Wednesday, 19 October 2016


OK, so, Gothenburg is AMAZING for vegan food. Whether you go to a specifically vegan place or not, there will be a very good option for you on the menu and the people are so friendly and willing to accommodate.

On our first day, we went for some amazing food at open new doors at Tyska Bron. It is an all vegan restaurant and the food is exquisite. My cousin opted for the houmous sandwich and I had the coconut curry. I really, really, really enjoyed this curry and the seeded bread it came with. So much so I ended up going back there later in our trip.

On our second day, we visited a small cafe close to the center of town, forgive me as I do not know the name, but I have seen online that lot's of places do similar breakfast buffets. I had peppers, aubergine, green olives, black olives, bread, tomatoes, mushrooms, pasta, and all different types of beans. I'm not going to lie, it did make me think 'English people are a bit dumb for their traditional English breakfast being that it is just a plate of carcinogenic meats and unhealthy trimmings and here in Sweden they have it sussed you need lot's of veg in your breakfast and diet'.

For lunch this day I went for tea and cake in Open New Doors again as it was right outside of the City Museum. For dinner, we went to a tapas restaurant called 'Pico'eat' and they had a whole vegan menu! We opted for an aubergine salad in leaves, potatoes, bread and houmous. I didn't take any pictures in this restaurant I have just realised, it was because it was dark and we were just enjoying a good old chinwag over our meal.

On Sunday (our second to last day) we headed to this pub. They do a tofu burger with vegan mayonnaise and it tasted so similar to pork it actually made me sick. I triple checked with everyone it was definitely vegan, asked the manager and even checked online. This burger would be great for you if you miss the taste and texture of meat, but I really don't and I found it really off-putting. The potato wedges were absolutely beautiful, though! The staff there were also really nice and friendly and my cousin thoroughly enjoyed his meal there! 

On our last day the girl in a shop called 'Seven Eleven' made me a super yummy olive, tomato, olive oil, carrot, and spinach baguette. She told me I inspired her and it really touched my heart. Her kindness inspired me! The people of Gothenburg are super friendly which really does help when you have specific dietary requirements.


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