Sunday, 31 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 13 - GUATEMALA

Today was spent exploring the beautiful city that is Antigua. I think if like to live in Guatemala in the future! I'd maybe prefer a warmer climate so maybe a different region, but Guatemala has stolen my little heart. 

The corruption of the government is awful but I would hope that I could make a good impact on people's lives here! I want to help people. For a while, I lost that as I was fixing myself, but now I am ready to help others again. I think life is just as much about what you do to others as it is yourself. Also, what's the point of being a selfish sod when you were born into a world full of so many people?! 

We went for pizza and hibiscus drinks. The rest of the gang have gone camping tonight and I miss them already haha. The pizza was so good, but originally we went to a different one and the waiter kept getting it all wrong. The pizza we ended up getting had so much veg on it, and pine nuts! My favourite kinds of pizza toppings.

Antigua is so fricking beautiful. I love looking at the volcanos at the end of the streets and poling up past the buildings. I love all the colours and interesting characters there are to see. I love all the fruit sellers and boutique pizzerias. I love the cobbled streets and pretty buildings. I love the town centre and all the street lights. It's a lovely place and I am very blessed to find myself here!

The birds sing so loud here (I have put a video on my Instagram) and it's nice to hear. Birds singing is a constant reminder that there is far more to life and there is far more of life if we would just care to notice. 

Walking around here was lush but it was also great to head back and have a cosy night in. Which is what I did. My friend Lisa and I (Lisa Lisa, sang like sister-sister, if you're a 90's child, you'll know what I am getting at) laugh a lot. You know when you have those friendships where you understand what one another are saying and find it hilarious when someone outside of that friendship probably wouldn't. I basically followed her around today like a never-ending radio haha. I was hyper and chatty and couldn't stop singing and doing stupid voices. Bless her for being so patient with it me! 

I am grateful for the birds singing, grateful for a shampoo that smells like banana, grateful for hot showers, grateful for clean pressed clothes (o did my washing yesterday it only cost two pounds fifty!). I am grateful for the people I've met and the ones I have at home. I'm very lucky to have who I have at home, although I'm not ready to go home, I am grateful for what I have to return to! I am grateful for all the great meals I've had since being here. Veganism is so easy if you know what you're doing. I am grateful for a nice warm bed to stay in. I am so grateful for my father. I am grateful for decent sunshine. I am grateful to be here!

Peace out Potatoes xxo

Saturday, 30 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 12 - GUATEMALA

Today was a travel day. We left at 8 am and arrived at 4 pm. The ride was fun, I listened to music and read my book for the majority of it. I'm really enjoying the people I have found here. 

I told the universe I was open to more like-minded people in the world, I was and still am ready to meet intelligent, bilingual, interested, educated, conscious, vegan/veggie people and the universe delivered just that! 

When we arrived in Antigua, I instantly fell in love. I feel like I am at home. It reminds me so much of Spain. The women here wear interesting skirts and colourful clothing that almost looks a bit Aztec-like. The streets are so colourful and vibrant. Antigua is a real treat for the eyes! 

Antigua reminds me of Spain and I love it. The streets, the houses and the people are so similar. I can understand the Guatemalan accent very well and everyone I've met so far has told me that I speak Spanish amazingly, and like a native, which is always good to hear. It's funny because you probably wouldn't expect it to look at me, but here I am. It's also funny that the person I portray in Spanish is probably quite distinct to the one I portray in English. 

Our hotel is very pretty, like a little Riad with a garden in the middle and open roof. After we dropped our bags off and showered we headed for dinner at this cool guy's house. Basically, he isn't a restaurant but he opens his home as one for groups. We had local beer and I got an amazing vegan pizza and my friend got vegan tacos which beaut. It was nice to feel the authenticity of a place! The house itself was a bit kooky, with fairy lights, fabric ceilings and a very pretty courtyard. Yeah, I loved it! 

After dinner, we went to a gig in a wacky bar. There were quotes on the wall so one was "El legal" as in "the legal" and the other said in Spanish "nobody is born feeling illegal" which I liked. I'm guessing they smoke a lot of weed in that place hahaha. 

