Tuesday, 9 August 2016


1. 'Be careful how you speak to your children, one day it will become their inner voice' - Peggy O'mara. This has been a favourite quote of mine for years and I think it is very true. It broke my heart to watch poor Miss Honey in the play as the mean Miss Trunchbull had become her inner voice in her adult years. Most of our belief systems are created by the time we are seven years of age. So, of course, in most circumstances, you will spend most if not all, of your time with your parents up until this age. Consequently, we must be very careful how we speak to the children in our lives. 

2. Matilda's song called 'Naughty' really highlights to us that just because you think a situation 'is how/what it is', does not make it right. No one brain is the same. So, what someone else considers 'the norm', may not be what you're comfortable with. I think the moral here is to set boundaries and know what you are and are not comfortable with, be sure to say no whenever you want and don't be a yes man/woman. Essentially, grow some genitals and always go with your own belief system. 

3. Adults/ Elders aren't always right. Matilda's parents and Miss Trunchbull are evil and have negative warped views of the world. My mother tried to tell me about something the other day, that I am well read on, then told me she is fifty as if that inevitably proved she was right. Age is nothing but a number. An eighteen-year-old can have more life experience than an eighty-year-old if the octogenarian lived a sheltered life and the teenager has looked in the face of adversity multiple times. I also think it depends on people's journeys, control dramas and whether they operate with love or fear. For example, a bitter person is likely to give you horrendous advice but a loving one is not.

4. You create your own story as you are in charge of you and your life and you only (this message is also clear in the song below). If you want to get out of a situation then you and you only are the only one who can save yourself. This begins with opening your mind, making decisions and taking action. No one has to live a life they hate, ever. 

5. Love may not be where you are searching for it. In the play, Matilda seems to be desperately seeking the love of her father and yet her teacher, peers, and friend in the library love her with all their hearts. If you're single, and sad about it, maybe focus on the friends and family that do love you. If you're seeking the affection of an unloving parent, fuck them off and focus on your friends and support system. There's a quote that many people realise to be true - 'isn't it ironic? We ignore those who adore us, adore those who ignore us, hurt those who love us and love those who hurt us' - I can assure you doing this will only lead us to destination unhappy. I write off those that don't love me and focus on those that do and, without sounding too obnoxious, I am happier than I've ever been and I lead a bloody nice life. 

Peace out Potatoes xo

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