Sunday, 23 October 2016


I arrived right on time for my first pilates class and unfortunately the only place that was left was right at the front, in the middle of everyone and directly in front of our instructor. Obviously, this was so daunting, but I would be a fool to believe I am the only person who feels new classes, and the gym in general, can be quite daunting. 

I had never attended a pilates class before so this added to my anxiety - my balance was absolutely awful and I was wobbling all over the shop when I had to hold my leg out and balance on the other one. On the plus side, I learned that my core strength is actually pretty good and my arms are getting stronger from going to the gym, as back in June my upper body strength was appalling. I tried surfing whilst on holiday in Devon; no matter how strong I get I will never try that again as I hated that shazz.

I had to ask my instructor about the pelvic floor exercises after the class; I learned that I was actually doing it correctly and it is, in fact, an internal exercise. As I looked around the class some people were lifting up their bottoms and it threw me off ha-ha. Anyway, it showed me that just because you don't know the ins and outs of a class, and it's your first time, it doesn't mean you won't do at least some/most of it right so drop the anxiety, accept that you're a beginner, have fun and enjoy watching yourself grow in your fitness journey.

I LOVED pilates for the stretching side of things. It felt absolutely amazing to extend your body so much in all these new ways and pilates are definitely something I want to incorporate in my weekly life from now on, be it in a class or at home, and I would recommend anyone give pilates a go! 

Peace out Potatoes xo

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