After that bar, we headed to a club for a bit of a boogy. A few locals tried to talk to me but were very respectful, as I know some people are wary of how men act abroad. We danced and sang and then headed to a quieter place for a bit. 

I really enjoyed being out, it meant I got to bond with people I hadn't yet spoken to and it meant I got more time with the ones I'm already close to. I sometimes tend to be a hermit because I think avoiding alcohol and the places where it is consumed is easier, however, yesterday was absolutely fine and very fun! 

Peace Out Potatoes xo


Friday, 29 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 11 - GUATEMALA

We went kayaking at 5 am this morning and it was crazy beautiful. I really enjoyed kayaking, it's such a peaceful thing to do. Bobbing along the river with the ripples is the best. We saw monkeys and a huge pelican. The pelican fascinated me because it was so big and proud just sitting on the tree and swooping up into the sky. 

After kayaking, I just hung out on the island we are staying on for the day. It's a seriously cute place but the weather has been appalling. It's been chucking it down all day long. 

My friend here sparked up some conversations that initially touched a nerve and made me feel targeted. The conversations were about helping people and animals with a focus on teaching English and veganism. So, the viewpoint was that teaching kids in third world countries English is pointless if they don't even have food and injections, and that teaching is egotistical and for the teacher to feel good. To a certain extent I would agree that basic needs must be addressed before educational needs (we only have to reference mallows hierarchy of needs here) but I do think we must go with our own skill sets and do what we can to help whoever we can. Also as someone who was lucky enough to be bilingual and have the opportunities it has brought, I would like for anyone to have that. Just because someone might be in a terrible position today, doesn't mean you cannot elevate them to a positive and fulfilling future.

My friend's opinion was that we should work hard in a multinational company in order to make money to help people instead, but I honestly think there needs to be a mixture of the two. Human connection and financial support for healthcare are both vital. As someone who has been teaching for years, I definitely don't do it just for myself, I do it to share my skills with others like others did with me. I do it for the love of sharing language and ensuring the students will have the same future opportunities as I had. Like I said before, you need to go with your skill set and there are roles for everyone to fill. You may not be able to change the world, but you can change certain individual's worlds! 

Veganism was touched on because there is so much horror going on to humans too. While it breaks my heart that humans are suffering. Lots of human suffering would be solved if the whole world were to go vegan, the problem is, people, don't want to. In the imaginary ideal world where all humans were vegan; there would be more corn to feed the suffering, more water, less illness in the western world etc etc. I am going to give you some facts from the documentary 'Cowspiracy' and you can go and watch it if you don't believe me! 1 quarter pounder burger takes 660 gallons of water to produce. It takes 18 times as much land to feed a meat-eater than a vegan. Finally, according to the documentary, the world population consumes 21 billion gallons of food each day, while our cow population consumes 135 billion gallons. We currently grow enough food to feed the world's population, and yet, most of the food goes to cattle, not humans. 

While corporations and governments are corrupt and money-grabbing. I refuse to then take charge of my own autonomy and do the best I can. Yes, vegans might not be changing the world alone, but there are quite a few of us now, and we are definitely doing more than someone who sits there and discusses it. Acta Non Verba.  

People don't want to pull their finger out and change and sitting around talking about it isn't going to do anything either. I'm vegan for a whole host of reasons. I refuse to feel defeated because when you feel hopeless, you don't even try! Also, data lama once said 'if you think you can't make a difference, just watch a pebble when you drop it in the water" - everything has a ripple effect and the effect you have on those around you is not one to underestimate. 

Later today, a different group of friends and I discussed parenting and mental health. Trust me, I did not choose these topics! Parenting is hurtful for me to talk about sometimes because I was given the best father who has now passed and I let's just say, my mother and I aren't close. That's all I'll say on that matter but it hurts how much I miss my Pa and from time to time it'll hit the surface. Mental health was also touched upon and it's close to my heart as two of my closest family members have battled with these. I can't take closed minds around anything, especially mental health.

I learned today that it is okay to be sad though. I always try to explain why I'm having a sad day, and it doesn't need to be done. I have been through and seen a lot (not even just with my dad) and actually, it is okay that I ride my sad feelings sometimes. I am going to stop feeling bad on others or explaining myself from now on because it is normal to feel whatever you are feeling! 

