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This is the lovely Kate from the sunny vegan kitchen, we have done posts together before which you can see here and here (back when this blog was named 'La Vida Lissy'), but we thought we would collaborate again to do the vegan tag and here it is! We hope you enjoy! :-)

Are you a Vegan?
Yep and proud of it!

When did you become a vegan?
I became a Vegan fully in December 2015 so still a newbie.

Why did you become a vegan
I became a Vegan after 20ish years of being vegetarian on and off. The more I read and learntabout the diary industry the more I realized being vegan was for me. I had no idea how barbaric the procedure was to produce milk and eggs, I was very naive so it has been a steep learning curve. Looking back it was a very snap decision as I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do. I didn't plan or transition or even discuss it with my friends / family / partner, I was so upset by what I had seen I just became vegan there and then. The first few days were very challenging as I had not meal planned or had a clear idea of what vegans ate, I just knew I was passionate about it, so lived on fruit and ready salted crisps which wasn't the best but I quickly learnt how to eat an amazing, varied vegan diet. 

What was the hardest part about becoming vegan?
I had no difficultly being a Vegan “diet” wise, but it was more of the backlash I received. I have been criticized about becoming Vegan by some people. One friend  asked when this 'vegan bull sh*t would end' which hurt and my family (understandably) were concerned about if I was making the right decision “health wise” and if I would be getting the proper nutrients I would need to live a healthy life but this was due to me having a history of an eating disorder. Now they see how happy and well I am they are fully supportive of my decision. 

Is it difficult to be vegan?
Not at all. So many people say they could never be Vegan because it’s too “limited.” Those people are incredibly ignorant and purely just have not educated themselves to the correct magnitude. People I know constantly claim to be animal lovers, but still eat meat/dairy. They have to make that connection. How could someone love animals but eat them? You wouldn’t eat your pet would you? So why are other animals any different. It’s not even about eating animals too, it’s about wearing them or using products that test on animals. Veganism isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle. The only time I struggle is when a product is vegan but not gluten free ( I am also gluten intolerant) so accidental vegan treats such as Oreo's are a no go for me - but given they are junk food it probably isn't a bad thing!

Do you let certain things “slide” from time to time? (for example, use/purchase non-vegan items. etc.)
Since becoming a Vegan I have not purchased any products that contain animal products/non-Vegan items. However, I did own products that might be tested on animals whilst I was using them up (got to be eco friendly too!). I’ve given away many unused items of make up and toiletries to the women's refuge for women fleeing domestic violence so I know they have gone to a good home. I also had some makeup items that aren’t considered to be “animal cruelty free",  however I used them up because a lot of them are high end products that I spent a lot of money on. The same goes for cleaning products - in total it has taken approx 6 months to transition all these products from my previous brands to vegan and cruelty free ones.

How do you deal with people who are close minded about your lifestyle?
I just don’t deal with them at all. Some of the people who are close minded are my friends and I’m not going to end friendships with people I love. However it is a tiny minority of people I know and I am a very lucky girly that I have super thoughtful friends and partner who always insure I am catered for when we go out / I go to their houses.

Do you support Vegetarianism and or (“something’s better than nothing’s”)?
I definitely believe that Vegetarianism is a great way to get more comfortable with being Vegan, as that is what I did myself. However, I don’t think that strict Vegetarians realize that they’re not doing so much of helpfulness for the planet or animals considering they’re still ingesting animal products (dairy, eggs). However, as previously said, I do believe Vegetarianism is a great lifestyle diet to start out on before becoming Vegan. With regards to something is better than nothing I strongly agree with that - some people start with changing small things like a shower gel or cutting just one thing out like eggs, as far as I am concerned any one who is making positive steps is doing better than people who do nothing or ignore the issues. 

What is your favorite specialty vegan item? (name as many as you’d like!)
VIOLIFE! And Moo Free honey comb chocolate,Waitrose basil infused tofu, Linda Mcartney Red Onion and Thyme Sausages... I could go on!

What is your opinion of the meat and dairy alternatives?
I don’t see anything wrong with meat & dairy alternatives. However, just because they’re vegan, doesn’t mean they are that great for you. I consume both but in moderation. They can tend to be high in fat and the processed.

What is your opinion about palm oil?
I try to buy products that state they get their palm oil sustainably.

Do you feel judged by other vegans sometimes? How do you deal with it?
Sometimes - I try to rise above it as we are all on our own journey.

Do you enjoy being a vegan?

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  1. I loved reading all these answers :) I think that being a vegan is fun!


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