Wednesday, 15 February 2017


1. Up the vitamins! Try to include at least one fresh (preferably organic) vegetable with every meal. Carrots, sweet potato, broccoli, green beans and peas are good for dogs in small servings. I give Riley a small chopped vegetable with every meal along with his dog food. I also like to add a bit of hot water so that it is moist, gives him something warm in his little tummy, and hydrates him further too. I also only give Riley organic, GMO-free and gluten-free kibble, I have really noticed the difference in Riley's energy levels since I have adapted his diet this way. Apples, blueberries and bananas are healthy snacks for a dog and a great alternative to unhealthy shop bought treats. A healthy dog is a happy dog! 

2. Take them someplace new as often as you can! Change up your dog walks and refrain from taking them on the same route every single day. I take Riley to new places every week. Just as humans like to be in new surroundings, so do dogs. Variety is the spice of life after all. I love seeing how happy he gets running through the fields or woods smelling new smells and exploring new parts of nature.

You could treat them to day trips and staycations. You could even take them away with you if you're going for a good length of time. Riley does have a passport but I haven't used it yet because I have only been on weekends away. Due to the fact Riley can get quite nervous, I am only taking him on a staycation in the near future because I know he will hate a flight. Dogs may well need to get away and have a break like we do. I know Riley hates the hustle and bustle and we live in a busy area at the moment so going into the country will be his dream. I also take him to pubs, pet superstores and anywhere I can bring a dog for days out too - it seems to keep him happy!

3. Brush their teeth - every single day. Now, this is something I didn't always do but last month Riley had to have his teeth taken out and not only did it cost a whopping £450 - it has also left him a gummy bear. He has about four teeth now (that's a slight exaggeration but there are so many missing now) and it makes me sad because if he should have to lose those - then I don't know what we could do. Before his teeth were removed he was in so much pain too and no one can be happy when they're in pain so let's make a conscious effort to ensure the dental hygiene of our furry friends is as good as our own! I brush his teeth once or twice a day with a dog tooth brush and paste. You only have to quickly brush up the sides and around the front and their tongues will do the rest of the work for you. You can get special flavoured toothpaste too which I know Riley would enjoy more but if they suffer with bad breath at times - I'd recommend opting for the minty kind.

4. Take them to the pooch parlour. You can try and do this yourself as I have before with clippers but it is never as neat and I cannot squeeze his glands in his bottom to get any excess faeces out like a professional dog groomer can. When my dad used to have Riley he gave him so many home haircuts to shock me - he was once a lion, once had a mohawk and once I came home to a Beethoven-like collar made of hair. Haha! My dad was funny but I like my little babzy to be prim and proper. They may not like going to the pet groomers but afterwards, they will look, smell and feel 100% times better and you'll have a very happy pampered pooch.

5. Let them play - every day. Riley's personal favourite is fetching mini tennis balls. He is absolutely obsessed with them and it doesn't take much to play fetch for half an hour or so every day. I sometimes do it while I am on the phone or doing something else and he still loves it. You can even buy one of those ball throwers if you don't wish to play but I guarantee your bond with your dog will grow if you take the time to play with them and giggle at their funny little ways! You'll also see how happy it makes them so you'll want to do it for longer; it'll be worth the achy arm I swear!

I hope this blog post helped spark some inspiration or was somewhat helpful! 

Peace out Potatoes! xo


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