Although some of the conversations I have had today have been difficult, I am really glad that I have friends who question my beliefs and make me analyse what I'm doing and what I believe. It wouldn't be a very fun world if everyone agreed about everything after all (-except veganism haha). Also, I've realised that sometimes people may question you because internally they may feel confused themselves and need a little energy their way, and actually that's okay. Energy exchange is okay as long as it doesn't go all the way, and you end up drained. Preserve your peace. 

This post is a heavier one, tomorrow will be a cheerier day! 

Peace Out Potatoes xo


Thursday, 28 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 10 - GUATEMALA

Yesterday we travelled from Flores to Rio Dulce. IT was a five-hour drive but the drive was so much fun. We all sang and listened to songs and had the best time together. We were in this multicoloured van playing the beetles and it was true hippie goals! 

After our drive and before we checked into our hotel, we went to a hot springs waterfall. My goodness, it was so beautiful and so chilled. I have been to a hot springs pool in Iceland before and loved it. It wasn't like the one there but it was good. It had a little cave you could swim into opposite the waterfall so myself and my friends swam into that and marvelled at the waterfall in all its glory. There were warm and cold bits in the eater and I loved swimming to find the warmest parts. 

After swimming, I explored barefoot in the jungle, can't say I love the feel of mud on my feet but it's always good to earth oneself. I love that nature gives you everything you need. Hot and cold water, trees for oxygen, plants to eat, etc etc.

After our jungle and waterfall visit, we passed a group of children begging us for food, drink and money. It was heartbreaking, they were scavaging through our rubbish bin for anything they could sell or use. One offered to clean my feet for me, and honestly, I felt so bad for him. There is no way in this life I'd allow a child to clean my feet for me. I bought a coconut and we gave them crisps but it was sad to see. 

Guatemala, like most countries, has a corrupt government, but they are far more blatant with it here. The land is being ruined by huge organisations and the indigenous people are being pushed out of their homes. The government tried to pass laws here on blackmail and child porn being crimes you can pay off. That is how disgusting it has got. 60% of the population are illiterate and they vote after candidates go and give them building materials. 

It's hard to see poverty on such a wide scale and governments that so blatantly don't care for their people, at least our governments try to deceive us and make us think we are free. It doesn't leave us feeling as hopeless as some of these individuals do. 

Today made me realise that veganism is a huge part of it, but actually, there are even bigger problems and far more of them. It's not right that people should be treated this way. I'm going to make a difference and I will make changes, I just need to work out how.

Peace out Potatoes xo


Wednesday, 27 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 9 - BELIZE - GUATAMALA

I woke up this morning and sat on the balcony and see the world wake up. The world was already wide awake, I have never heard so much noise from nature! There were chickens clucking, grasshoppers humming, birds singing all kinds of tunes, birds squeaking at one another, paraquets whistling, and dogs barking! An orchestra of nature is the best alarm clock I've ever heard.

After we were all ready, we made our way to the Belizean border. It took about three hours or so. We grabbed some breakfast and then went on to Tikal.

Tikal has a selection of Mayan temples and I climbed all of the ones we could. I get a nice feeling about Tikal, although there were human sacrifices, those who were sacrificed chose to be and were happy to die because they thought it was a shortcut to heaven!

The buildings and cosmic knowledge really did get me questioning. Firstly, people always think human intelligence is a linear process. So, people think we gain knowledge and intelligence as we evolve, but I think in some cases, we loose it and perhaps ancient civilizations were more advanced. I also am beginning to question extraterrestrial involvement. Just because it is hard for us to study the universe so if the stories of Mayans being simply humans, they knew a lot more about the solar systems and the sun's movements than an alien perhaps would! I don't think talking about this too much, as I'm not yet educated enough on the topic, and I know we've been conditioned to think the idea of aliens is a bizarre one. It's really not in my opinion, just because the elements are set up the same in other planet systems, doesn't mean there isn't a life that we can't relate to. After all, fish respire with their gills underwater, we can't do that. One of the guides at Tikal said the Mayans didn't have any tools and it just doesn't seem feasible to me. I don't have the answers, but it has definitely all gote questioning! The temples are amazing. They're built in alignment with the solar system and equinoxes. The sun falls directly on top of one of them at sunset and another at sunrise. It's magical and I've been left itching to learn more.

