Monday, 31 October 2016


Ahhhh this stuff is so good! This is my favourite alternative milk for sure. It's got omegas 3 & 6 in it - a 250ml glass can provide you with 50% of your RDA for omega 3. Omega 3 & 6 are essential fatty acids your body cannot produce by itself, if you didn't know already, and I get mine from this milk and flaxseeds. Good hemp milk is also fortified with calcium and vitamin D2.

Obviously, this milk is low in saturated fat as it has not come from an animal. It is free from dairy, lactose, soya, and gluten so perfect for almost all of the commonplace dietary allergies. It's free from artificial colours, preservatives, and free from genetically modified organisms of course. So, basically it is what it says on the carton - good! 

As well as nutritious, this milk is extremely tasty; it has a sweet taste to it but works well in a variety of things. I love mixing it with cacao powder to make a 'healthy' hot chocolate drink, and it's also great in smoothies with cacao, as it makes them taste like chocolate milkshake no matter what else you add into it. It's also great for making mash potato and porridge. It is great in tea, with cereal and lovely by itself. I plan on baking with it this weekend too so it really is an all rounder. 

Hemp is one of the oldest and most sustainable crops in the world. So it contains lots of vital nutrients whilst being good for the environment. Hemp breathes in and captures lots of Co2, it does not need pesticides, and every part of the plant can be used. The seeds are used for healthy food (and this milk) and the stalks for environmentally friendly building materials. Hemp also naturally regenerates the soil it grows in. It really is a magical plant. 

This and the vitalife butter are the two best vegan 'butters' I have found to date. I love this on toast, in sandwiches and in my mash pa-ta-ta. It's another source of my omega-3, thank-very-much-please (face-jacker voice). It's also a good source of vitamin A and D. Yes, it's 'high in fat', but the good kind that makes your hair and skin look good, and, if you're comparing it to cow pus butter, you really don't have a leg to stand on!

Oh my actual goodness, gracious, giddy Aunt McMildred-McFee, these chickpea puffs are the best snack I have ever tried (pre and post veganism). They're like a non-claggy vegan version of wotsits. I have had the pepper ones a few times, and are yet to try the entire range, but I thoroughly enjoy them. They were quite hard to find before but they now sell them in Holland and Barrett and WHSmiths. 

They only have 90 calories so they're perfect for those that are watching their weight. They are high in fibre, which is also helpful if you wish to lose weight as they'll keep you fuller for longer and work as an appetite suppressant. They're a source of protein too - boom! Yet another plant-based source of protein - Thank youuu. 

They are organic, gluten free, non-GMO and, of course, they do not contain the disgustingness that is MSG (monosodium glutamate). It's scary how many snacks that poison is in - it's also scary how many people don't even read the ingredients. We live in a world where people only read the label to check it won't make them fat, but not sick. We live in a world where people won't even check the label if they're told it'll make them beautiful. Being sick is profitable for many corporations whether you're willing to open your eyes to it or not. I suggest doing so as you and your health are your own responsibility, again, whether you want to open your eyes to that or not. Anyway, I digress; these chickpea puffs are far more nutritious than any other similar 'mainstream' snack and as tasty as can be.

This mascara is THE BEST mascara I have ever tried in my entire life. My lashes are long and full anyway but it literally extends them to my forehead haha. OK maybe not that far, but it is THE most lengthening, volumising, and thickening mascara I have ever used. The wand is the perfect width and shape and it doesn't clump up on your lashes. It has a neutral smell which I quite like, most likely due to the fact they don't stuff it with lots of harmful chemicals and label it 'perfume'. I love the ingredients in this mascara, some of which are rice bran wax, olive oil and coconut. The ingredients list is only a few lines long and I can understand everything on there, which is always reassuring when buying something you're going to put so close to your precious eyes. Speaking of eyes, it is suitable for those with sensitive eyes too.

