Saturday, 1 October 2016

What if you're vegan, you do all this and you get cancer anyway?

So, the other day I was introduced to a friend of a friend who was extremely curious about my veganism and one of her questions was so: but what if you do all this and you still get ill or get cancer? Don't you worry that one thing that happened when you were seven may have triggered it? As someone who has previously battled with health anxiety ,due to caring for my sick father for almost a decade and seeing what serious illness can do, I obviously used to have similar thoughts. I understand how the media and information we are exposed to make us feel like there might not be a point in being healthy and that illness happens by 'accident,' which isn't true, and, like with every aspect of life, we need to take some self-responsibility - we must do what we can. Eat well, exercise and minimise our exposure to chemicals! I refuse to sit there and be defeated... but in regards to being a vegan only...

My response:

1. I am not JUST vegan for me. I am vegan for the animals, the planet and those around me because I practice what I preach. I am vegan for my health, but I also love that my money will not be going into industries and companies that exploit, torture, and murder animals. I love that when I cook a meal the majority of the waste biodegrades back into the ground and provides it with nutrients. I love that my carbon footprint is so much lower than someone who buys into the meat or animal products industry.

2. I want to feel as good as I can while I am here. A plant-based diet will give you more nutrients, that is a fact. Also, the more vitamins and minerals in your body the better you will feel. Animal products just aren't good for you anyway so I don't know why people have become so protective of them? Tell me how you feel after cow's milk or a product with it in? Got mucus in your throat? That'll be your bodies defence system because it is made for a baby cow, not you. Are you feeling bloated all the time? Probably because you're putting these alien substances in your system constantly. Feel anxious, depressed and stressed all of the time? Do you think it helps that you eat animals that have cortisol (the stress hormone), epinephrine (adrenaline), and norepinephrine (another stress hormone) in as they die and you then eat it?  I don't think so. The fact of the matter is you probably can't lecture me on a diet I have read so much into. This is especially if you have never even given it a go!

3. The Ripple effect. 'Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into the water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects' - Dalai Lama (he is a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to veganism to be fair so it is ironic I should use his quote here, but he makes a valid point). Since being vegan,  I have wanted to learn all I can about nutrition for when/if I have a child so they can pass it down my family tree. Remember, a seed never gets to see the tree it creates but it is the start of something amazing. I don't need to feed my ego; I want to be a part of a movement for an ethical world and I want future generations to live healthy and free lives, from all species. If I've been living this diet and know all I need to know about it then I could lead a new human being with absolute confidence. Since being vegan, a few of my friends have gone vegan, given up milk or given up meat. They will then tell their families and friends about it and the list of people who don't buy animal products grows while the demand lowers.

4. I'm not a pessimist. LOL. If you have ever read a book called 'Mind over medicine,' or a similar book, then you will know the true benefits of being an optimist. It isn't impossible to change from pessimist to optimist either so I would recommend doing so! I am not going to sit around and live my life thinking there is no point in anything so I won't even bother trying. I won't live my life thinking I will get ill. I am alive right now and I will make the most of that. I am not easily defeated and know that I am my own authority. also know that you create your own reality with your thoughts. I quite frankly love myself too much to be giving myself a negative reality - your thoughts produce your actions, your actions produce your next thoughts and over time they both produce the reality that you will find yourself living in.

Peace out potatoes xo


  1. Ahhh what a powerful post my dear friend! I loved reading every single word of this post. You are so lovely and caring. Thank you for being so good to animals. You made me thinking of my future. Maybe one day I will be a VEGAN TOO and my whole family too, but for now this sounds too hard for me.

    I loved this sooo much: "I am not JUST vegan for me. I am vegan for the animals, the planet and those around me because I practice what I preach."

    1. Aw thank you Liuba! I hope so, it may be harder in Moldova, but every little helps so I guess even having meat free meals or swapping to herbal teas etc helps... It can be a gradual process, and it does make you feel great... My friend just recently went vegan and she's shocked at how much better she feels already! Ironically the friend who introduced me to this girl ^^^ hahaha!

      I love reading your comments liuba, they make my day! So thank you!! <3


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