Monday, 4 July 2016


1. Have a picnic in the royal pavilion gardens. You could even have a midnight picnic with lots of tea lights - the Pavillion is so beautiful when it is lit up a night. Keep safe though kids! I would suggest only doing this if you're in a large group!
2. Snoop in Paradise (Snooper's paradise in the North Laines).
3. Take your pennies to the pier. Now, this is almost free as we all tend to have lots of coppers just sitting around somewhere at home. The 2p machines provide hours of fun for very little money that would have probably just sat there for years to come anyway, so that's basically free, right? ...right?
4. Go free with your children's wristband! Some of the rides actually flip your belly, ha. My friend and I took her little boy the other week and took it in turns to go on all the rides with him. So, although the wristband costs an initial £7.00 fee, you will get on for free and, in this case, my friend had pre-ordered the wristband so we both felt like it was absolutely free on the day. The carousel is my fave. 
5. Skim pebbles at the beach.
6. Have a couple of drinks on the beach (bring from home) - I have been doing this a lot lately. I much prefer being able to hear my friends speak. I also much prefer drinking alcohol that hasn't been priced up by 300%. I like being in a cosy pub in the winter for obvious reasons but, when the weather is mild/warm, I want to be outside, listening to the sound of the waves and enjoying the company of my loved ones down by the sea!
7. Create your own walking tour, you could do a graffiti art tour, a retro clothes store tour or, if you wanted to spend money you could do a cafe tour. Whatever you wish. If you want to make it a historical or informative one, you could use google at all of your selected checkpoints and monuments along the way and find out all the history and interesting facts yourself.
8. Explore the flea markets and shops through the Laines.
9. Get hot and flustered for free: roller skate or bike ride along the promenade or you can join into a game of volleyball. There are also lots of free walking and running groups in and around Brighton to join.
10. Take a wander through one of the many pretty parks: Stammer, Preston, and Hove are the prettiest in my opinion, but there are so many to choose from. You could bring a homemade picnic along, some games and you can even bring the Pooch in your life along too.

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