Sunday, 28 August 2016


I had such an amazing day in Boston today. My father owns a few boats and we went out on one of them for the day. We saw the sights, I read my new book and had a nice vegan lunch on board. Life is really about savouring these moments with your loved ones while you can. I'm glad there is still time to really savour moments and days like these with my father. I had the best cuddles with my beautiful dog Riley too, I can't express how much love I have for my dog, he is my baby, my friend and my brother. He is so full of character and the amount of laughter he brings to my life is never capped.

After the boat ride my uncle and I walked to the 'Boston stump' with my Riles and saw all the cute shops and buildings. I love Boston, it's super duper cute! When we got back to my father's from the boat we had a lovely meal (My dad and uncle had meatballs and I had Linda McCartney sausages with a homemade tomato sauce and brown spaghetti). After dinner, we watched some rubbish TV together and took the dog out one more time. I love taking Riley for walks at night here in Lincoln, you can see all of the stars in all their glory. There are so many of them in all different sizes. It's so beautiful up there and there is so much going on up there, you'd be a moron to think there isn't a lot more going on up there than the media has led people to believe. There is so much more to life than we are led to believe... I am certain of it.


  1. wowww I love all these photos. It looks like you had an amazing day with your dad, uncle and your dog. I am glad your dog is your friend, brother and own baby hehehe it sounds so cute!

    How is your dad? and you? I am so happy that made this time to read again your blog, I just love reading your posts. Keep writing my doll.

    Wishing you a lovely week ahead, Liuba x

    1. We are all okay thank you! I just love being out in nature! Lincolnshire is beautiful, when/if you come back to the UK - you should visit! xx


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