After Tikal, we went hiking in the jungle. It was amazing seeing an animal called the coati running around. They looked like a monkey crossed with a possum or something. Really cute and scatty (like me haha).

I've been to a few botanical gardens on my travels, mostly in Scandinavia and the jungle is exactly like the tropical parts of those. The humidity, the beautiful plants and the orchestra of animal sounds. Breathing in that fresh ass jungle prana is exactly what I am about. I need to live somewhere with more trees, and more sun!
After our hike, we headed to our next hotel, which was in the beautiful place that is "Flores". Flores means flowers and it is in Guatemala, which means the land of trees. So far, I have loved Guatemala - the accent has been easier for me to understand and sounds more romantic to me. This town seems very prestigious and pretty. The architecture is amazing and the roads are perfect, which hasn't been the same in other parts of this region. There is a beautiful, beautiful lake and mountains. It actually reminds my Austrian friend here and I of Austria! It's absolutely beautiful.

So, yes another day, Another successfully happy one! If you'd like to see more pictures and lots of videos, they're over on my Instagram!

I hope you had an amazing boxing day!

Peace out Potatoes!

Monday, 25 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 8 - BELIZE

Today is Christmas day so we wanted to do something special so we decided to go tubing. If you don't know what tubing is, it's basically just going down a river in a little rubber ring. We did this in San Ignacio in Belize and loved it.

First of all, we hiked for an hour through the jungle, we waded through the streams and rivers and made our way to the first cave system. It was amazing paddling and bobbing through the caves. At one point we all turned our headlamps off and just enjoyed the complete darkness and silence. I witnessed some seriously beautiful sights today. Seeing a cave from the inside out is amazing. Viewing all of the vines dangling over the caves were beautiful. The intricate detail of the rock formations is incredible too. 

We went swimming in the lake in the middle of the cave systems and the other three let the fish nibble at their hands and feet (I was too scared). Looking at all the stone, trees, pebbles, and such like made me realise how lucky we are to find ourselves on this plane. Nature has been so kind to us, with rocks full of minerals and iron that make up strong. With trees that provide us with the oxygen, we need and a sun to provide us with heat and vitamin D.

At one point we found ourselves in the middle of a real-life tropical rainstorm. It was magical because it was so warm and refreshing at the same time. We weren't in the rain-forest or anything, we were in a broad-leaf forest. It was so nice having the rainfall on us while we were swimming. I have always wanted to go swimming in the rain. I read once that running water washes away bad energy and radiation. That could explain why I have been feeling so zen and content since!

While we were going through the caves I would swim hard to ensure I didn't float where I didn't want to (tubing can be quite good exercise). I was using my arms a lot and using thought energy on focusing on it, then I realised that my friend was just floating and I realised it was a bit like life. Sometimes we're so busy planning the next step we don't enjoy the ride or remain happy in the moment as we're not present due to worrying about the next thing. It's been noted and I think I need to adapt it to my life! Just go slow! 

After we bobbed and swam down the river, our guide had made us a beautiful vegan lunch, and we ate that in the sunshine. It was so funny watching our guide in his dinky dingy at some points. He was such a kind-hearted man and made a lot of funny jokes. I've laughed so much today and I feel so revived having been out in nature and breathing in that fresh ass prana baby! (Ralph Smart)... I love love loved today! 

We laughed and made the best memories! We're now going for dinner as a group in the town we're staying in, listening to Ben Howard. Oh yes, that's another thing; a few of my Dad's favourite songs came on today and it was so nice to hear them. I haven't felt sad today because this has literally been the most fun Christmas day I have ever had!!! I definitely made the right decision coming away for the first x-mas without my Pa, and actually, I came thinking it would be a one off, but I'd actually love to do it every year from here on out! 

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too! 

