Thursday, 30 June 2016


We looked up all of the potential places to visit in the Exmoor national park and this place, by far looked the prettiest. From the moment we got there it did not disappoint. It is such a cute little place tucked into the cliffs. We began our visit by taking the cliff railway up to the top of the cliffs, which gave us a wonderful view of the beautiful coast and surrounding scenery. After our little ride on the old-fashioned cliff railway we got some chips and settled down by the river with a few drinks in the sunshine. It was so cute being by the river. We fed the duck (there was only one) and were surrounded by crows and seagulls. After our traditional sea-side spot of lunch we headed up river for a little walk to 'Watersmeet', as a local had suggested that we took a wander up that way. It was so beautiful there, the sound of the streaming water made me feel so chilled out and the beautiful flowers, trees and rocks made me feel so alive. It's amazing how rocks grow moss that then becomes the earth beneath our feet and then the water turns them back into rocks beneath the stream. Everything does the full circle in life. Even humans sink into the soil and sea and become part of Earth when they pass. I finally understand the meaning behind everything in the universe being 'as one', ourselves included. Seeing Ben enjoy the views and enjoy nature, as much as I do, made me very happy to see. Now, this is the bit where I sound like a true bonkers, old biddy, but I saw a fairy here. What I can only describe as a fairy anyway. I have never seen or believed in such a thing before but seriously, the yellow small body that floated in front of my eyes can be described in no other way. I looked it up after our visit and this specific type is attracted to children, laughter and happiness. So, if such beings do exist, then it makes sense why they would have shown me a visit that day as I was truly in absolute bliss. This link shows exactly what it looked like and this link shows footage of similar sightings here in England.  I am of course completely open to the fact that this may have just been a type of bug that I have never seen that close up before, that was lit up by the beautiful sunlight, although I have seen dragonflies and fleas before. However, for me, that really does not take away how magical that exact moment felt for me. What a magical, wonderful place Lynton is - you must visit if you're passing by as you definitely won't regret it.

I actually love a good old night in with my Ben. I made my favourite raw salsa and Ben made his delicious risotto; and together they made the perfect pair. We stuffed some peppers with the risotto and put it on a bed of salsa. I'm very pleased Ben-Jack loves my Salsa as much as my friends and I do. We shared a bottle of 'the alcohol' (you know the humble 'allure') and sat up talking all night. If you know Ben and I, you'll know that a night full of chin-wagging is one hundred percent our thing and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

Time with Ben is just THE ONE. We spoke a lot about it and did a lot of 'Earthing' during our time in Portugal and we got to do this again in Devon - this time it was also in the sand. I loved feeling the waves against our feet and running in and out of them. It was lovely to hear and enjoy the sound of the waves with no other noises around us too. Amazing.

Hangman cliffs took a little longer than I had wanted to climb, due to the fact I was in the wrong footwear, Ha! I had to climb the cliffs in sliders, which isn't great when it has been raining and the ground in soaking but, regardless, we carried on and had an amazing time. I love how Ben and I share a complete, pure love for nature and all that comes with it. We spent hours befriending some cows, playing music to them to see their reactions, talking to them and laughing our heads off at their baffled faces. We got up close and personal with some sheep and enjoyed seeing them in an environment where they appeared to be living just as they are supposed to and how one would wish to live if they were a sheep. We gazed in awe at the marvellous views from the hills and just enjoyed the peace and quiet. On our skip back down I may, or may not have fallen flat on my back, which also generated a whole lot of laughter. That is why I am here on this planet right now, to laugh and let laugh. The views driving back to Croyde Bay from Hangman Cliffs were very beautiful too. I love being out and about to see the sunset and I love being close to the sea to see it's reflections of the sun and the moon. True beauty.

Oh my! Dinner here was delicious. We both opted for the veggie burger with avocado instead of the bun, as it contained milk, and I had normal fries whilst Ben got sweet potato fries. It was served with a mint and pea hummus, that was DELICIOUS. We washed it down with a pint of beer each, in true English style. Although, after the vote to leave the EU and seeing the ninnyhammers we live amongst I doubt I'll be bragging about being British for much longer. The staff at The Braunton Inn were superb and they have the most stunning views looking overlooking the beaches, sea and cliffs. They also had a very pretty interior too, with wooden panelled walls, antique clocks, and elegant furniture. I would definitely recommend dropping by if you're passing that way as food, service and location were just perfect. 

Let me put this plain and simple: surfing is not my cup of tea. I hated every second of it and by every second I mean every 1200 of the seconds I remained in the Atlantic Ocean attempting to surf. It was horrible. I knew my upper body strength wasn't the greatest but I had zero ideas as to what I was supposed to be doing, I feared every wave because I was sucked under three times with the board whacking me over the head, I swallowed about two litres of sea water and the tie I had around my ankle was making me panic as I felt like I couldn't get away quick enough. Seriously, great for you if you love it, but, that is not the sport for me. 

Our vegan BBQ was lovely; we had salsa, salad, avocados, hummus, burger buns, bean burgers, Linda McCartney sausages, onions, ketchup, potato waffles, and beers. A perfect way to end our week together in Devon.

I had a very nice time in Devon. I would love to go back to Lynton and explore again one day. Even though I despised my surfing experience, I'm glad I went in and tried it as I wouldn't have known otherwise. I loved our food experiences, our time together and the fact that Ben is my rock - this trip made me realise it even more so. When I am feeling stressed or upset, Ben will always call me out on it, but this is only ever to either comfort me or make me belly laugh about it. I love that about him, and I hope I do that for him too, because I want to be the rock to my rock. Rock solid and all that!

Rock on & Rock out Potatoes! xo

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