Sunday, 19 June 2016


* Thank you for always being there for me growing up.
* Thank you for taking me to Spain and opening my eyes to other cultures and travel.
* Thank you for giving me the most wonderful childhood with so many amazing memories.
* Thank you for making me a sociable chatterbox. 
* Thank you for looking after you and doing what is best for you in recent years. 
* Thank you for cooking me so many lovely meals and giving me taste in food. 
* Thank you for taking me shopping all those times even if you'd never let me get the stuff that made me look like a prostitute. 
* Thank you for making me laugh so much. 
* Thank you for loving Riley. 
* Thank you for being the cool dad in my teen years. 
* Thank you for all my TY beanie babies. 
* Thank you for giving me the best cuddles known to man. 
* Thank you for having such a great sense of humor. 
* Thank you for being spontaneous and brave. 
* Thank you for all our trips to the caravan in Kent. 
* Thank you for taking me horse riding. 
* Thank you for coming to keyboard lessons with me in Kenley. 
* Thank you for sitting by the pool and learning Spanish with Maria Teresa with me even if you only learned 'uno beerio please favor' hahaha! 
* Thank you for being you. 
* Thank you for having so much character. 
* Thank you for being a brilliant dad and ensuring I'd never settle for any less of a man for my own children. 
* Thank you for all the love you have in your heart. You big softie. 
* Thank you for all the lifts. 
* Thank you for telling me you were proud of me when I moved to Spain and thank you for helping me to move in and giving me 'emergency cash". 
* Thank you for teaching me how to love. 
* Thank you for taking me to crystal palace matches dressed in the kit singing eagles, but also having pamper parties with me and painting my toenails so I could get the Tom boy- Girly Girl balance just right! 
* Thank you for helping me decorate all my rooms through life. 
* Thank you for being my guide and Google at times. 
* Thank you for that trip we took when we camped and went fishing on the river Trent together. Best holiday yet! 
* Thank you for all our BBQs after school when we would BBQ everything every single day as soon as it got warm enough to sit outside! BBQ'd mushroom in mixed spices mmmmmm. 
* Thank you for getting drunk with me in Spain and chasing and jumping on the back of the dustbin man's truck! 
* Thank you for all the luxury holidays and camping holiday alike... I took away great memories from both and learned lots too. 
* Thank you for being honest. In a world full of bullshit, transparency is beautiful. 
* Thank you for making every single garden you touch just beautiful. 
* Thank you for having your little obsessions that just make me giggle so much... Like the time you got completely obsessed with The Phantom of the Opera and blared it out of your surround sound system 24/7. 
* Thank you for being strong and just getting on with life no matter what it throws at you. 
* Thank you for teaching me how to ride a bike. 
* Thank you for teaching me how to swim. 
* Thank you for at least trying to quit dairy, ha! 
* Thank you for introducing me to good perfumes and giving me an appreciation for fragrance. I haven't forgotten about all those perfumes you would get me every time you passed through an airport. 
* Thank you for taking me to meet dolphins and sea lions when I had those obsessions. 
* Thank you for the ring you got me when I was 15 that only comes off my finger when I clean it. 
* Thank you for doing all my washing up haha. 
* Thank you for crying with me when my hamsters died. Haha you'll hate me for that one. 
* Thank you for making me realise / teaching me to appreciate everyone you have in your life and to let them know how special and great they are and not be uncomfortable with it. 
* Thank you for making me a free spirit with the "jack it in and fuck' em' off' attitude. 
* Thank you for coming to watch my Christmas shows and dance shows even if I was shit hahaha. 
* Thank you for learning to plat and platting my hair more beautiful than any mum could. 
* Thank you for building me that beautiful chess table and failing to teach me how to play due to the fact I just didn't get it. 
* Thank you for having so much patience. 
* Thank you for sticking around, having faith in me and believing in me even when doctors told you I would never see and not be able to live a normal life (and you wonder why I've little faith in western medicine haha). 
* Thank you for making sandwiches and snacks mid-film when we have film nights. 
* Thank you for making my childhood so magical. Surprising me constantly with days out and trips away. I'll always remember the time you got me dressed in my school clothes only to drive me to Chessington Zoo and tell me to change in the loo! And the time you didn't tell me we were going to Spain the next day for two months. 
* Thank you for making every Christmas magical but specifically the one when you turned the whole living room into a tiny village with tiny houses and roads all covered in fake snow. What a seriously amazing sight I'll never forget! 
* Most importantly thank you for our love and special bond. You're the apple of my eye. I loved you when I was small and I love you still, always have and always will!


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  1. OMG!!! I love this post so so so much!!! I hope your dad has read it and felt very proud hehehe You are an angel!!! Liuba x


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