Peace out Potatoes! xo

Sunday, 24 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 7 - BELIZE

Today we said goodbye to our little island and made our way to San Ignacio. I got up to see the sunrise and get a blog post up. Oh, my goodness, watching the sun rise over the sea is just the most beautiful experience and I feel really lucky to have had such a beautiful view and experience of it how I did this morning.

The bus from Belize City to San Ignacio takes about three and a half hours, and it is an experience you won't forget. The buses here are like American school buses that have been pimped out. You have to stack all of the luggage in the back seat and wrestle your way in for a seat. The locals have all their things on there with them, so today a woman had a roll of flooring lino with her. They call them chicken buses because they used to put chickens on the top luggage shelves. I have a sneaking suspicious it is because everyone is packed in like the poor chickens that are bred to be violated and abused by those who eat them and their eggs.

The bus journey was really humbling. We went past every type of home you could think of; from shanty style sheds to mansions to concrete skeletons without windows or doors. It made me realise that if people have that little, then they probably don't have a TV, so no comparisons. Which means they're probably just as grateful to get home and climb into bed after a long bed as someone with a huge house. It is humbling to think that they have a lot less than others, but may well have appreciation and gratitude for what they do have. It's also made me realise that I am so grateful for my little home back in England. Basically, being in Belize has reminded me to be grateful for what you've got. For example, you may not have the prettiest of shoes, but at least you have shoes! - and the same goes for everything else! 

My friend Lisa and I (her name is Lisa too haha) went to a little fast food place for lunch and took a wander around town. I haven't had fast food for a while, so a veggie burger and chips were much appreciated. I have had a bit of a painful tummy for the last few days and so it was nice to just eat plain food for today. Plain, comforting food. 

After lunch, we came back and sat on our little balcony and listened to music. Lisa had a few rums and cokes and I had good old alcohol free ginger ale. Fun fact, if you were wanting to quit alcohol, then ginger ale is the perfect substitute because it gives you a warm feeling as you drink it, and it is also super tasty! 

We went for dinner in a group, but I didn't eat anything due to my filling lunch. I got chatting with a few people I haven't spoken to yet and it was really nice. Then we headed back to our hotel, and everyone got some drinks, but I opted to make a good old cup of tea. I haven't had tea in days and it was seriously a real treat to have a lovely cup of char-char. I had it with some Oreos and I loved being confident and happy enough to laugh, joke and engage with everyone that was tipsy and drinking alcohol. I like me better sober. 

I'm actually writing this blog post on the Balcony staring at the abundance of pretty Christmas fireworks they are setting off here! There's constant crackling, bangs and pops right now so it's a good job I am not in bed yet!

I have thought about my Popsicle a lot today, hence the photo of my Dad above. He always made Christmas so special. Every Christmas morning he would blast out the Christmas tunes from his surround system. When we were walking around the town centre, they had Reggae Christmas songs blasting out over the town. Christmas songs are so much better in Reggae form, in my opinion, I wish my Dad would have discovered them, he would have loved them so much too. Reggae was one of his favourite Genres and he liked to get into the Christmas spirit. One year he turned our whole living room into a mini town with fake houses and roads covered in fake snow and one year he decorated the whole house before I came home like Santa's grotto. We spent Christmas together in Spain a few times too, and he would always be such an absolute cutie-pie. 

Thank you for making every Christmas so special & Merry Christmas Daddy-doos, wherever you are in this Universe!

Merry Christmas & Peace out Potatoes xo


My Mayan Adventure: DAY 6 - BELIZE

This is going to be a short one as I am leaving my beautiful little office terrace with the view of the sunset and the birds singing to their little heart's content. 

In the morning of day 5, Myself and five other people flew on a little plane over the famous blue hole sinkhole. There are two things here; I have always had a fear of heights and I always used to be scared of being inside a vessel falling into the sea because I used to have recurring dreams that I died in either a plane or car diving into the sea. However, I am a great believer that you must face your fears in order to grow and be free.

The pilot had no mercy on us haha. He did what felt like a barrel roll, span the plane from side to side and dived so low that I did actually think he had run out of petrol and was preparing myself for survive or die! haha! He made the journey memorable and worth our while, which I really appreciated. For example, after we had landed he took us up into the sky again for another spin, so we thought it was over and he gave us more.

