Sunday, 1 January 2017

Bonjour 2017

♥ Don't be so hard on yourself 
Currently, I am losing someone I love and I need to be there for myself, I need to look after the child in me and ensure I treat myself with pure self-love. I worry a lot and put a lot of pressure on myself in many different aspects of life and now is the time to break that and go with the flow. I often find/ found myself in life putting others before myself constantly, but you cannot lift someone else before yourself and you cannot fill anyone else's cup up if your own is empty. 

♥ Live in the now
I have been learning to live in the here and now and just focus on the moment. If you're not doing something out of complete love then don't bother doing it at all. Life is too short to be miserable and it will be even shorter if you pump cortisol and other stress hormones through your body constantly about what you cannot control, which usually is events in the future and the past. 

♥ Cut down the time you spend on your phone 
I am a proper phone-head - not as much as some of my friend's who are actually quite boring/rude to hang out with at times, but there are times where I just waste hours scrolling on my phone. I could be using my time a lot more productively, for example, I could be reading, studying, going to the gym, or listening to a podcast that improves my knowledge instead of scrolling through pointless pictures. I have also noticed that the time I spend on my phone actually drags me DOWN! I end up feeling like my life isn't sufficient, and I create ideas of what I want to do because I get inspired by others when really, I am a great believer in just going with your own intuition, but when you're distracted with social media and the internet, it becomes easier to ignore what your gut is telling you.

♥ Read more
I LOVE getting stuck into a good book! Reading does so much for me; It is a form of escapism, it expands your mind, and personally it relaxes me as though it is a form of meditation. I am going to aim to read at least one book per month, but I won't be hard on myself if I don't achieve that as I know life can get in the way. 

♥ Complete my TEFL qualification and use it to travel to someplace new
I am doing an online TEFL course and I want to use it to go to a new place and teach people English. I don't know when I will be ready to do this as I have a lot going on in my personal life and I know I will need time to properly grieve and heal my broken heart, but I would love to go on a two week course or something if I am ready and I am determined to complete the course and obtain my certificate. 

♥ Give up the alternatives, & vegan junk
When I first started on my vegan lifestyle; I ate a lot of raw and whole foods and I felt and (If I do say so myself) looked fantastic, but since then I have found myself eating a lot more of the vegan alternatives available. Sometimes I eat things I wouldn't have even eaten before being vegan - just because they are vegan, for example, cheese and chocolate.

♥ Get into a fitness routine
You can't have all the nutrition and no movement. I have a gym membership and I did get into it for a while, but I need to get back into it and I need a fixed routine because when things are a bit higglety-pigglety I end up losing sight of what I am supposed to be dong.

♥ Network, Network, Network
I want to go to all the vegan festivals I can with a batch of my business cards, and CV's in order to find more vegan and blogging opportunities. I want to go to lots of meetups in order to make new friends and improve on certain skills and interests I have. I can sometimes be a bit of a hermit but I have realised recently that I am more extrovert than introvert and actually, being surrounded by people (positive people) lifts my mood and makes me so much happier.

Peace out potatoes xo

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