. When you put this on a clean face at night - you wake up feeling like you have had a facelift and your skin is left feeling tight, refreshed and supple! I love it. It is also fantastic for Sunburn, burns or irritation in general so you could bring it along if you're prone to prickly heat or chaffing. I could live with this and coconut oil alone. It's all about these multi-use natural products with endless uses.

Let me just get this out here now. This toothpaste is DISGUSTING. Seriously, it is about the only natural toothpaste that I could find that was under 100ml. It's 50ml and nearly £3.00 and I can get 100ml of my beloved Aloe Dent for a little over that price. I hated this toothpaste so much when I went to Geneva I ended up using a fluoride toothpaste for the last two days - and if you know me, that means I hated it a lot as it both options were absolute torture. It dries your mouth out and makes your teeth feel gritty. I am going to opt for another Primark empty bottle set with a squidgy bottle and bring my beautiful Aloe Dent in this time instead. 

I LOVE this shower gel with all my heart. It smells great, does great and is great. So smooth on the skin and packed with Organic Aloe Vera Gel with is specifically good for those with sensitive skin like I do. There are no nasties in there and it's an organic product which I LOVE. You can also use this as shampoo, so again, this is another opportunity to save on weight and/or liquids.  

Again, if you want to save on the number of liquids you're bringing. I would just invest in a jar of these bad boys. You chew them up, then brush your teeth as usual. My favourite ones are the 'limelight' ones but the minty tabs are good too. They don't contain fluoride but do leave your teeth feeling gorgeously squeaky clean. They use essential oils and bicarbonate of soda to make these. I am going to write a blog post about bicarbonate of soda because it has lots of amazing uses. You could even make something similar to these tabs with lime essential oil and bicarb if you wished! 

Blooming well love this for getting rid of any dead skin. If you're going some place where you are likely to tan you'll love this too as it is important to exfoliate the skin and renew skin cells in order to keep a tan. I love this for removing fake tan and make-up also which is always handy when your products are limited. The ingredients in this product are amazing and it doesn't contain parabens like the original ocean salt scrub. The amazing ingredients consist of vodka enthused lime, tofu, grapefruit, mango oil, coconut oil and avocado butter to name a few and the final product is absolutely beautiful for it. 

These little fellows are bad boy. Simply amazing. So gentle on the skin while getting the job done. I like putting on a bit of coconut oil on and wiping make-up off with these. They're also a life saver if you find yourself getting a bit mucky somehow. I cleaned my shoes with one of these after a mountain walk in the rain in Geneva and they're just so efficient and moist. Worth every penny I'd say. 

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