Marvelling at the sea and the big blue hole was just fascinating. There are so many unexplained and beautiful things on this planet. The seas just looked incredible, with all the blues you can imagine. 

I made lots of videos and took photos of the inside of the plane over on my Instagram if you care to see! 

After our plane ride, we went for lunch, came back to the island on a water taxi and chilled for a few hours. I have made a few good friends here already and we're at that stage where you are very comfortable with one another which is lovely! Friends make anywhere feel like a home from home!

Peace out Potatoes xo


Friday, 22 December 2017

My Mayan Adventure: DAY 5 - BELIZE


Today was just bloody blissful (well, until the end)... I woke up early-ish, wrote a blog post on a beautiful terrace with the birds singing and took myself for a beautiful walk around this little island I find myself in. 

While I was walking, one of the locals stopped me and decided to give me a tour of his island. It was actually such a lovely experience. In another country, I probably would have been scared and refused, but I'm on an island which has about a 3-mile radius, everyone knows one another and there aren't any secluded places. Anyway, he showed me his home and taught me all about his way of life. It was very cute, I learned about the generator in the centre of the town that supplies everywhere with electric and sometimes fails. I learned that this island is already 3 feet under sea level so when there are hurricanes as bad as level '4 or 5' they must all leave the island for the mainland. I learned that they sell coco-cola bottles back for 25 cents. He showed me how he feeds the birds with his hands, how he picks a coconut and how he likes to smoke his weed. At one point I was thinking I have definitely met this dude for a reason and he said 'we haven't met by mistake you know'. He advised me to 'stay slow' (because I was walking slowly when we met) and I've been thinking about it ever since it's so true. Go slow and you'll get there, with anything. Take the pressure off and take your time! 

The local guy and I had a good conversation about Karma. You see, it's not just the karma of what you do that comes back around for you, it's the karma of how you make others feel. Say for example you steal someone's phone, you don't just get your phone stolen. If that person feels a pain because they have photos of a dead loved-one on that phone and miss them, then the person stealing that phone's karma will consist of that pain too. You get what you give, so give wisely! 

So, I decided ages ago that I wanted to give up alcohol, and for some silly reason, I agreed to go to a bar with one of my friends here after dinner (dinner was lush by the way - Lebanese). I was standing in this bar, looking around at all the sad bastards, and I'm sorry that's the only way I can describe it. Standing in some dingy old pub, desperate for attention, downing drinks and trying to look cool dancing. I had about five drinks spilt on me, untold people bumping into me and cringe-y men trying to grind on me. I'm not happy with that in my life. It's no-go now. I left after a short time. One of the girls I was with said 'we'll have to get really drunk!' - Yes, we will have to get out of our minds to ignore the fact this is absolutely shit and remain here. That alone tells me I shouldn't be somewhere haha. It's as if we're programmed to think "let's ruin our liver and brain just to fit in with the other neurotic insecure losers of the world". I can say that, because I've been one - NO MORE. 

I find drinking culture and how people embrace it ridiculous, and that's coming from an ex-pisshead. I find the quotes about alcoholism everywhere scary too. 'Yay we make ourself docile and dumb on the regular' would be more fitting! It's sad, soul-destroying and keeping people on a low vibration. It's weird how people love it so much, but then it's weird that people love diets full of dead animals and secretions too. I'm on a mad one today but I was standing in that club, staring in the face of what no longer serves me with a bunch of strangers trying to drag me down into it with them. No thanks babes, I've got far bigger tofu fish to fry my friend. 

On a lighter note, I went to a yoga class at sunset today. It was wonderful to stretch my body out correctly and practice yoga in such a beautiful spot. It was on the third floor of a wooden building with no windows and just wooden railings, you could see the sea, the sunset and all of the trees ahead. I'm not the greatest at yoga but I did enjoy it today. I plan on using some of what I learned on my own in future! 

I hope you're having a nice start to your weekend!

