Sunday, 7 August 2016


Ben - There comes a time in your life when you just meet someone and everything aligns and falls into place. Ben and I are the same person in different bodies with differences that seem to compliment one another. I am so happy to have met someone who is so caring, thoughtful, intelligent, funny and so much more. Every day I feel grateful that our paths have met and that this puzzle piece of life has fallen into place in both of our lives as well as the lives of those around us. Ben, you're my boyfriend, soulmate, best friend, travel buddy, partner in crime, cheerleader, lover, crush, wife, husband, pamper-partner, teacher, and solace all in one, and I love you with my entire heart, soul and mind. 

My Friends - I am so lucky to have the friends I do. I've got to that age now where most of my friends have been a friend for at least a decade. One of my closest friends has actually been my friend for just over two decades now! (Oh hey Katrina!). I see all of the friends I have now as true, life-long friends who are amazing. Special mentions here to my soul-sister Alison Caldwell and Angelita Lisett Castillo - they are my sisters, they have been there for me in every way possible and I couldn't love them more.

My Parents - Both my parents are weirdos, but lovely weirdos who made me, what I'd like to think of as, a balanced weirdo. How lucky am I to have a set of parents that are still alive and here with us - I know that, sadly, this is not the case for everyone! I have a lot to thank them both for, especially such a wonderful childhood full of abundance. I love them both with my entire heart.  

My Family - My sister is my inspiration on a daily basis; she is a wonderful mother, has a beautiful home full of love, a great husband, she's travelled the world and she's had a very successful career. On top of all of that she has the best personality, never fails to make me belly laugh with her twisted sense of humour and is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. My cousins are my friends and always have been and the love I feel for them is irreplaceable. My Auntie C's are like extra Mums to me and I love how stylish and sweet they both are. I could talk to my Auntie Christine about anything and she has been someone to confide in for as long as I can remember! My Uncle Robin is another cutie addition to the family tree - he is always so helpful and thoughtful to everyone around him. 

My Riley & now, My Alfie - Dogs are the best. They don't operate with words but just good old authentic feelings. They're so full of love, respect and loyalty and being around them just makes my heart so happy. Riley and Alfie bring so much laughter and so many funny memories into all of our lives and I can't imagine my life without a special dog in it. I imagine a dogless life would be pretty miserable, to be honest. They are not our pets but the best companions. 

Travel - I am so grateful for all my travel experiences so far and future trips to come! How lucky am I to be young, healthy and free to have the time, means and ability to travel. I am also lucky to now be surrounded by people who want to travel too and have the same urge to see the world. 

My Life - I am just happy to be alive in general. Let's just take a moment to think about all those who didn't get to make it to this point in their lives. I do not like to focus on the negative but sometimes these sorts of comparisons make you realise how lucky you really are to be 25, and still here! I realise I am lucky to still have my life, and health, but I am also grateful that the life that I do have happens to have an abundance of love, water, shelter and all the resources necessary to cover my basic needs and far, far more. Again, I know this is not the case for all, so, thank you universe! 

Nature - I am super grateful for all that nature has to offer and the time I have had this year to spend in it. From spending time at the beach in Brighton, walking through the woods in Devon, mountain walks in Geneva, time down by the rivers in Valencia, exploring caves in Portugal and park picnics and walks here in London. I love all of the elements so being close to them all (especially water) so often makes me extremely happy. Earthing has been a big part of what Ben and I enjoy doing together too and we have got to do that in so many beautiful places together already. 

The Vegan Lifestyle - I LOVE being a vegan. You get to be so creative with your food and beauty regimes while being 100% cruelty-free. Being cruelty-free is one of the biggest things that drives me but it also so much better for the planet, your physical health and your mental state. Obviously, it helps that you're not consuming a profuse amount of fear hormones but I love going to sleep at night completely guilt-free. Veganism is another thing Ben and I share, that has made us even closer and something we get passionate about together.

Memories - I am so grateful for all the wonderful memories I have already made. All the childhood memories my Dad and I have together going all over the place and doing lots of fun activities. All the memories I have made over the years with my friends, family and people I have met along the way. I also really appreciate that I get to store all of these wonderful memories here on my blog and over on instagram.

My Education - I am grateful for my academic education. I am glad I grasped a second language in order to form some of my most precious friendships. I am glad for the the life experience I gained from living away from home and abroad. However, I am most grateful for the time I took to self-educate. I am happy that I took the time to study nutrition and beauty. I have got to the point now where I have a fully vegan, all-natural, chemical free beauty regime like I have always wanted. 

My Journey - I am grateful and proud of where I am from, where I have been and where I am going. In all aspects of my life. I am grateful for the good, bad and mediocre, as I have learned so much from each and gained the ability to finely tune the vision I have for my life.

