Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Pozo claro (Spanish) or Pou Clar (Valencian) roughly translates into clear spring. It is the natural birthplace of the Clariano river (Rio Clariano) and is surrounded by mountains some 4 to 5 kilometres from Ontinyent, a town of the Valencian community in Spain. My friend's Mum told me that the Clariano river only dried up sixty or so years ago and it used to be the hub of the town as women would go there to wash clothes and catch up. It's amazing how water brings so many people together hence the fact I love it and have this need to be close to water.

The natural mountain pools of Pou Clar have a series of natural underground springs that maintain the water crystal clear and very cold. I first visited Pozo Claro back in 2012 and I instantly fell in love with the place. Back then it had flowing waterfalls and was far more full but it still continues to be just as charming and after my visit this year the fact remains the same; this place is, by far, my favourite place on the planet (well, that I've seen so far anyway).

It is so beautiful, tranquil and special here - a bit like how I imagine Utopia to be! The water is freezing but when the weather is reaching highs of forty degrees this is absolutely perfect. It's super refreshing and by far my favourite place to swim due to the fact the beach disgusts me and swimming pools are full of chemicals.

It's a great day out! Bring a picnic, some games, a book, some music or even just bring yourself and spend the day earthing, swimming and soaking in that vitamin D!

If you find yourself in Valencia, or even just in Spain, this place is more than worth driving to. Although I do feel a bit bad for the place, because pre-trip advisor it was untouched and only the locals of Ontinyent knew about it so it had remained a true hidden gem. There's something sad about when something like that becomes common knowledge, however, I do wish for everyone to get to enjoy such a beautiful and special place. 


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