Peace out Potatoes xo

My Mayan Adventure - DAY 4 - MEXICO - BELIZE

Hey-yo! Today I am writing this post from a beautiful roof terrace overlooking all the colourful houses of Belize, huge palm trees and the blue Caribean sea. A wise man told me last night that in order to manifest what you want in this life, you have to live it. For example, if you aspire to have a house, then you need to go and view your dream houses whether you are there or not. I aspire to work on things I love while being free and in places I love. Which is partly why I am doing these blog posts while I'm here, it's a practice run you see.

So, day 4 was a travel day for me, from Mexico to Belize. It took a private transfer, a local bus (which looked like a school bus), a taxi, and a ferry. We are on a little island off the coast of Belize city. Lots of people were sleeping on the buses to where we had to go, I think lots of people see a travel day as a day wasted but I don't at all, it was just as magical as an excursion day for me!

I love travelling on land, I would agree that plane journies are a waste of a day, but it has to be done, but travelling by land and sea is a love of mine. You get to see so much of a country out of the window and you get to bond with people on the trips. There was a guy playing his ucalaly and singing, everyone was sharing food and it was deep chats galore. I had a nice chat with all the people I was sitting near at different stages of the journey. 

One chat I had begun with talking about all the chores I do and don't appreciate doing, then it went on to talk about how much my Dad did for me. My dad used to iron all of my clothes, right down to the knickers, he'd spend hours doing it so I had nice clothes to wear. He would also put my pyjamas on the radiator in the winter when I was in the bath so I'd be all toasty and warm. Literally, that man was the best gift I have ever been blessed with in this life. The love and care will last forever.

My Dad and his passing will always be a driver in my urge to travel and see the world. I have no fear of death now because he has pathed the way. If you don't have a fear of dying, then you don't fear of living either, and that's the most important thing. To live life fearlessly and full of love is how you succeed your dreams, grow your soul and reach higher vibrational planes. 

Back to my father for one moment, he shaped me into exactly the person I am today, and he did it with love and freedom. He played the biggest part in who I am, but all the people around us shape us into who we are. Everyone that touches your heart has a huge impact on the person you are today. I am so grateful for all the people I have in my life and I am grateful for the person I am sitting here today having had them in my life.

So, driving through Mexico, I learned that there are over 68 recognised indigenous languages throughout the country. I was shocked to learn this, as you'd think it was just Spanish, but it's not. Also, the languages are so different that the people from different places cannot understand one another! 

I also learned a little about the Mayan gods. In Tulum and Chichen Itza, it is super dry, so they have lots of masks of the Mayan rain god 'Chaac' however, in other parts of Central America, they only have one or two because they're not as dry and had more rainfall. I love learning about the different gods in places I visit. Something speaks to me about worshipping nature and the elements, after all if it wasn't for a complete balance of what we have been given by nature, we wouldn't even be here!

If you are thinking of coming to this part of the world, don't let the people at home tell you it is dangerous, Unless they've done the trip, they have no idea. There are lots of farm workers and land people here and trust me, they don't care for your material belongings and they do not want to hurt you, they are focused on their crops and own lives. In the inner cities it may be a different story, but if you're here for nature and visit the touristy parts, you'll be absolutely fine!

I met a beautiful soul here called Danny, and last night at dinner we had a series of long interesting conversations that really helped me to understand and see my own thoughts clearly. Danny has an amazing background story, and he is so open to sharing; He was involved in a car accident as a passenger and got brain damage twenty years ago and he has healed himself in various holistic and creative ways. He makes everyone smile and he has this amazing energy about him that you just cannot help but adore. Danny and I have a lot in common and I am really glad to have met him on this trip. I wouldn't usually write about someone and put their name, but honestly, he has touched my soul a little you know. His music is very good - old school MC styley, which is what I grew up with, and the lyrics are as deep as they come. Listen to his lyrics because they mean the most. From someone who aspires to specialise in Aphasia and brain injury, I am just in awe of the language he uses and how he can play so many instruments. The guy is an absolute legend! You can check out his music here

So, today I am going to do a little exploring on my own, there was an opportunity to go snorkelling, but I'm not really a fan of snorkelling in the sea if I am completely honest, and I want to save my money for better things that you'll see later on this week! 

Stay happy, healthy and wealthy y'all!

Peace out Potatoes. xo

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