Wednesday, 1 February 2017


So, January was a hard one for me due to the fact my father died and everything was and still is, to be honest, such a blur and all a bit surreal but I am still finding things to be grateful for through all the tears, heart sinks and belly pangs...

Riley is my absolute babes, I love him and he is probably the only reason I get out of bed each morning at the moment. He makes me smile, laugh and gives me a purpose to go on. He is my tie and connection to my Dad too as we both trained him together, have lots of memories with him and spent a lot of time together with him. He adored my Dad just as much as I did and my Dad adored Riley just as much as I do too. Riley and I have also been exploring lots of new places together recently and seeing him happy fills my heart with so much joy and I get the warm belly feeling each time he walks by my side. Wherever we go, we'll go there together.

Being outside in nature makes me feel SO much better. I love walking in the woods, fields, moss, leaves, by water, rivers etc. It's the best and if you're ever feeling shit I suggest going and finding a quiet place to be with nature. Up until recently, I thought my hometown didn't have anywhere to walk in but I have found so many new places to go recently, all of which are hidden away and beautiful. I was thinking on my walk today 'imagine if you didn't take the time to be with nature' - we are nature, we need it! It's so uplifting and reviving. 

Hearing the birds sing and seeing the squirrels scuttle around both make me so happy because I feel as though it reminds you that life isn't so bad after all. There is always something to sing about and always something to be happy about and move towards, no matter how dark a time you are having - It also reminds you that there is so much more going on in the world than your little sphere of it - so why get absorbed and negatively wallow in things? Life itself is still very much alive.

Brown eyes - granted, this is a strange one, but I love brown eyes so much. My dad, in his body here on earth with us, had the most beautiful deep chocolate brown eyes and I have always loved them. I just love brown eyes on anyone - be it a dog, a child, an old lady, a friend, a family member - brown eyes are amazing. They're so comforting to me and make me feel even more like we are all one and connected. Isn't it bizarre that our eyeballs are literally how we see the world but have a lot to do with how the world sees us - in terms of kind eyes, shifty eyes, angry eyes... our eyes are amazing. Let's shove those in the gratitude diary too - eyes to see and be seen with are brilliant.

4OD has been my best friend for the past two months. I love a bit of escapism but most recently my concentration span has been horrendous so programs are better than books for me right now. I have been specifically loving coach trip because it shows you new places and gives me inspiration for all the fun things I want to do when I am ready to do them. I have also been loving first dates hotel because it reminds you that we all have our own little battles and insecurities and one way or another we are all very much in the same boat.

Peace out potatoes xo


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  1. Ahhh my lovely girl, I read this post and was about to cry :((( I just don't know what to say in such situations, but you are in my prayers and I am sending warm hugs.

    You are on a right path and I am glad that Nature and Riley are your comfort for now. I love being in nature too and Nikita loved being outside too. We love you and we are with here! With love, Liuba x


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