Friday, 12 August 2016


Ontinyent is a small town in the Mountains in Valencia, Spain. For me, Ontinyent is a home from home. I used to go there when my best friend and I went to University together in Alicante, Spain. We used to come home for the weekends as you would have done/do in your own family home if you went to University in the UK for home cooked meals, freshly washed clothes and rubbish TV. My best friend and I have lots of memories there together, but this year we got to make even more with our other best friend and my Benjo! There are lots of things I love about Ontinyent but I am going to pinpoint just a few in this post.

Lisett's family... is my family. Lisett and I are like sisters so our families are now relatives by default. I love the dynamics of Lisett's family. Everyone is happy, friendly and helpful. They all do their bit and chip in and it works perfectly. You can just feel how much love is in their home when you first arrive, it's like getting a huge warm hug just being around these people and I wish the opportunity to meet such a lovely family on everyone in this life. Everyone in the family has their own kooky personality and when I am in the company of the Luna-Castillos I just don't stop laughing with all the jokes and fun things that go on. Betty is warm, sweet and attentive. Neicer is warm, helpful and caring. Rosa is warm, mischievous and one of the best female energies I have experienced. Rodrigo is funny, kind and extremely hard-working in order to care for his family. Jefferson is warm-hearted, funny and sweet and I feel like I want to cuddle him every time I see him - he is one of those little brother type characters! Everyone is always dancing, cracking jokes and laughing and it really lifted my spirits being back with them. 

Everyone I meet surrounding Lisett and her family are always warm, kind, and lovely. Always. I suppose like attracts like, and that's why such a wonderful family are surrounding by such decent human beings, but it was an absolute privilege to spend time with all of them.

I admire and have so much respect for the way my friend's parents, Rodrigo and Rosa live their life. They're super loved up after all these years, which I think is super cute and it melts my heart, but that's beside the point. My favourite thing about Rosa & Rodrigo is that they haven't been to the Supermarket in years, yes, that's right. They are completely self-sufficient. They grow everything in their allotment, from their herbs, to all their food produce to all of their beauty essentials. Ben and I had already decided we wanted a life like this, but seeing it for ourselves really reinforced that idea for us. 

Almost everything we ate was from their allotment. The tomatoes, aubergines, beans, peanuts, lemons, onions and so much more. Rosa grows her own herbs to season things with and even grows her own garlic! She makes her own skin cream out of olive oil, lemons and aloe vera, which are all home grown. Trust me, if you're looking for eternal youth, this is the trick because Rosa looks and seems to feel AMAZING! Their allotment is also a great place for them to get their exercise, walk their dog and have parties. We had a party there one evening and it was so fun dancing and laughing in the sunshine while Rosa whipped up a fresh vegetable paella. 

Lisett's sister and mum are food wizards. They made me Tortilla (Spanish Omelette) without the egg, a peanut butter and bean curry, a lentil curry, lots of tasty salads and lots and lots of other vegan wonders. I had such a good food week.

My final favourite thing about Ontinyent is Pozo Claro. I have written a blog post here, but it is one truly beautiful place with the most amazing energy and a must see for the bucket list! 


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