This mascara is free from animal ingredients, parabens, SLS, DEA, TEA, alcohol (ethanol), artificial perfumes, petrochemicals, methylisothiazolinone, phthalates, colourants, sIlicone, mineral oils and propylene glycol. This product is also free from palm oil. 

PHB are an ethical, family run business that really deliver when it comes to amazing beauty products. They're all vegan, cruelty-free, and organic. I could spend hours and hours on their site (well I do) as it's informative, real, and everything a beauty brand should be - an all rounder. There's no use in making people beautiful if you make them sick in the process, and they clearly know this which is why they use such beautiful, kind to skin ingredients in their products. 

Obviously, anything I put inside, and outside of my body is vegan, cruelty-free and as natural as can be. When I stopped using vaseline, I'm not going to lie, I was worried I wouldn't have been able to find anything as good but I found better. This lip balm is so hydrating, luxurious and effective. It also smells and tastes delicious - I know you don't buy a lip balm for these reasons but it sure does help you to love it. It's packed with Shea butter, which fun fact, has a natural SPF so provides naturally UV protection. It's also high in vitamin A and E so will keep your lips looking young and glorious.

The leaves in autumn - they're so pretty with so many colours. I love going out and walking when the ground looks as it does, filled with yellows, burgundies and browns. It is just precious. Another thing I love about being outside and walking at this time of year is the fresh, crisp air. Ahhhh! Dreamy!

I go to Puregym and it is the future of gyms - they have revolutionised gyms by taking everything you hate about joining a gym and resolving those issues. Expensive monthly charges, gone. Twelve-month contracts you're scared you won't even use, gone. Expensive added costs of classes, gone. I love the classes they have to offer and all of the equipment is up to date and in abundance. It's also open twenty-four hours a day so you can go whenever you like. 

Monzo is an app I could not be without travelling now. It's applying to be a bank  but it's a great way to manage your money. It's a prepaid card and you can see what you've spent instantly (unlike other banks). My cousin Jazz introduced me to it and gave me a golden ticket to jump the queue, which initially didn't work, but their friendly, amazing, and helpful staff sorted that out promptly. I particularly enjoy it for travelling because it shows you exactly what you have just spent with the correct exchange rate and what it is in pounds. The fact that it does this makes life so easy when you're spending a currency you aren't used to. My cousin also got overcharged somewhere and there was someone to message right there and then, who refunded it instantly. Revolutionary banking!

Peace and quiet. I just LOVE peace and good old quiet. To the point that I buy ear plugs in bulk and just have them in all day so I don't have to listen to the chaos of life. I don't go out with them in obviously but I find it really useful for reading and concentrating on work etc. I also can't stand the thought of going to loud concerts or parties despite being invited to a few this week. I would much rather just stay at home, in the warm and watch a film with my Ben Ten.

What have your favourite things been lately?

Peace out Potatoes! xo


  1. I love that!!Lisiiii!!
    Mis cosas favoritas son muchas ,pero Como en tu post habla de belleza y tal, te voy a compartir algo que hago para mi y para cuidar mi cara y mi pelo ya que me encanta utilizar productos naturales. Estoy enamorada del aceite de coco , para mi es lo mejor que puedo poner a mi pelo Como acondicionador antes de la ducha , En serio es una maravilla !. También utilizo aceite de almendras mi otro aliado tanto para mi pelo Como mi piel . I love natural products :) . Para exfoliar mi cara , sometimes utilizo tomates que es super bueno para la piel y para Los poros son exelentes. Exfoliar la cara con azúcar, limon y miel es la Gloria, enserio te deja la cara super suave y limpia. Ahora mismo eatoy adicta a green tea! I love it.

  2. Ahh, I love all the seasons..... especially autumn!! I love getting cosy in big jumpers (that hide a multitude of sins) and the cold fresh air that makes you feel alive as you step outside. I love your post..... Keep them coming xxx

  3. Loving that summer is over so I can spend a couple of months just chillIng... also loving that for the first time ever some one has actually convinced me veganism is a good thing... I genuinely question everything I put in my mouth now so well done you ���� Xxx


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