Monday, 28 November 2016


1. First and foremost, obviously we should try to refrain from wearing animals and animal products. This includes leather, fur, wool, feathers and silk. This is actually extremely easy to do. Vegan, cruelty-free materials include cotton (ethically sourced obviously), bamboo, linen, hemp, and manmade materials (not as great for the environment - however, I don't see anything wrong with using them if you already have them or picking them up second-hand) such as polyester, acrylic or nylon. If you check most of your clothing that has a 'woollen' texture, you may well find it is acrylic already. I never wore silk anyway - I was bought a silk nightie once and it absolutely disgusted me - it was like sleeping in clingfilm, There is no need to buy leather items as they are imitated oh so well and they're far more economical too. 

2. Stay away from shops that mug you, sweatshop workers, and animals off. High street shops take the mickey out of everyone. Primark have had a really bad rap for how they treat their sweatshop workers yet places like Topshop and Zara are no better - and they charge you quadruple the price! If I need a new item of clothing, I now gravitate towards charity shops, eBay, and eco-friendly vegan companies online in places like Etsy. It is so easy to just type it into google and find what you want too. 

3. Use what you've got & DIY. There are so many ways to jazz up an item of clothing you already have. If you can sew and have a machine - you could make the garments yourself or alternatively you can tailor an item to fit properly by sewing it tighter. You can add things like studs, badges, buttons and patterned pockets. You can also dye an item if you're bored of the colour or it has washed out - this is especially good for black jeans as they always seem to fade. There are lots of ways you can get creative with your clothes and I guarantee you will love it more too. Check out things like channel 4's 'SuperScrimpers', Pinterest or DIY videos on YT. There's also lots of ways you can change a top without having to do anything; like wearing a shirt as a cardigan, or tieing a knot in the bottom of a top or skirt. Get creative and have fun with the wardrobe you've built! I feel like we have all become a bit greedy due to consumerism and we all have far too many clothes so appreciating what you already have and promoting gratitude for what you've got makes you feel a lot more positive about your style. 

4. Charity shop shopping - I have started to love a charity shop, shop. I have found exactly what I am looking for the last three times I have gone to a charity shop. So, I really needed a coat and I found one. Sometimes you have to sew it up and you always have to wash it before you wear it, but you wash your clothes anyway. This way you're adding to the drop in the demand for cruel clothes, getting a bargain and giving your money to a good cause and charity of your choice. Everyone is a winner! 

5. Swishing parties. Swishing parties are so much fun. You can check out when they are taking place here or you can arrange your own swishing party amoungst your friends, family and acquaintances. It's basically when you bring the clothes you don't wear anymore and swap them with clothes that others have brought. Fashion schools often hold these which is marvellous because, you get to meet lot's of quirky, trendy people while getting a bit of fashion advice and finding items you wouldn't find elsewhere! It's a great idea and always a fun thing to do too. 

Peace out Potatoes xo 


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