My Worth - I am very happy that I know my worth. Sometimes, people just know their worth whilst others have to learn it. I was the latter. I feel so grateful I have learnt I have infinite worth by this age though, as I am fully aware that some people don't realise it until later in life, if ever. I know I will never ever accept anything that is anything less than I deserve, and that is an empowering feeling.

My Body - I don't mean this in a 'oh I'm too sexy for my shirt' kind of a way. I mean I have a fully functioning heart to pump blood around my body, lungs that allow me to breath vital oxygen into my body, legs to walk everywhere and arms and hands to pick things up and carry them. I am one lucky son of a gun for that!

My Senses - I am super lucky to have sight to see colours, the sun and the moon; lucky to have a sense of smell to appreciate the fragrance of life; hearing to listen to voices, beautiful languages and music; and speech that enables me to communicate efficiently and effectively. 

Laughter - I am so grateful for all the laughter in my life. For the past year or so I have more or less laughed constantly! Since I met Ben I have belly laughed on a daily basis and me and my friends do nothing but laugh constantly. 

My Health - I've touched on this already but i am lucky to be living inside a healthy body with no issues. I know this is not the case for lots of people and I genuinely wish it was. After all, what do you actually have in life if you don't have good health?!

My Home - Firstly, how lucky am I to have a home? I know there are lots of homeless people out there wishing for what I have. My boyfriend and best friend are always here also, which makes this house a home. We have made so many nice memories here and never stop laughing. I love that feeling of home too - safe and cosy! I don't have much in terms of material possessions, and I don't aspire to do so, but I have everything I need at home too which makes me super happy. My plants, my books, the internet, my bath, etc. etc. It's nothing special but a home so full of love and laughter is comfort for my soul.

Technology - Specifically the internet: it enables you to have most answers at your fingertips, enables you to connect with lots of like-minded amazing individuals and opens up so many doors for you. I really don't know what I would do without the internet, and my best friend google, if I'm being honest. How lucky I was born into this time. I just had the weirdest thought: now that I am living in the era of blogs, imagine if I come back in another life and read this. Same soul, different body reading my own soul's words! Crazy! Anyway, I digress, technology makes the impossible possible. You can book a trip to the other side of the world with a few taps on a screen nowadays and you can speak to your loved ones from anywhere on the planet thanks to it. YAY TECHNOLOGY!

My Mind - Anyone who knows me will know that I am my own best friend. I seriously love time alone. I love the way my mind sees things. No brain is the same so it's wonderful that I've been given quite a quirky one. I like how head-strong I am and how I have my own views and have ended up rather opinionated without having to be a judgmental so-and-so. I'm also grateful to have a mind that is open, intrigued and inquisitive. It's entertaining and quite fun to be in if I am honest.

Books & Reading - There is nothing I'd rather do of a late evening then curl up with a cup of tea and read a book. Books educate you, open your mind and take you to a different place and space in time. Amazing stuff. I've actually just joined a book club but I am yet to go to the first meeting. However, I'm super excited to be with a group of people who have read the same book sharing all of their own unique perceptions, opinions and views on it. 

Blogs & Blogging - Blogging is the modern version of writing a diary I think. To blog, for me, is therapeutic, fun and completely worthwhile. Reading other people's blogs is one of my favourite pass times. It's a great way to read like-minded people's posts and feel like you aren't alone. That's not to say I feel alone, I just mean that, in life, sometimes your closest friends and family may not have the same interests as you and it's lovely to find people that do and read what they're writing about. I have also made some friends through blogging and I am always up for making friends. Last month I was lucky enough to meet a fellow blogger and reader of my blog. We have been reading each others blogs for over three years now - that would have never happened if I hadn't started this blog in the first place!

Cooking - I love being cooked for, cooking for people, cooking for myself and cooking with people. I love getting creative in the kitchen and experimenting with new ingredients and flavours. Cooking is also super therapeutic for me and there is nothing I love more than breaking bread with my loved ones. 

Support - I have the best people in my life now. Absolutely best support system I could ever hope for. My boyfriend and two best friends namely are so understanding and special to me. All three are my biggest cheerleaders and I know they all want the best for me, which is so refreshing to have. I hope they know I would do anything for them too and I am here for them to support them too, always.

Kindness - I am thankful for kind strangers and all the kind things they say and do. I am thankful for having the ability to show those around me compassion and kindness in order to take care of them. I am thankful for all the kind people I have in my life. I am particularly thankful to my boyfriend for being one of the kindest people I know. He is that person who doesn't hesitate to do the kind deeds most people only think about doing until, often after the moment has passed, even though we know it is the right thing to. His kindness inspires me on a daily basis if I am honest - he is always helping women with their pushchairs, holding doors and ensuring everyone around him is okay. I make fun of him for being that person who is like 'Hey, My name is Ben and I just really need to help people, please let me help!' This is only because I am a bit of piss-taker when I love someone though and it is actually one of the qualities in him I truly love and admire. Kindness is magic. 

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