Tuesday, 7 February 2017

30 BEFORE 30

1. Go on a hot air balloon ride (proof)
2. Go on a boat along the Nile and explore the pyramids of Giza in Egyp (proof)
3. See turtles hatch and wriggle into the sea
4. Do a fun water sport, so, flyboarding/ paragliding/sailing/skiing/ going on a sofa boat  (proof)
5. Do a massage therapy course
6. Visit Stonehenge  (proof)
7. Ride the Trans-Siberian express across Asia (Moscow-Ulan Bator-Beijing)  (proof)
8. Visit China and climb the great wall  (proof)
9. Visit Mongolia and learn about Buddhism and listen to Mongolian throat singing live  (proof)
10. Teach English in another country (proof)
11. Choose where I want to live longer-term 
12. See the northern lights (aurora borealis) (proof)
13. Take Riley on a staycation  (proof)
14. Visit Las Vegas
15. Visit a traditional Moroccan Hammam(proof)
16. Start making videos of my travels 
17. Go to an escape game  (proof)
18. Visit Edinburgh
19. Create and build my family tree
20. See Ben Howard in concert 
21. Visit Mexico and explore Mayan ruins ✔ (proof)
22. Spend a Christmas somewhere hot (proof)
23. Visit the Harry Potter Studios in London
24. Travel solo (proof)
25. Complete a higher teacher qualification - TESOL or PGCE 
26. Visit Croatia (proof)
27. Visit 'God's own' junkyard in London  (proof)
28. Go and see Phantom of the Opera in the theatre (It was my Dad's favourite)  (proof)
29. Visit South America
30. Visit Italy.  (proof)



  1. Wowwww what a list! I have to write my bucket list too. Good luck, sweetie!

    1. Aw Liuba... I love reading your comments! I don't know if I'll be able to complete them all in four and a half years, but a girl can try! Ha...x

  2. These are amazing! I'm so up for doing some of these with you xx

    1. We will do! I haven't seen you in ages! Let's plan some days out in London and cross some of these off together! xx


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